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mvp861 audio video player equally at home in home theater and audiophile stereo systems the mvp861 plays them all cd s sacd s dvd s dvd-audio cd-r and cd-rw discs three 192khz/24 bit digital-to-analog converters deliver the highest resolution sound these formats can deliver the video side incorporates 12bit/108mhz dacs with progressive scan for the sharpest picture component s-video and composite outputs are included sporting a new and innovative transport mechanism the mvp861 spins cds at 4 times the usual speed and dvds at 2 times the usual speed storing data into an 8mb buffer memory this allows the mvp861 s laser multiple passes to extract all the data from discs including scratched or smudged discs with this extraordinary level of tracking ability and error correction the mvp861 breathes new life into many previously unplayable discs built-in dolby digital dts and multi-channel dvd-audio and sacd decoders digital bass management onboard speaker calibration adjustments coax and

mcintosh laboratory inc 2 chambers street binghamton new york 13903-2699 tel 607 723-3512 · us toll-free 800 538-6576 · fax 607 724-0549 · for the consumer s protection in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction new mcintosh products may only be purchased over-the-counter or delivered and installed by an authorized mcintosh dealer mcintosh products that are purchased over the internet by phone or mail order are presumed to be used and do not qualify for any mcintosh warranty mcintosh does not warrant in any way products that are purchased from anyone who is not an authorized dealer or products that have had their serial number altered or defaced mvp861 audio video player sacd s quality delivered special attention has been paid to the final audio stages where much of the potential of sacd discs can be lost balanced d/a converters increased linearity in the conversion process makes for the lowest noise and distortion especially when playing