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i believe in the power of human potential creativity imagination and the amazing things we’re all capable of when we’re inspired i believe in taking the unconventional road and going the extra mile to do work that inspires because i believe the highest purpose of being human is to uplift other humans i believe in artisans designers engineers and ambassadors who pour human energy into their work because i believe there are things the human hand can do that can’t be replicated by a machine or a computer i believe in the power of cars to move human emotions to awaken senses heighten reflexes make pulses race to be more than a cold machine designed to take you from here to there i believe the joy of being alive comes from what we discover on our journey and the inspiration we find in every mile mazda feelalive

visit our website to see all the vibrant color choices available every aspect of our design process is intentional including the paint before a single drop of color is applied master painters first perfect their technique by hand ensuring the surface of the mazda3 has depth and saturation illuminating the curves and characteristics of our kodo design they apply color with the precision of highly sharpened senses even the machines used to paint the mazda3 are so well calibrated that they replicate the exact movement of this human technique our daring array of lustrous finishes may be the final touch on the mazda3 but it is the first thing that will catch your

j a pa nesemastery the mazda takumi are the artisans and craftsmen who hone their skills for years even decades to achieve mastery from their first sketch to the final stitch their passion patience and dedication are poured into every vehicle the takumi master clay modelers are so highly skilled they can carve a block of clay into a work of art—with their eyes closed instinctually they ensure every curve of the vehicle is pleasing to the touch exhaustive efforts are made to perfect the outcome of their design leaving you with their very best from designer to driver this connection ultimately creates an enriching emotional bond between you and your mazda images for illustrative purposes

human centricity for decades we’ve studied the human body how it moves sensations of touch sound and sight muscle and skeletal structure every consideration has been made so the mazda3 feels as if it were built just for you effortlessly responding to your direction this is the human-centric design philosophy known as jinba ittai—horse and rider as one you feel as though your mazda is an extension of your body we believe in building vehicles for humans—by humans in everything we do we aspire to make your driving experience as intuitive as possible creating a oneness between you and your vehicle seamless connections that help you engage with the moment which is why we engineer to a feeling not a specification to leave you feeling energized rejuvenated you at one with your

we’ve never been satisfied with the status quo we refuse to do things the way they have been done for years which is why our available all-wheel-drive system was created to perform like no other breakthrough technology that helps predict the unexpected this is i-activ awd.® inventive engineering that helps detect the possible loss of traction by actively monitoring everything from outside temperature and windshield wiper usage to the driver’s steering and braking inputs and skyactiv-vehicle dynamics with g-vectoring control plus helps improve steering accuracy by shifting vehicle weight upon turn entry and exit to achieve a smoother more responsive drive together these innovations contribute to more confident driving no matter the

setting out to make room for a concert hall inside the cabin of the mazda3 was no easy task recreating what feels like a live performance meant our acoustic engineers considered every intricate detail of sound with extensive research in psychoacoustics our engineers measured spatial effects the delay and reflections of sound within the cabin and even the vibrations of the air to determine the placement of speakers and with the available 12-speaker premium sound system bose® and mazda have further achieved an energizing auditory experience—from any seat in the house built to achieve a “spirit of comfort,” hakuju hall is an intimate concert space in tokyo japan—where the audience can truly experience every intonation in the music designed to incorporate a “health” aspect this unique venue provides unrivaled acoustics from any seat in the house photo credit ©albert abut photo nacása partners

engine skyactiv®-g 2.5l 16-valve 4-cylinder engine 186 hp 6,000 rpm 186 lb-ft torque 4,000 rpm available cylinder deactivation cda specific at ions transmissions drivetrain skyactiv-drive 6-speed automatic with manual-shift and sport modes standard skyactiv-mt 6-speed manual transmission available on mazda3 hatchback fwd with premium package only front-wheel drive standard available i-activ awd® not available on mazda3 sedan skyactiv-vehicle dynamics with g-vectoring control plus fuele co nomy 1 epa-estimated mpg city/highway mazda3 sedan fwd awd skyactiv-g 2.5l 26/35 na skyactiv-g 2.5l with cda 27/36 25/33 mazda3 hatchback fwd awd skyactiv-g 2.5l with cda 25/35 mt 26/35 at 24/32 fuel ta nkca pa city fwd awd sedan and hatchback 13.2 u.s gallons 12.7 u.s gallons dimensions sedan hatchback overall length 183.5 175.6 wheelbase 107.3 107.3 width 70.7 70.7 height 56.9 56.7 epa passenger volume w/o moonroof 92.8 cubic feet 92.7 cubic feet cargo volume sedan trunk hatchback

mazda ḃ sedan includes the following standard features select pa c ka g e includes the following features in addition to or in place of standard features preferred pa c ka g e includes the following features in addition to or in place of those in the select package premium pa c ka g e includes the following features in addition to or in place of those in the preferred package interior exterior safety and security engine and transmission air conditioning cloth-trimmed seats with seatback pocket push button start power windows with one-touch up/down feature power door locks with remote keyless entry system 7-inch meter display 8-speaker audio system bluetooth® hands-free phone and audio streaming mazda connect™ infotainment system2 with 8.8-inch full-color display multifunction commander control infotainment system voice command hd radio,™ pandora® internet radio integration radio broadcast data system program information sms text message audio delivery and reply

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