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C1000C Audio Control Center

c1000 configurable tube solid-state controller and preamplifier all of mcintosh s engineering expertise in a choice of solid-state tube or both low noise mm and mc phono inputs fully balanced circuitry dual mono mirror image design 3 outputs per channel for tri-amping listen and record processor loops peak responding output meters front-panel 1/4 headphone jack remote controllable fiber-optic front panel illumination florescent display of operating modes pass through home theater mode the debate over which sounds better tubes or transistors is still going strong after forty years mcintosh has led in both technologies and the c1000 raises the bar once again a three chassis design allows the customer the flexibility to choose solid state vacuum tube or both technologies music handling is accomplished in its own dual mono preamplification module yielding over 130db of channel separation for ultimate stereo fidelity all three modules may be combined for the ultimate in flexibility

mcintosh laboratory inc 2 chambers street binghamton new york 13903-2699 tel 607 723-3512 · us toll-free 800 538-6576 · fax 607 724-0549 · www.mcintoshlabs.com for the consumer s protection in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction new mcintosh products may only be purchased over-the-counter or delivered and installed by an authorized mcintosh dealer mcintosh products that are purchased over the internet by phone or mail order are presumed to be used and do not qualify for any mcintosh warranty mcintosh does not warrant in any way products that are purchased from anyone who is not an authorized dealer or products that have had their serial number altered or defaced c1000 controller preamp tri-amplification all three balanced outputs carry the same signal and bypass switching when the tri-mode is programmed this allows tri-amplification of a speaker set while the unbalanced outputs will still switch to control a remote amplifier vrv variable rate volume