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McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., MS300 Digital Music

ms300 digital music server promotional highlights the ms300 is a cd player music server with cd-r/w drive and a 300 gb hard drive built-in for mass music storage with a huge 300 gb hard drive and integrated web interface capabilities the mcintosh ms300 music server will effortlessly catalog access and manage well over 800 cds at true bit-forbit fidelity on its internal hard drive or depending on compression rate over 50,000 songs a new free lossless audio compression flac encoding and decoding element eliminates the inherent loss of data common in mp3 compression resulting in a distinct improvement when ripping music from cds navigating through menus is uncomplicated via an on screen interface that makes it simple to find and play any song album play list or artist in the collection plays cd cd-r cd-r/w mp3 disks and is capable of streaming music files over a home network to remote locations on ethernet enabled devices high quality a to d and d to a converters maintain mcintosh sound