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table of contents • world l anguages spanish ¡así se dice 1 el español cuaderno de gramática y destrezas 6 el español para nosotros 7 honors electives introductory italian avanti beginning italian 8 international offices 9 custom solutions 10 create ™ 12 professional development 14 ordering information 18

spanish subscription 978-0-02-145366-5 369.99 teacher suite with learnsmart and cerego 1-year subscription 978-0-02-135343-9 152.79 spanish 1a teacher suite with learnsmart 6-year subscription 978-0-02-136201-1 353.76 teacher suite with learnsmart 1-year subscription 978-0-02-145676-5 147.39 teacher suite with cerego 6-year subscription 978-0-02-140133-8 363.39 teacher suite with cerego 1-year subscription 978-0-02-140136-9 151.68 teacher suite 6-year subscription 978-0-02-136193-9 340.56 teacher suite 1-year subscription 978-0-02-136194-6 143.49 level 1a asd_covers_final_frontcover.indd 2 4/10/14 3:37 pm student materials teacher lesson center with learnsmart and cerego 6-year subscription.978-0-02-140454-4 292.14 teacher lesson center with learnsmart and cerego 1-year subscription 978-0-02-137902-6 73.83 student suite with cerego 6-year subscription 978-0-02-138644-4 78.51 student suite with cerego 1-year subscription 978-0-02-138645-1 64.86 student suite 6-year subscription

spanish student embedded add-on learnsmart 6-year subscription 978-0-02-139063-2 16.32 teacher standalone learnsmart 1-year subscription 978-0-07-669036-7 67.32 student learning center 6-year subscription 978-0-07-669416-7 64.92 student embedded add-on learnsmart 1-year subscription 978-0-07-673363-7 10.77 teacher embedded add-on cerego 6-year subscription 978-0-02-140202-1 20.97 student learning center 1-year subscription 978-0-07-667122-9 15.90 student standalone learnsmart 6-year subscription 978-0-07-669009-1 66.18 teacher embedded add-on cerego 1-year subscription 978-0-02-140074-4 5.25 student embedded add-on learnsmart 6-year subscription 978-0-02-139064-9 16.32 student standalone learnsmart 1-year subscription 978-0-07-668840-1 16.23 teacher standalone cerego 6-year subscription 978-0-07-674442-8 20.97 student embedded add-on learnsmart 1-year subscription 978-0-07-673721-5 10.77 student embedded add-on cerego 6-year subscription 978-0-02-135037-7 20.97

spanish el espaÑol cuaderno de gramÁtica y destrezas spanish heritage language review workbook for grammar and communication grades 7–9 this skill-building workbook program focuses on strengthening reading grammar and language skills for spanish heritage speakers • builds academic language and literacy skills for spanish-speaking students • reinforces reading grammar composition and academic vocabulary • prepares beginner-level heritage language learners for success in next-level heritage language courses nivel 1 and 2 student bundle 978-0-02-135445-0 $30.57 nivel 1 student edition 978-0-02-145652-9 15.27 nivel 2 student edition 978-0-02-145656-7 15.27 nivel 1 and 2 teacher answer key 978-0-02-145339-9 16.35

honors electives introductory italian avanti beginning italian fourth edition © 2018 aski cultivate an appreciation for italian language and culture avanti beginning italian takes a modern approach to introductory italian and provides a dynamic learning environment for students that fosters communication and motivates students to succeed avanti is known for its focus on the most critical language for communication its active presentation of vocabulary and grammar systematic review and recycling and inclusion of real-world culture with avanti students not only learn italian they develop a deep appreciation for italian culture this edition also includes • a student workbook that provides extensive practice of strategie lessico and strutture material presented in the textbook • connect® including an ebook learnsmart™ adaptive learning system and auto-gradable and interactive assessment material tied to learning outcomes • grammar tutorial videos for each

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