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1 audio/video  -  background music and paging paging controlled relay tx series racking system features •switching controlled by speaker level source •25v 70v 100v 8Ω operation •transformer isolated input •adjustable trigger level •adjustable delay •mfr #tx-pcr1 mcm part 555-18954 ez series mounting accessories features •fits any standard 19 rack •1ru high •holds five “tx” series modules only $135.00 accessories used to mount your radio design labs ez series products in either a rack or on a desk provides for a clean organized professional installation mcm part 555-18958 only $30.20 bridging input transformer 40w amplifier •use as a 10kohm input bridge on any audio line •provides balanced input and output •frequency response 20hz~20khz •thd <0.05 •passive device requires no power features •20w rms per channel into 8 Ω •left and right unbalanced inputs •switch selectable stereo or mono •high efficiency class d operation •thermal and short circuit protection mcm part 555-18950 mfr tx-pa40d cord included rdl 100/70/25v line input interface •trimpot adjusts output level for various input voltages/power levels •frequency response 20hz~20khz •thd <0.05 •passive device requires no power mcm part 555-tx-70a only $35.21 only $210.55 mcm part 555-tx-10b only $38.17 rdl line matching transformer •matches balanced 600ohm phone or other line into mic or line input •dual outputs unbalanced line level and balanced mic level •frequency response 20hz~20khz •thd <0.05 •passive device requires no power mcm part 555-tx-lm2 only $35.01 mcm part mfr 555-0658 ez-dc1 555-0660 ez-dc2 555-0662 ez-fp1 555-0686 ez-ra6 555-0688 ez-sd1 555-0692 ez-smb1 555-0698 ez-ucb2 description only desktop chassis for 39.64 1 ⁄6 rack components desktop chassis for 42.73 1 ⁄3 rack width components 1 ⁄6 width filler panel mounts in 8.74 mounts in ez-ra6 and ez-cc6 rack adapter for 1⁄6 mount 45.31 26.01 storage drawer 1⁄6 rack width mounts in cc6 or ra6 surface mount bezel for 1⁄6 24.19 rack width components under counter brackets 15.95 rdl remote operated video switch modules features an a and b input with a single output a/b switching requires spst switch closure •bnc female input and output connections •screw terminal connections for switch contacts and power •requires 12~33vdc 30ma mcm part 555-tx-mvx only $93.43 universal television stands from $39.99 • • • • attractive stands feature flat black pedestal on a glass base perfect when relocating televisions from the wall after the base has been discarded supports up to 60 lbs two models fit over 90 of televisions on the market for televisions from 17” 37” for televisions from 32” 60” model #50-14790 msrp model #50-14795 $69.95 152 /1-800-543-4330 msrp $79.95 follow us on &