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mcintosh laboratory inc 2 chambers street binghamton new york 13903-2699 tel 607 723-3512 · us toll-free 800 538-6576 · fax 607 724-0549· for the consumer s protection in order to ensure highest customer satisfaction new mcintosh products may only be purchased over the counter at authorized mcintosh dealers and not by mail telephone or via the internet products purchased by mail telephone or via the internet are presumed to be used and are not covered by any mcintosh warranty mcintosh does not warrant in any way products that are purchased from anyone who is not an authorized mcintosh dealer or products that have had their serial number altered or defaced mcd205 five disc cd changer balanced and unbalanced outputs select balanced outputs for long cable runs in a noisy environment with optimum noise rejection or unbalanced outputs for short runs data input for control from a mcintosh preamp or control center a 1/8 mini jack is provided for control data from the data output jack of a mcintosh preamp or control center rs232 interface an rs232 port is provided for control and communication interface with multi-room systems optical and coaxial digital outputs use either with an external d/a converter non-volatile program play memory a playback program once entered will not be lost if the power fails blue vacuum flourescent display the mcd205 s display presents disk track time and play mode information cd-rom style five disc musicbanktm changer cd-r playback low distortion 24-bit d/a converter balanced and unbalanced audio outputs ir remote control with front panel sensor data input for remote control from mcintosh preamps and control centers rs232 interface optical and coaxial digital outputs non-volatile program play memory blue alphanumeric vacuum flourescent display gold-plated input and output connectors low noise 1 metal film resistors power control in and out shielded r-core power transformer this unit can play cd-da format audio cd-r discs it may not be able to play some cd-r discs due to the condition of the recording musicbanktm is a registered trademark of nakamichi corporation frequency response +0 -0.50db from 5hz to 20khz total harmonic distortion 0.002 maximum signal to noise ratio 108 db ihf a maximum voltage output 2.0v rms at balanced outputs 2.0v rms at unbalanced outputs output source impedance 600 ohms balanced 600 ohms unbalanced dynamic range 100 db channel separation 105 db system compact disc digital audio signal readout optical semiconductor laser error correction circ d/a converter 24-bit dual converters with 8 times oversampling digital filter sampling frequency 44.1 khz quantization 16-bit linear disc rotational velocity 200 to 500rpm constant linear velocity wow and flutter below measurement limits power requirements 100,120 or 230 vac 50-60hz 25watts dimensions h xwxd inch 53/8 x 171/2 x 15 cm 13.7 x 44.5 x 38.1 includes clearance for connectors panel clearance required in front of mounting panel is 3/4 inch 1.9 cm note when a cd disc is inserted or ejected the panel clearance required in front of mounting panel is 33/4 inches 9.5 cm weight 21 lbs 9.5 kg net 35 lbs 15.9 kg shipping weight finish front panel of black glass gold/teal illuminated nomenclature completely enclosed chassis the mcd205 operates remotely from the handheld ir control with front panel sensor the mcd205 allows you to choose between balanced and unbalanced outputs for the left and right channels 9.02.mcd205.20k.msp 35002100