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1 audio/video  -  background music and paging active high-pass filter rdl universal audio attenuator rdl two–watt utility amplifier use to reduce the input level to a machine to improve headroom feed a line level signal to a mic level input or simply lower the level of an audio line to match standard system levels two–channel variable attenuator utilizes dual 15 turn potentiometers for precise independent adjustment of each channel passive circuit requires no power and provides up to 85db attenuation typical applications •convert 8ohm 25v or 70v speaker output to 600ohm input two channels •convert hi-z line level source to hi-z mic input two channels •convert 8ohm speaker to line input two channels •convert balanced lo-z line level to balanced lo-z mic input one channel perfect for use as a local monitor amplifier and with music-on-hold telephone systems it features a single unbalanced audio input with adjustable gain and two outputs the first output delivers 2w rms into an 8ohm load the second delivers up to +12dbu into a 600ohm load typical of telephone music–on–hold inputs both outputs may be used simultaneously specifications •frequency response 600ohm 20hz~30khz •frequency response 8ohm 35hz~30khz •thd 0.5 •input 10kohm -15dbv line level •power requirements 24~33vdc 150ma ground referenced mcm part 555-stp-1 only $57.15 rdl solid state audio relay provides absolutely silent switching of two line level audio signals or use as a silent on/off switch for a single input supports two balanced line level inputs and provides a single balanced output each may also use unbalanced as well solid state switching is completely inaudible through the system and low dc control current of only 0.5ma allows switching to be done via dry contact transistor or logic output selectable fast/slow switching provides “soft” control specifications •frequency response 20hz~23khz •power requirement 24~33vdc 40ma ground referenced mcm part 555-st-ssr1 only $101.30 rdl six–watt utility amplifier compact single–channel amplifier features two balanced audio inputs with adjustable gain and delivers 6w rms to an 8ohm load since each input is mixed equally it is perfect for monitoring a stereo line from a single speaker built–in equalization circuit provides adjustable 0~5db gain at 60hz for enhanced low frequency response the output stage features auto resetting short–circuit and thermal overload protection specifications •frequency response 35hz~20khz •thd 0.35 •input 10kohm 400mv line level •power requirements 24~33vdc 350ma ground referenced mcm part 555-st-pa6 only $90.11 •mono line-level operation •multi stage incremental gain reduction •fully automatic operation •smooth inaudible gain reduction •requires 24vdc 50ma •mfr #st-cl2 150 only $64.42 only $137.40 mcm part 555-18888 only $114.36 audio combiner divider •any channel may be either an input or an output •combine stereo signals •feed a mono signal to stereo inputs •combine multiple mics to a single amp •passive operation •mfr #std-150 mcm part 555-18880 rdl voice activated relay versatile module accepts unbalanced line or mic level signal and provides switched dpdt contacts an open collector output is also provided for slave units applications include converting ptt push to talk function to hands free automatic muting and audio signal sensing for auto–power–on function sensitivity and release delay are adjusted via individual 25 turn potentiometers specifications •mic input 5kΩ •line input 500kΩ •activation response 5ms •release delay 70~260ms •relay contacts dpdt 2a •power requirement 24~33vdc 30ma ground referenced mcm part 555-st-vox1 only $98.87 stick on active subwoofer combiner/crossover only $55.90 stick on loudness equalizer •for use with vca units •loudness contour to follow volume •improved aural flatness at low levels •installer defined loudness equalization •requires 24vdc •mfr #st-leq1 mcm part 555-18890 only $76.47 switchable microphone preamplifier •remote microphone soft switching •mic or line level output •adjustable preset gain •remote toggle switch or push to talk •requires 24vdc •mfr #stm-2x mcm part 555-18892 •subwoofer signal from stereo source •low noise and low distortion crossover •active crossover •active subwoofer equalization •requires 24vdc •mfr #st-cx2s mcm part 555-18878 only $114.57 only $151.77 high gain microphone preamplifier •45~75 db gain •high or low impedance mic inputs •two balanced or unbalanced outputs •phantom capability •requires 24vdc •mfr #stm-3 mcm part 555-18894 stick on gain control amplifier •switch selectable adjustment rate •tight dynamic control •low noise and low distortion agc •line or mic level inputs •requires 24vdc •mfr #st-gca3 mcm part 555-18882 only $119.03 only $154.57 2 watt monitor amplifier •2w at 8ohm 4ohm stable •line level input balanced or unbalanced •fast silent audio switching •multiple control inputs •requires 24vdc •mfr #st-ma2 mcm part 555-18896 self-gated preamplifier stick on compressor limiter mcm part 555-18876 mcm part 555-st-pa2 •two outputs with cuts at 300 and 500hz •line level input and outputs •balanced or unbalanced operation •horn loudspeaker protection •requires 24vdc •mfr #st hp3 •self gated operation •led “level” and “gate” indicators •slave output •balanced or unbalanced input •requires 24vdc mcm part 555-18884 555-18886 mfr st-gla1 st-gsp1 level line mic only $113.49 122.16 /1-800-543-4330 only $79.19 microphone distribution amplifier •mic level in and out •electrical and audio isolation •studio quality low noise performance •excellent phase response •requires 24vdc •mfr #stm-da3 mcm part 555-18898 only $128.32 follow us on &