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cr16 multizone a/v control center mc58 eight-channel power amplifier mcintosh multizone

f or more than a decade mcintosh has offered multizone systems distinguished not only by musical excellence but also by operating ease and adaptability a mcintosh multizone a/v system integrates seamlessly with non-mcintosh products and can be scaled for any size installation if you love music and you want mcintosh performance a multizone system gives you more of both but it s also a smart investment as it uses just one set of audio and video sources to supply any number of rooms or areas in your home the cr16 multizone a/v control center and the mc58 8-channel power amplifier go together like hand in glove offering abundant possibilities for a house-wide entertainment system with true mcintosh

mcintosh multizone a/v cr16 multizone a/v control center mc58 eight-channel power amplifier featured technologies four independent zones cr16 the cr16 is four audio/video preamps in one chassis each with its own input selector volume control and tone controls for example you can listen to fm stereo in one zone cd in a second watch satellite in a third and watch a dvd movie in a fourth ­ all at the same time in addition a local private a/v source can be connected for each zone for use only by that zone as many as six cr16s can be linked cascaded for a total of 24 independent a/v zones control data outputs cr16 to facilitate system integration the cr16 outputs control data for source components this allows remote operation of non-mcintosh components either by direct connection to compatible data inputs or via a mcintosh remote translator sources cr16 remote power control cr16 mc58 the mc58 receives power on/off data via its single cable link to the cr16 in addition power

cr16/mc58 companion products the mcintosh products shown at right are logical companions for the cr16/mc58 separate literature is available check with your mcintosh dealer for late additions wk2 wk3 wk4 keypad controllers and r649 ir sensor the wall-mount illuminated keypads enable pushbutton operation and include ir sensors that relay commands from handheld remotes the cr16 can accommodate as many as four keypads or ir sensors in each of its four zones see the separate mcintosh system accessories literature for more on keypads and ir sensors in addition an rs-232 port makes the cr16 compatible with popular touchscreen remotes from crestron and panja rct4 remote translator the translator allows non-mcintosh components to be operated with a mcintosh ir remote or keypad controller it connects to the data outputs on the cr16 hc1 home controller the hc1 connects to the cr16 s home data output and allows remote operation of other home devices such as lights and movie screens pc3 ac power

features cr16 multizone a/v control center multizone a/v control center 4 independent zones comprising 4 mcintosh a/v preamps single-cable connection to mcintosh mc58 or mc7108 8-channel power amplifiers single-cable connection to a master preamp e.g to link cr16 multizone system to mx132-based home theater system single-cable connections for cascading as many as six cr16s for a total of 24 independent zones 8 common shared sources 4 audio 4 a/v 1 additional local private a/v source for each zone led status indicators for all 4 zones programmable wake-up conditions for each zone output level trim for each zone can also be used to set maximum permissible volume exclusive mcintosh tone controls for each zone balanced outputs for each zone fixed or variable unbalanced outputs for each zone variable buffered video outputs for each input control data output for source components remote operation of lights screens and drapes with mcintosh hc1 home controller remote power control

specifications cr16 multizone a/v control center frequency response 20hz to 20khz +0 -0.5db rated voltage output 1.25v maximum voltage output 6v from 20hz to 20khz total harmonic distortion 0.01 max from 20hz to 20khz at rated output input sensitivity 0.250v for 1.25v rated output maximum input signal 8vrms s/n ratio a-weighted 90db below rated output voltage gain input to variable outputs 14db tone controls bass and treble ±12db power requirements 120v 50/60hz 35w dimensions h xwxd inch 7.062 x 17.5 x 20 cm 17.9 x 44.5 x 50.8 weight 40 lbs 18.2kg boxed mc58 eight-channel power amplifier rms power output min sine wave continuous avg output per channel with all channels operating normal 50 watts 4 or 30 watts 8 bridged 100 watts 8 can also be configured for 7 6 5 or 4 channels input sensitivity 1v 2.5v at gain control center detent a-weighted signal-to-noise ratio 92db 112db below rated output input impedance 20k ohms power guard® clipping is prevented and thd does not exceed 2 with