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background music and paging  -  audio/video 1 rdl distribution amplifier stick-on audio delay relay •adjustable 0.5~5.0 second delay •adjustable trigger level •available in line or mic level •requires 24vdc/50ma mcm part 555-18872 555-18874 duel microphone preamp features •front panel xlr input output jacks •detachable input output terminal blocks •selectable mic or line inputs •gain trim on each input •outputs switch selectable mic or line mcm part 555-18862 555-18864 mfr ru-mla2 ru-mla2t output transformer only no $245.80 yes 386.20 balanced/unbalanced mono audio switcher mfr st-acr1 st-acr1m level line mic only $92.57 93.63 rdl two channel high output line amplifier many audio products provide optimum performance when feeding a bridging input but may not provide output needed to directly drive low impedance lines terminated with 600ohm transformers specifically designed for such installations this is also ideal when high gain line level audio transmission is required audio inputs are bridged at 5kohm and gain is adjustable from unity to +24db via a precision 25–turn potentiometer outputs are designed to drive long balanced audio lines into 600ohm loads audio circuits dc coupled for the ultimate in pure transparent audio clarity input and output circuits function as electronic transformers permitting either balanced or unbalanced connection typical applications •conversion from balanced to unbalanced •conversion from high to low impedance •power requirements 24~30vdc floating or 12~15vdc bipolar supply 50ma the ru sx4a features four balanced line level inputs each input may be wired balanced or unbalanced the inputs are all bridging allowing connection from either high or low impedance sources the audio output is line level low impedance balanced and may be wired to mcm part only drive either a balanced or unbalanced line individual multi turn level trimmers are provided on the front 555-sta-2 $145.97 panel for each input in stereo applications a second ru sx4a may be wired as a slave features •balanced rdl audio unbalanced inputs/output •gain trim on each source controlled relay •4 inputs to 1 output •requires 24vdc •mfr #ruaccepts balanced or sx4a unbalanced input mcm part only and provides a 555-18810 $251.60 dpdt relay output when the presence of an audio signal is detected it is perfect when adding “audio–power–on” capability to existing equipment because the relay rdl electronic utilizes no and nc contacts it may also be used in “silence sensing” applications trigger threshold transformer is adjustable from –30dbu~0dbu adjustable 5~50 pair second off delay sets the time required to for the relay perfect for any to release when the audio drops below threshold a line amplification 50ma open–collector output is also provided to drive impedance a slave relay or indicator led specifications •contact or balanced rating 2a 250vac •input impedance 10kohm unbalanced •power requirement 24~33vdc 50ma ground conversion this two channel line amplifier features referenced bridging inputs adjustable gain up to 20db or mcm part only attenuation and low impedance outputs which act as $93.43 both an electronic line transformer and a line amplifier 555-st-acr2 true dc amplifiers produce unsurpassed audio clarity high common-mode rejection and ultra–low distortion typical applications •balanced to unbalanced conversion•unbalanced to balanced conversion•high to low impedance conversion •low to high impedance conversion •bridging audio line feeds •precise matching of audio levels •power requirement 24~30vdc floating or 12~15vdc bipolar supply 50ma mcm part 555-sta-1 only $138.11 audio distribution amplifier allows bridging of any audio line adjusting the gain 0 20db and driving either high or low impedance balanced or unbalanced loads typical applications •audio distribution with up to 3 outputs •bridging a line for local distribution •distribution with impedance conversion •distribution with gain or loss •inputs and outputs rf bypassed •power requirements 24~30vdc floating or 12~15vdc bipolar supply 50ma mcm part 555-st-da3 only $130.95 rdl microphone preamplifier compact high quality preamplifier converts balanced or unbalanced mic input to dual balanced or unbalanced isolated +4dbu line level outputs for use with commercial sound equipment additionally the input will accept low impedances such as a 4ohm or 8ohm speaker for use in intercom applications output is adjustable from 35~65db gain separate phantom power insertion allows the use of an external phantom power supply up to 48vdc unit requires a 24~33vdc 25ma ground referenced power supply which may also be tied to the phantom input for single power supply use unit may be operated with supply as low as 9vdc with reduced headroom mcm part 555-stm-2 only $133.83 rdl universal audio mixer use in any application requiring mixing of two audio sources a mic may be mixed with a line level music source two mics may be mixed to feed the mic or line level input of a power amplifier a mic or professional +4dbu line level mono sum is possible it may be used to convert mono line level signals from consumer to professional or from professional to consumer format it may also be used as a microphone preamplifier or conversely to adapt unbalanced or balanced line level signals into the microphone input of other equipment unit requires a 24~33vdc 60ma ground referenced power supply mcm part 555-st-mx2 only $129.43 rdl line level mixing amplifier three channel audio mixer combines up to three line level signals to a single line level output the input circuit accepts either balanced or unbalanced signals either high or low impedance the output is capable of driving high or low impedance balanced or unbalanced loads gain on each input channel is individually adjustable from –14 24db outputs from multiple units may be connected in parallel to form a multi channel mixer power requirements 24~30vdc floating or 12~15vdc bipolar supply 55ma mcm part 555-st-mx3 /1-800-543-4330 only $117.13 149