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mc602 power amplifier see systems engineering in main brochure for more on mcintosh system architectures t he mc602 is the most powerful stereo amplifier ever produced by mcintosh it delivers 1.2 kilowatts of unrestrained power with the finesse of a dancer the double-balanced design ­ possible only with the exclusive mcintosh output autoformer ­ all but eliminates distortion if you can imagine a truck-pull contest using ferraris then you can appreciate the mc602 s capacity to astonish featured technologies double-balanced push-pull design the mc602 is fully balanced from input to speaker output matched amplifiers operate in complimentary push-pull with their outputs combined in the mcintosh autoformer the resulting double-balanced configuration cancels virtually all distortion this circuit design is possible only with the mcintosh autoformer the bifilar winding technique used in the making of autoformers earned mcintosh one of its first patents the design is so advanced it is

mc602 companions about the mc602 companion products the mcintosh products shown at right are logical companions for the mc602 separate literature is available check with your mcintosh dealer for any late additions mcintosh speaker systems are also covered in detail in separate literature c100 preamplifier/controller one of the finest power amplifiers mcintosh has ever produced deserves an equally fine partner the dual-chassis fully balanced c100 is virtually devoid of any measurable noise c42 audio control center the c42 and mc602 form a high-power balanced audio system with state-of-the-mcintosh performance xrt25 xrt26 loudspeakers the stunning xrt loudspeakers feature patented ld/hp® bass and midrange drivers plus multi-tweeter line source columns that increase power handling minimize distortion and control vertical dispersion useable bass response extends down to 20hz c100 preamplifier/controller c42 audio control center a b c the patented mcintosh power guard in the mc602

mc602 power amplifier features double-balanced push-pull design 2 x 600 watts 8/4/2 ohms balanced input exclusive mcintosh output autoformers dual high-voltage power supplies wide power bandwidth ultra-low distortion exclusive mcintosh power assurance system power guard® clipping protection sentry monitor® current protection thermal cutout dc failure protection turn-on delay soft start inrush protection illuminated peak-responding wattmeters with hold remote power control gold-plated high-current output terminals fanless convection cooling modular construction with stainless-steel chassis glass front panel with illuminated nomenclature specifications rms power output 8/4/2 ohms 600 watts minimum sine wave continuous average power output per channel from 20hz to 20khz with both channels operating output load impedance 2 4 or 8 ohms rated power band 20hz to 20khz peak output current 150 amperes total harmonic distortion 0.005 maximum at any level from 250 milliwatts to rated power