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component video to s video electronic speed control control unit american dj fusion fx bar 5 7 pin xlr male connector portable cd players with ipod docking 4 pin male xlr to 3 pin female xlr table top mic stand push to talk microphones 4 pin xlr male to 4 pin xlr male 4 pin xlr male to 3 pin xlr male 3 pin xlr male to 3 pin xlr male 4 pin xlr cable male to female 19 pin male 19 female pin 8 pin male xlr connector 5 pin male xlr connector 4 pin xlr male to 4 pin xlr male adapter mini 4 pin xlr male to mini 4 pin xlr male 4 pin xlr mini male to 3 pin xlr male 6 s video inputs and 2 outputs 6 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr 6 pin xlr to 6 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 4 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr large heavy wall aluminum tubing heavy wall aluminum tubing 5 pin to 3 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr male signal to noise ratio thd switch mode power supply xlr f to xlr f sealed lead acid battery signal to noise ratio rca female to female panel mount pin male to usb b male 6 pin to usb male to male 4 pin usb usb to mini usb speaker grille for in wall speaker 48 volt ac power supply usb 20 male to mini b 8 pin male g pack power pack spring loaded counter balance mini 4 pin to 3 pin high pass filter for microphone mini 2 pin to 3 pin dc to dc power converter c channel to c channel connection 8 pin to 4 pin connector 9 pin male to 9 pin male 5 pin to 4 pin connector usb a to usb a 3 pin connector cable to cable 8 pin to 5 pin audio adapter speaker with volume control t connector male to male 35 male to male

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background music paging and prosound 1 audio/video portable pa amplifier 3 input mixer-amplifier ceramic/magnetic selectable phono input 8ohm and 70v use 110vac/12vdc operation 200 watt pa amplifier 45 input mixer-amplifier 48ohm and 70v use 4shelf top or rack mount 40 watt pa amplifier 3 input mixer-amplifier ceramic/magnetic selectable phono input 8ohm and 70v use three channel mixer/amplifier accepts two mic and one auxiliary/phono input provides 80w max output and will drive 4/8/16ohm and 70v loads features ·individual level controls for mic 1 mic 2 and phono aux inputs ·rear panel phono/aux selector for line level or magnetic phono level sources ·master level control ·master tone control ·12 segment led bar graph output meter ·quick push speaker connections ·70v output for compatibility with distributed audio systems ·detachable iec type ac power cord ·unswitched convenience ac outlet ·mix bus connection for daisy chaining multiple amplifiers specifications ·power

background music paging and prosound in-ground 1 speaker line matching transformers audio/video surface mount line transformers adapt conventional 8ohm speakers for use with multi speaker commercial systems this wide range of models from atlas sound meet #555-6801 #555-6805 #555-6806 today s high performance quality standards in a variety of applications all models include 6 color­coded leads for primary and secondary connections except #555-6805 which has solder lugs power primary mcm part capacity volts 555-6801 4 watts 70.7 555-6805 60 watts 70.7 555-6806 4 watts 25.0 70.7 primary taps 0.5w 1w 2w 4w 2.5w 5w 10w 20w 40w 60w 0.25w 0.5w 1w 2w 4w secondary taps 8 4 8 16 8 frequency insertion response loss only 60hz~12khz ±1db 1.0db $16.50 60hz~20khz ±1db 0.5db 41.99 100hz~10khz ±1.5db 1.5db 13.50 8 outdoor garden speakers garden speakers from atlas sound deliver high quality audio and are designed to withstand the harsh elements outdoors in-ground speakers are designed to be

background music paging and prosound 1 audio/video professional home/studio stereo crossover professional three way six channel crossover is suitable for club or high end home use ideal for any multi-amp application provides the following adjustments low ·low pass cuttoff of 50hz 90hz 180hz 360hz 720hz mid ·high pass cutoff of 50hz 90hz 180hz 360hz 720hz ·low pass cutoff of 1khz 2khz 4khz 6khz 8khz high ·high pass cutoff of 1khz 2khz 4khz 6khz 8khz features include ·individual level control for low mid and high frequency channels ·rack mount chassis with handles ·rca input and output connections ·switchable 110/220v operation specifications ·filter slope 12db/octave ·frequency response ·20hz~20khz ·s/n ratio 90db ·thd ±0.01 ·dimensions 19 w x mcm part ea 2-up 23/8 h x 81/2 d ·mfr #sea-3000 555-4050 $69.99 $65.99 32 channel digital mixing console ever since the dawn of digital audio engineers the world over have had a love-hate relationship with their consoles

audio/video digital mixers compact two channel mini mixer 1 background music paging and prosound professional four input stereo dj mixer with sampler intended primarily for dj use this full function mixer provides four stereo inputs plus a microphone input with talk­over and built­in digital sampling unit sits comfortably on the tabletop or may be mounted in standard 19 equipment racks and occupies 6ru inputs ·channel #1 and #2 each is switchable between stereo line level or stereo magnetic phono inputs ·channel #3 and #4 switchable between two separate stereo line level sources ·dj mic channel this channel actually accepts two microphones one combo jack accepts xlr or 1/4 microphone input the second accepts only 1/4 mic this channel provides independent level adjustment for each mic plus bass and treble controls cue and talkover function features ·independent seven band eq for each right and left channel ·smooth 45mm slide level controls on each input ·45mm crossfader

audio/video digital recording 1 sound processors background music paging and prosound feedback destroyer and parametric eq 24-bit 8-track multi-track recorder the zoom r24 is a total music production solution combining four production tools recorder audio interface midi controller and sampler into one ultraportable versatile device features ·24 track playback 8-track simultaneous recording ·48v phantom power on sizx tracks ·over 100 dsp effects ·supports up to 32gb sdhc card 1gb included ·eight xlr/1/4 combo inputs ·records in 16-bit or 24-bit wav files ·full mixing and transport controls ·pad sampler with eight voices ·integrated condenser microphones for instant recording ·includes ac adapter usb cable steinburg cubase le 1gb sd card ·mfr #r24 mcm part 555-10256 only $499.00 two channel vactrol® based tube compressor the provla ii is a tube driven vactrol-based compressor leveling amplifier designed to excel in any professional audio environment superior performance

background music paging and prosound 1 two channel ground loop isolator promix three channel mic mixer audio/video four channel stereo/mono splitter/mixer the splitmix4 is a fully passive hybrid mixer that offers a wide variety of configurations mix four stereo input channels down to one stereo output split a stereo input signal to distribute four stereo output channels or combine the configurations for a wide range of applications you can even configure the splitmix4 as four stereo input channels thru four independent level attenuators to four stereo output channels features ·four stereo input channels ·stereo output ·independent stereo level controls ·passive design ·over 90db of attenuation ·dimensions hxwxd in 1.85 x 4.6 x 4.1 mcm part 555-15360 mfr splitmix4 only $50.00 hum in an audio system is often caused by loop effects which act like antennas these loops can easily pick up a 60hz or higher harmonics hum transmitted by electrical wiring typically these loops are

background music paging and prosound condenser microphone matched pair the c-4 microphone is built to capture the performance of a choir piano or any other vocal or acoustic sound source the fact that they are sold as a matched pair makes them perfect for stereophonic recording features ·single diaphragm ·cardioid pickup ·switchable low-frequency roll-off and -10db input attenuation ·includes stand adapters windscreens stereo-bar and carrying case ·frequency response 20hz~20khz ·sensitivity 136db <1 thd 1khz mcm part 35-2130 only $75.99 1 omnidirectional condenser measurement microphone ·precision electret condenser microphone ·perfectly complements the ultracurve pro deq2496 or any rta device ·ultralinear frequency response from 15hz~20khz ·optimal for acoustic measurement applications ·use with any real-time analyzer with +15 to +48v phantom power ·includes rugged hard case mic clip and stand adapter ·mfr #ecm8000 mcm part 35-2675 only $59.99 audio/video microsettm

background music paging and prosound 1 desktop microphone stand audio/video tripod mic stand the tripod mic stand resists tipping and is built tough to withstand every-day use the powder-coated finish is scratch resistant to maintain its appearance even on the most rigorous tour or recording schedules easily adjust the tripod mic stand to perfect height with the traditional turn clutch features ·stand height 37.5 65 ·base diameter 28 ·threading 5/8 ·boom or straight models available mcm part 35-5665 35-5670 35-5675 mfr js-mc100 js-mcfb100 js-mctb200 boom no fixed telescoping only $19.99 29.99 32.99 microphone boom arm instantly turn any mic stand into a boom stand with a microphone boom arm the all-metal housing is powder coated for scratch resistance and the fixed or telescoping arm will stand up to day-in/day-out use features ·32.5 fixed or 19.5-34.5 telescoping ·standard 5/8 threading ·comfortable adjustment dial and knob ·cable management clip included mcm part

audio/video dj and music stands 1 speaker tilt connector features ·max load 30kg ·suitable for tubing stand diameter of 35mm ·secure with locking screws ·angle of inclination 15° ·height 235mm ·weight 900g mcm part 555-18185 only $49.99 background music paging and prosound adjustable professional equipment cart if you ve ever hauled a heavy guitar amp set of speakers drum kit or an 88-note keyboard you know how wonderful the invention of the wheel can be the karma cart series offers not only a set of wheels and platform but it s a reconfigurable tool that transforms into eight different equipment carts and hand trucks with very little effort features ·eight configurations ·finish powder coat black ·locking front caster ·strong light-weight steel design ·easy to fold mcm part mfr capacity length width only 555-18775 js-kc80 200 lbs 25.25 40.25 14.25 99.99 555-18780 js-kc90 300 lbs 27.5 44.25 17 149.99 nylon carrying case for speaker/lighting stands features ·able to

audio/video professional lighting 1 background music paging and prosound multi-color led spotlight the led trispot is a dmx intelligent led spotlight effect capable of producing red green blue purple yellow cyan and white lighting effects features ·3w rgb tri color leds produce a variety of color effects red green blue purple yellow cyan and white ·three operational modes dmx-512 master/slave sound active ·three or five dmx channel modes ·slow to fast strobe ·dimming 0~100 ·power consumption 9w per unit ·beam angle 12° lens installed also includes 6° lens in box ·dimensions including bracket 7.75 l x 5 w x 7.75 h ·weight 3 lbs mcm part 555-11621 only $129.99 tri-color dmx 24 led color bar the mega 24pro is a professional rgb color mixing wash light for performance and theatrical stages night clubs party venues and mobile entertainers features ·bright high output rgb bar with 24x 1w leds 8 red 8 green and 8 blue leds ·32 built-in color macros ·color strobe effect

background music paging and prosound 1 audio/video last minute additions high power 50 watt indoor outdoor led par light perfect for virtually all lighting effect applications this fully dmx controllable rgb light source is ideal for use in any live performance and entertainment installation its 36 leds provide a powerful blast of full spectrum color and its fully sealed die-cast ip65 rated housing allows permanent installation outdoors features ·rugged die-cast housing ·nine channel dmx master/slave operation ·ultra bright edison high power leds ·easy menu programming with led display ·multiple built-in programs ·seven preprogrammed colors ·includes double bracket for attaching to stand sitting on the floor specifications · 1w leds 12 red 12 green 12 blue ·15° led lens beam angle · 3-pin xlr dmx connections ·power requirements 90~250v 50~60hz 50w ·dimensions 13 x 10.43 x 10.43 ·weighs 10 lbs mcm part 555-12635 1­3 $239.00 4­up $215.00 display tri-color 12 led wall