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i believe in the power of human potential creativity imagination and the amazing things we’re all capable of when we’re inspired i believe in taking the unconventional road and going the extra mile to do work that inspires because i believe the highest purpose of being human is to uplift other humans i believe in artisans designers engineers and ambassadors who pour human energy into their work because i believe there are things the human hand can do that can’t be replicated by a machine or a computer i believe in the power of cars to move human emotions to awaken senses heighten reflexes make pulses race to be more than a cold machine designed to take you from here to there i believe the joy of being alive comes from what we discover on our journey and the inspiration we find in every mile mazda feelalive

we believe truly thoughtful design can inspire connect with you on a deeper level this is the essence of our design language and it’s spoken in the sophisticated mazda3 sedan with a sleek dignified profile its appeal is visceral emotional immerse yourself in a cabin that’s elegant and refined materials and finishes selectively chosen by master craftsmen features intelligently positioned to anticipate your every move you can’t help but feel like it was made just for you where the mazda3 takes you might have more to do with your state of mind mazda ḃ

genuine mazda accessories are engineered to seamlessly match every detail of your mazda3 from the moonroof wind deflector to our front air dam all are crafted to the contours of your vehicle to enhance the already exquisite design plus when installed by your mazda dealer all genuine mazda accessories carry the same new vehicle limited warranty1 as your new mazda 1 genuine mazda accessories sold and installed by a mazda dealer are covered for the duration of the new vehicle 36-month/36,000-mile limited warranty or if vehicle is outside of the new vehicle limited warranty then 12 months/12,000 miles from the installation date please refer to your warranty information booklet or check with your mazda dealer for

human centricity for decades we’ve studied the human body how it moves sensations of touch sound and sight muscle and skeletal structure every consideration has been made so the mazda3 feels as if it were built just for you this is the human centric design philosophy known as jinba ittai—horse and rider as one effortlessly responding to your direction you feel as though your mazda is an extension of your body we believe in building vehicles for humans—by humans in everything we do we aspire to make your driving experience as intuitive as possible creating a oneness between you and your vehicle and as we engineer to a feeling not a specification we create seamless connections that help you engage with the moment the reward—feeling energized rejuvenated and at one with your

ingenious solutions every aspect of the mazda3 has been crafted to work in harmony with your sensibilities seats are shaped to maintain an upright position for your spine and support its natural s-shape curve the suspension considers the way the human body moves naturally—and balances that to the car’s movements—for extraordinary handling and comfort and the engine technology offers impressive fuel efficiency1 without compromising performance countless efforts have been made to enhance the joy from driving through a completely holistic smarter approach skyactiv® technology bringing man and machine together to create inherent connection 1 based on epa estimates for mazda3 sedan with premium package and fwd 27 city/36 highway actual results will

much like driving listening to your favorite music performed live is an immersive experience that fully engages you in the moment invigorating all of your senses this is what we wanted to capture with mazda harmonic acoustics with extensive research in psychoacoustics our engineers prioritized the speaker placement to create the desired spatial effects while avoiding unwanted delay and reflections for a responsive and dynamic performance and with the available 12-speaker premium sound system bose® and mazda have further achieved an energizing auditory experience we did all of this to create a sound system that will make it that much harder to end each

every mazda ever built began with one idea you it’s our declaration that you experience effortless joyful driving in every turn and every straightaway how you feel is our rule of measurement we believe in taking dares and challenging convention pushing boundaries because these principles help unleash the potential that exists in all of us we believe driving isn’t just about a destination it should inspire you and exhilarate every fiber of your being this is how we built the mazda3 mazda feelalive

mazda ḃ sedan includes the following standard features select pa c ka g e includes the following features in addition to or in place of standard features preferred pa c ka g e includes the following features in addition to or in place of those in the select package premium pa c ka g e includes the following features in addition to or in place of those in the preferred package interior exterior safety and security engine and transmission air conditioning cloth-trimmed seats with seatback pocket push button start power windows with one-touch up/down feature power door locks with remote keyless entry system 7-inch lcd meter display 8-speaker audio system with mazda harmonic acoustics bluetooth® hands-free phone and audio streaming mazda connect™ infotainment system2 with 8.8-inch full-color display multifunction commander control infotainment system voice command hd radio,™ pandora® internet radio integration radio broadcast data system program information sms text

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