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McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., MA2275 Integrated

ma2275 vacuum tube integrated amplifier cutting-edge technology combined with classic vacuum tube performance low noise mm phono input balanced cd input six program source inputs preamp-out/amplifier-in loop extra set of pre-outs provided taps for 2 4 8-ohm speakers illuminated peak-responding wattmeters silent electromagnetic switching defeatable bass treble controls fiber optic lighting headphone jack remote control the ma2275 is the first mcintosh integrated amplifier to rely exclusively on vacuum tubes in all audio circuits the new design combines classic vacuum tube audio performance with state of the art control technology a new ultra-low-noise preamp has been engineered for the ma2275 old-fashioned point-to-point wiring common in vacuum tube designs has been replaced with glass epoxy printed circuit boards developed through modern computer-aided design techniques input switching is accomplished inside glass cylinders filled with an inert gas to prevent signal degradation

mcintosh laboratory inc 2 chambers street binghamton new york 13903-2699 tel 607 723-3512 · us toll-free 800 538-6576 · fax 607 724-0549 · for the consumer s protection in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction new mcintosh products may only be purchased over-the-counter or delivered and installed by an authorized mcintosh dealer mcintosh products that are purchased over the internet by phone or mail order are presumed to be used and do not qualify for any mcintosh warranty mcintosh does not warrant in any way products that are purchased from anyone who is not an authorized dealer or products that have had their serial number altered or defaced ma2275 vacuum tube integrated amplifier flexibility 6 sets of unbalanced inputs main preamp-out/amp-in connection and one additional set of switched preamp outputs are included phono input the ultra-quiet mcintosh phono stage for moving magnet cartridges is built-in if desired this input may be