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8 rechargeable batteries batteries power and lighting battery chargers 15 minute battery charger recharge your batteries in a flash with the 15 minute charger your batteries will be ready in 15 minutes guaranteed approx 75 of full charge when using duracell 1700 mah aa or 750 mah aaa nimh batteries offering high performance this charger can charge up to four aa or aaa cells at once the 15 minute charger comes with four aa staycharged rechargeable batteries mcm part 293-605 only $39.99 four-pack aa 2700mah 1.2v nimh rechargeable batteries these are one of the highest rated rechargeable batteries in the industry today featuring an extremely high recycle rate they re capable of up to 1000 full charge/recharge cycles before needing replaced they re also compatible with the latest fast charge technologies and come with an industry leading two year manufacturer warranty against defects the ideal choice for all high current using electronic devices that will still be holding a

cordless device batteries 8 batteries power and lighting apple® ipod® replacement batteries ·replace your dead ipod® batteries with these drop-in replacement batteries manufactured to original specifications ·choose the standard batteries or extend your runtime with the high-capacity models ·includes replacement tools and instructions mcm part description apple® ipod® 3rd generation slim model 294-1585 replacement 616-0159 e225846 pda-33li-spc extended capacity 616-0159 e225846 ipod® 4th generation with click wheel 294-1625 high capacity replacement 616-0183 616-0198 ipod® nanotm pda-136li ipod nanotm 1st generation 616-0223 616-0224 ipod® photo pda-116li-hc high capacity replacement 616-0206 capacity 600mah 1100mah 830mah 330mah 1200mah only $10.80 42.73 19.56 20.07 35.52 frs radio batteries ·quality replacement frs radio batteries ·please check our website for additional batteries from these and many other manufacturers mcm part replaces volts uniden 294-1815 bp-38

dc power devices 8 batteries power and lighting 12 volt universal coiled power cord mini usb mobile charger in-car charger for ipodtm and iphonetm features ·in-car charger kit for podtm and iphonetm ·ideal for travel ·small compact design ·includes apple approved charger/sync cable specifications ·input voltage 12-13.8v dc ·output voltage 5v dc ·output current 1000ma max ·dimensions l x w 2.48 x 0.79 mcm part 28-12593 1-9 $7.49 10-up $7.20 very compact usb charger for mobile use ·plugs into auto boat or camper lighter and provides a 5v 500ma output to charge cell phones and other usb devices ·red light indicates charger is in use ·ce and fcc approval ·dimensions 41.25mm h x 26mm d ·mfr #cdc-1001 mcm part 28-11312 1-10 $4.11 11-up $3.59 ·perfect for mini tvs radar detectors and other equipment requiring 12vdc up to 2a ·fused protected coiled power cord ·comes complete with six popular interchangeable tips 3.5mm 3.5mm x 1.2mm 5.0mm x 2.1mm 5.5mm x 1.5mm 5.5mm x

batteries power and lighting solar power 8 #23-190 #23-195 abcd 6 popular technics/panasonic type power cord ·used for many technics/panasonic series audio components or stero amplifiers ·18 gauge ·6 length #23-190 ·replaces matsushita #sja170 #23-195 ·replaces matsushita #sja 172-1 ·replaces sony #1751-676-11 and 1-751-815-11 type mcm part description 1-9 10-49 50-up nonpolarized 23-190 audio components $5.50 $5.40 $5.24 polarized 23-195 stero amplifiers 4.99 compact solar panels small polycrystalline panels provide a wide range of voltages and current perfect for hobby experimentation and educational use as well as larger solar panel prototyping pigtail stripped and tinned leads allow easy connection versatile mounting allows incorporation in a wide range of applications multiple cells of the same type may be placed in series/parallel arrangement to provide increased voltage and or current fig abcd mcm part 28-11130 28-11132 28-11134 28-11136 voltage 0.5v 0.5v 1.0v 2.0v

batteries power and lighting power strips 8 single outlet surge suppressor 114 joules protect electronic equipment from harmful voltage surges with this easy to use surge suppressor surge led indicates surge protection is functioning specifications ·response time less than 5nsec ·energy 114 joules ·peak current 4,500a ·rated at 15a 120vac 60hz ·ul listed mcm part 28-4395 1-4 $3.99 5-up $3.67 #28-4396 nine outlet surge protector easily protect your computer or other home/office equipment from harmful power surges includes three outlets designed for transformer plugs and six regular outlets all with a sliding safety cover specifications ·phone/fax/modem protection ·coaxial/cable protection ·1050 joules ·125v/15a/1875w ·protection indicator light ·power shut down protection mcm part 28-11600 only $14.99 single outlet surge protectors 4750 joules home charging station with night light turns two ac outlets into four plus a 1a usb port to charge most portable devices light

8 monster cable powercenter mp pro 2500 line conditioner flatscreen powerprotect advanced surge protection for lcd and plasma tv s with a compact design for a clutter-free look this unit provides two ac outlets for ac surge protection and one pair coaxial connections for cable/satellite tv surge protection dual-mode plus protection provides audible and visual alarm for maximum protection and performance specifications ·1110 joules ·dimensions 4.25 h x 2.36 w x 2.84 d ·weight 0.37 lbs ·$50,000 connected equipment warranty ·mfr 120241 mcm part 28-11700 only $19.99 batteries power and lighting ·monster clean powertm stage 2 v2.0 filtering for high quality sound ·dual-mode plus protection provides audible and visual alarm for maximum protection and performance ·two-stage sequenced ac power turn-on and turn-off for equipment and overload protection ·eight switched outlets for power hungry equipment are color-coded for error free connections ·2775 joules ·dimensions 1.75 h

led flashlights 8 batteries power and lighting 22 led flashlight with laser pointer ·red led for laser pointer class ii ·requires two aa batteries not included ·dimensions 6.7 l x 1.3 w x 1.3 d mcm part 29-5550 only $8.95 five led flashlight features ·five bright led s ·strong plastic body ·includes lanyard ·requires two aa batteries not included ·dimensions l x d 5.70 x 1.37 mcm part 29-6190 1-9 $3.99 10-up $3.35 28 led flashlight ·requires three aaa batteries not included ·dimensions 5.3 x 1.7 x 1.7 mcm part 29-5680 only $5.99 five led flashlight with laser pointer ·red led for laser pointer class ii ·requires three aaa batteries not included ·dimensions 4.3 l x 1.2 w x 1.2 d mcm part 29-5545 only $4.99 28 led flashlight nine led flashlight features ·nine ultra bright led s ·strong plastic body ·includes lanyard ·requires three aaa batteries not included ·dimensions l x dia 6.37 x 1.96 mcm part 29-6185 1-9 $4.99 10-up $4.66 ·28 superbright

flashlights 8 12 led head lamp ·12 high intensity leds 100,000 hours average life ·four modes of operation 4 led 8 led 12 led 12 led flashing ·adjustable head strap with padded front section for comfort ·requires three aaa batteries not included mcm part 29-5520 only $3.99 batteries power and lighting mini tac torch led flashlight coast tactical use lights combine the most advanced optical and digital technology with tactical style and technical designs for law enforcement military and extreme outdoor situations features compact design and lightweight black aluminum casing features ·crystal reflector tube system ·high quality white led ·rear on/off switch ·215/16 length plus key ring ·four ag13 batteries required and included ·mfr #ll7830 mcm part 29-4350 1-9 $7.99 10-up $7.35 30 led head lamp ·30 super bright leds ·four modes of operation including a flashing option ·adjustable head ·adjustable headstrap with padded front ·requires three aa batteries not

batteries power and lighting camping lighting led area light serious professionals need serious lighting on site or in the field our energizer® hard case® professional® line of products offer the rugged dependability of the original energizer® hard case® combined with innovative led technology specifications ·bright wide angle led s deliver 50 lumens of broad area light ·comes with two mounting options magnetic mount and wall mount ·impact absorbing rubber casing for maximum durability ·simple push lens switch to activate mfr tufpal31e mcm part 291-1085 only $9.99 8 outdoor spotlight solar led garden light ·stylish solar led garden light ·stainless steel body ·1 x superbright led ·12000 mcd ·eight hours working time on full charge ·dimensions 9.5 x 2.4 mcm part 29-5690 only $3.99 features ·stainless steel body ·tempered glass diffuser ·mr16 light base ·maximum power 20w ·ip68 rated ·12v ac 50hz ·lamp not included ·dimensions h xwxd 4.33 x 3.26 x 3.54

batteries power and lighting fluorescent lamps 8 specialty replacement lamps medical/scientific and microscope lamps circuline fluorescent lamps ·t9 ·rapid start ·base g10q ·average life 12,000 mcm part type watts 25-2815 22 fc8t9/cw 25-2820 22 fc8t9/d 25-2825 32 fc12t9/cw cw cool white diameter 1-9 10-99 100-up 8.25 $13.89 $12.29 $10.32 8.25 12.00 13.89 14.49 12.66 13.29 10.63 11.20 fig.mcm part a 25-1740 a 25-1745 b 25-1670 c 25-1690 d 25-1715 b 25-1730 ansi code esa/fhd esb/fhe brl efp eke fcs volts watts base 6v/10w g4 6v/20w g4 12v/50w g6.35 12v/100w gz6.35 21v/150w gx5.3 24v/150w g6.35 a approx lumens 200 450 1400 4800 b approx color temp k° 3200 3200 3300 3400 3250 3400 avg life hours 100 100 50 50 200 50 c 1-4 $6.64 6.86 6.64 25.74 25.74 4.99 5-up $5.53 5.53 5.53 20.11 20.74 3.91 d d daylight lamps wiko lamps are manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing technique ensuring the highest quality lamps available today each lamp is checked with an electrical

miniature lamps 8 type t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 s-8 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-41/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-31/4 t-11/2 t-11/2 t-31/4 t-3 t-61/2 s-8 s-8 s-8 t-61/2 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-13/4 t-8 s-6 g-6 tl-3 tl-3 t-21/2 g-31/2 t-1 t-1 t-11/4 s-6 s-6 t-61/2 t-61/2 t-8 mr-16 voltage 6.3v 14.0v 14.4v 12.8v 6.3v 14.0v 14.0v 14.0v 12.8v 28.0v 28.0v 37.5v 28.0v 28.0v 14.0v 28.0v 14.0v 28.0v 7.0v 14.0v 13.0v 14.0v 28.0v 28.0v 12.0v 14.0v 28.0v 28.0v 28.0v 130v 12.8v 12.8v 12.8v 130v 28.0v 14.0v 117v 28.0v 14.0v 14.0v 130v 2.5v 2.5v 2.5v 2.5v 120v 13.0v 1.2v 2.25v 120v 1.35v 5.0v 5.0v 14.0v 120v 120v 130v 130v 130v 12v current .15a .24a .12a 2.10a .20a .15a .08a .10a .8a .17a .08a .05a .07a .17a .08a .17a .09a .04a .43a .24a .33a .33a .10a .04a .25a .80a .04a .06a .08a 20w 1.04a 1.44a 2.1a 20w .04a .08a .04a .1a .08a 25w 6w .58a .22a .25a .025a .06a .06a .115a .08a 6w 6w 20w 20w 25w 20w 1-9