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2006 Mazda 5 Accessories

Active Lifestyle Accessories

The fun. The flexibility. The fast lane. Maybe all of the above. There are plenty of reasons to drive the all new MAZDA5, the multi-activity vehicle with a high-impact personality. And just as many reasons to choose Genuine Mazda Accessories. Driving cross-country or cross-town, MAZDA5 is comfortable in any setting. Around town, add the sleekness of the aerodynamic Rear Roof Spoiler. In less civilized surroundings, protect your MAZDA5 with durable accessories like the Full Front Mask. Youll look forward to running those daily errands with interior enhancements such as the DVD Entertainment System. MAZDA5 takes versatility to a whole new level. Especially when equipped with Genuine Mazda Accessories. Whether youre chauffeuring a crowd, or impressing one, add more cargo capacity with a range of cargo accessories. Add more fun with the Roof-Rack and Bike or Ski Carrier attachments. Need another reason to go all out with Genuine Mazda Accessories? Only Genuine Mazda

DVD Entertainment System Take the show on the road! Our complete rear seat entertainment system, with 7-inch full-color flip-down monitor can play DVDs, audio CDs, and MP3 CDs. Includes remote control and two sets of wireless headphones. 0000-8F-F40 DVD System Installation Kit (for vehicles without a moonroof) 0000-8F-L21 DVD System Installation Kit (for vehicles with a moonroof) 0000-8F-L20 DVD Wireless Headphone (additional) 0000-8F-G16 Modular Audio System Makes it easy to upgrade the factory audio system with an In-Dash 6-Disc CD/MP3 Changer and Cassette Player. Components require applicable trim panels. In-Dash 6-Disc CD/MP3 Changer Changer CC99-79-EGX Trim Panel C252-79-BGX Cassette Player Cassette Player GJ6A-79-ADX Trim Panel C256-79-BCX Compass Outside Temperature Auto-Dimming Mirror with HomeLink Automatically dims to reduce glare from headlights of cars behind you. Bright LED readout with compass and outside temperature. The addition

Rear Bumper Step Plate Protects your MAZDA5's rear bumper from chips and scratches when you're loading or unloading. Looks sharp, too. 0000-8T-L02 Fog Lights Give yourself extra visibility in foul weather. Designed for a factory-installed appearance. Installation Kit required. Fog Lights CC43-V7-220 Installation Kit CC43-V7-230F Moonroof Wind Deflector Lessens wind noise and reduces glare when moonroof is open. Durable, UV and scratch-resistant smoked acrylic. 0000-8P-Z01 First Aid Kit Includes bandages, gauze pads, non-adherent dressings, towelettes, adhesive tape, sting relief pads, antibiotic ointments, burn gel, vinyl gloves, instant cold pack, scissors, metal tweezers, poly bags and a first aid manual. FDA compliant. 0000-8D-K02 Touch-Up Paint Cover up minor nicks and scratches. Perfectly matched to your MAZDA5's color. 0000-88-0154-XX 1 Roof Rack Sleek and aerodynamically designed, this durable, removable, locking Roof Rack is a convenient way to

Exhaust Tip Accent the rear of your vehicle with this specially designed large diameter Exhaust Tip. C236-V4-260F Seat Covers Designed to help protect your MAZDA5's seats from wear and tear. Constructed from premium grade water-resistant polyester. Meets motor vehicle safety standards for flammability. Polyester facing with soft foam center combines comfort and durability. 0000-8K-L05 Side Sill Extensions Give your MAZDA5 the ground effects look with Side Sill Extensions. Painted to match your vehicle's color. CC43-V4-701F-XX 1 Rear Roof Spoiler Adds a sporty touch and helps keep the rear window free of dust and snow for better visibility. CC43-V4-920F-XX 1 A B C D A. B. C.

Cargo Net Keep smaller items from bouncing around in your MAZDA5's cargo area. Dual-mount design lays flat or stays upright. Custom designed, easily installed and removed. 0000-8K-L04 Soft Cargo Liner Designed to work with the rear seats folded, upright or split, the Soft Cargo Liner made of durable backed vinyl provides added protection no matter what mode you are in. 0000-8K-L06 Interior Cargo Cover Provides a finished look to the cargo area when the rear seats are folded flat. Easy to install, remove or retract when full access is needed. C236-V1-350 Ski/Snowboard Carrier Holds up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards and locks for security. Attaches to the Roof Rack. (Roof Rack sold separately) 0000-8L-G02A Roof Luggage Basket (with Stretch Net) Attaches to your MAZDA5's Roof Rack and securely holds extra cargo for those long trips. Measures L 44" x W 39" x H 6.5" (Roof Rack sold separately) 0000-8L-G03A Bike Carrier The bike attachment secures

Car Cover Helps you keep your MAZDA5's finish looking like new. Custom-fit with side-mirror pockets and rear license plate window. Made from Coverbond-4 weather-resistant fabric. Add the optional Cable Lock to deter theft or high winds. 0000-8J-L03 Car Cover Cable Lock 0000-88-0900-LK Windshield Sunscreen Help keep your MAZDA5's interior cool while parked. Silver reflective material construction and includes the MAZDA5 logo. 0000-8M-L03 Door Edge Guards Protect the outer edge of your doors with color matched Door Edge Guards. Each set of guards is custom made to the exact contours of your vehicle. 0000-8M-L29 -XX 1 Front Splash Guards Protect your paint finish from rocks and other road debris. CC29-V3-450F Front Mask Keep your MAZDA5's front end free of nicks and scratches from insects and road debris. Custom tailored for a snug fit. Fog Light cut-outs are easily removed for vehicles equipped with Fog Lights. 0000-8G-L04 Wheel Locks Help protect your

Complete Accessory Line-up '06 AUDIO VISUAL ELECTRONICS Cassette Player Compass Outside Temperature Auto-Dimming Mirror Compass Outside Temperature Auto-Dimming Mirror with HomeLink Compass Auto-Dimming Mirror Compass Auto-Dimming Mirror with HomeLink DVD Entertainment System DVD Wireless Headphone In-Dash 6-Disc CD/MP3 Changer Remote Engine Start (Automatic Transmission Only) SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receiver Kit EXTERIOR ACCESSORIES Bike Carrier (Roof Rack Mount) Car Cover Car Cover Cable Lock Door Edge Guards Exhaust Tip Fog Lights Front Mask Front Splash Guards Moonroof Wind Deflector Rear Bumper Step Plate Rear Roof Spoiler Roof Cargo Box, Short (Black) Roof Luggage Basket (with Stretch Net) Roof Rack Side Sill Extensions Ski/Snowboard Carrier (Roof Rack Mount) Touch-Up Paint Wheel Locks INTERIOR ACCESSORIES All-Weather Floor Mats Cargo Net Carpet Floor