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McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., C200 Audio Control


mcintosh c200 preamplifier/controller sources control processing power a speakers new digitally controlled attenuator system and menu-based input selection are the featured refinements in the c200 preamplifier/controller successor to the c100 representing mcintosh engineering at its finest the c200 is a fully balanced design with separate chassis for total isolation of the audio signal it uses the finest one-percent resistors and capacitors and internal gold-plated contacts with solid-soldered joints no details are overlooked in the design of a preamplifier virtually devoid of any measurable noise featured technologies displays see systems engineering in main brochure for more on mcintosh system architectures sealed glass tube coil fully balanced dual-chassis design the extraordinary c200 is fully balanced from input to output ­ a configuration that essentially cancels all distortion the precision volume control has four matched sections and the main gain stage uses four matched

c200 companion products the mcintosh products shown at right are logical companions for the c200 separate literature is available check with your mcintosh dealer for any late additions mc1201 power amplifier mda700 d/a converter and mcd751 cd transport the mc1201 double-balanced power amp and the c200 both hail from the no-compromise school of design add the mda700 converter with balanced output plus the mcd751 transport for a totally balanced audio system without peer mr85 am/fm tuner with dual tuners ideal for multiroom systems the mr85 is available with a second tuner the tm1 module that operates independently a thoroughly engineered broadcast monitor the mr85 reveals the upper limits of am and fm performance the supplied raa1 am antenna can be positioned away from sources of interference e.g tv sets fluorescent lights for greatly improved am quality rct4 remote translator the translator allows non-mcintosh components to be operated with a mcintosh handheld remote or keypad

features specifications c200p c200 preamplifier/controller fully balanced from input to output dual chassis isolates audio signals from power and switching extra-wide dynamic range ultra-low distortion silent electromagnetic switching vrv variable rate volume with new multistage precision digitally controlled attenuator system programmable source trim for input level matching 12-character blue vacuum fluorescent display for input selection volume level in db or and menu selection 11 source selections including separate mm and mc phono 3 balanced inputs 1 bal tape loop 8 unbal inputs 1 unbal tape loop 3 bal stereo outputs 1 main 2 sw independent listen record selection dual processor loops control data output for source components c200c remote power control 2 main 2 switched double shielded power transformer separate electronic regulators for each preamplifier section low-noise 1 metal film resistors ultra-precision 5 metal film resistors and 1 polypropylene capacitors for phono