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2 0 1 8 m x 5 m i ata r f grand touring engine mechanical engine type horse power to rq ue r ed lin edis pl ace ment cc skyactiv®-g1 2.0l dohc 16-valve 4-cylinder with vvt 155 hp 6000 rpm 148 lb-ft 4600 rpm 6800 rpm 1998 bo r e x st ro k e m m 83.5 x 91.2 co m pr ess i o n ratio 13:1 f ue l system r eco mmended fuel minim um o cta n e req ui r em en t va lv etrain ignition system electronically controlled fuel injection premium unleaded 91 octane or greater regular unleaded 87 octane or greater chain-driven dual overhead cams 4 valves per cylinder with variable intake valve timing vvt distributor-less ignition engineb loc k aluminum alloy cy linderh ead aluminum alloy e mi ss i o n co n t ro l t y pe f e d/cal ulev tier2 bin5 epa-estimated fuel economy ma nua l t ra nsmi ss i o n ci t y h wy 2 26 33 au tomat i c t ra nsmi ss i o n ci t y/h wy 2 26 35