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cigarette lighter plug with on off switch 25 x 25 x 25 x 25 25 4 x 25 4 x 25 4 dc dc power supply 12 volt indicator light 12 lighted on off on 12 v dc to 20 dc power supply 23 x 23 you are the magnet i am the steel an 6 to an 4 12 volt cigarette lighter power cord ni cd battery pack 6 volt incandescent light bulb 15 watt 6 volt halogen light bulb 10 watt sealed lead acid battery 12 volt halogen light bulb 130 watt 6 volt incandescent light bulb 10 watt 12 volt ni mh rechargeable battery 6 volt light bulb 25 volt 12 volt halogen light bulb 12 volt halogen light bulb 21 watt light bulb 15 watt 12 volt halogen light bulb 15 watt 12 volt halogen light bulb 10 watt 12 volt halogen light bulb 60 watt 6 volt light bulb 15 watt 12 volt dc power cord ac dc power supply 12 volt power cord 12 volt light bulbs 10 watt 12 volt 2 amp power cord 12 volt 1 amp power cord 12 volt 4 amp power cord 12 volt 3 amp power cord 12 volt 6 amp power cord 12 volt 5 amp power cord switch mode power supply 12 volt 2 amp power cord extension 12 volt power outlet 12 volt lighted rocker switches lighted ac dc power supply 12 volts 12 volt dc to dc battery charger 4 12 12 volt battery 6 volt 12 volt batteries 12 volt dc to 12v dc power supply with battery charger 0 to 12 volt dc power supply output dc to dc power converter 0 to 25 volts power supply 0 to 2 amps 12 volt battery to 5 volt 12 volt battery to 9 volt power supply 12 dc volt to 13 volt dc what is the color of the signal lights wire light and light covers 12v cigarette lighter plug charger

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batteries and power  -  batteries 8 power and lighting specialty alkalines “c” “d” and 9v alkaline batteries •manufactured to the highest industry standards •maxell’s alkaline batteries provide unrivaled value mcm part 297-0090 297-0095 297-0100 size “c” “d” 9v qty 2 2 1 only $1.99 1.99 1.99 stamina™ platinum alkaline batteries you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice just when you want it the most sony’s stamina™ platinum alkaline batteries offer you maximum performance compared to normal alkaline batteries mcm part am2ptb2a am3ptb4a am3ptb8a am3ptb12a am4ptb4a am4ptb8a 6am6ptb1a size “c” “aa” “aa” “aa” “aaa” “aaa” 9v qty 2 4 8 12 4 8 1 only $2.56 2.56 4.11 5.65 2.56 4.11 2.29 mcm part 292-045 292-065 292-070 292-075 super heavy-duty •premium power at popular prices •excellent

batteries and power  -  batteries #294-0840 designed for high rate discharge and extra long life service life up to 10 years high heat resistance due to special abs case construction compact light weight and high discharge efficiency specifications •34w 15 min rate capacity •dimensions 3.87 h x 5.94 l x 2.52 w •weighs 5.95 lbs •f2-faston tab terminals •mfr #hrl1234wf2fr only $32.99 battery and charging system tester this tester quickly and accurately measures charge condition to determine whether or not a battery needs to be replaced simulates cranking load and evaluates the battery’s ability to crank or turn over the vehicle features color coded heavy-duty copper plated clamps and a rugged chrome plated steel case tests both 6v and 12v batteries and charging system testers up to 16v •mfr #38050 mcm part 28-11369 only $30.49 12 volt automatic battery float charger maintain a charge and extend your battery life while storing

batteries and power  -  batteries 8 windowseat three handsfree roadtrip handsfree •play your ipod™ or iphone™ on your car s fm stereo while you recharge its battery •power provided by your 12 volt power outlet no batteries required •flexible steel neck and case-friendly cradle holds your ipod™ or iphone™ securely where you want it •easy smartscan 1-button setup finds the best frequency for you •griffin smartsound adjusts the signal for best sound always •griffin-exclusive up-front controls give you eyes-free fingertip control •bluetooth pairing and built-in mic let you and your smartphone use roadtrip as a handsfree speakerphone mcm part 28-12650 power and lighting 1-9 $79.99 10-up $77.59 •mounts your smartphone at eye level on your car s windshield window or dashboard putting street maps directions and more safely in view and within reach •3-point mounting bracket securely grips your

batteries and power  -  batteries kill a watt® gt this combination electricity usage monitor and automatic timer helps you to track energy consumption and then program on/off periods to save electricity and money the unit allows unique programs for each day of the week the easyto-read lcd display allows you to review and adjust your on off programs easily a backup battery three “aaa” batteries not included lets you program even when the unit is not plugged in surge over current over voltage and under voltage protection provides clean safe power •mfr #p4480 mcm part 28-11378 only $44.49 heatseeker thermal leak detector description infrared thermal leak detector 9v battery only $45.99 2.29 mcm part 28-11314 only $28.99 kill a watt® ps-10 electricity monitor and surge protector check the quality of your power by monitoring voltage line frequency amperage kwh current leakage and more know how much power your computer home theater system or other

batteries and power  -  batteries 8 power and lighting a outdoor heavy-duty extension cords b •easy to see safety-orange® vinyl •three conductor •cord type sjtw-a •osha compliant for indoor/outdoor use mcm part 22-3925 22-3930 22-3940 length 10 25 50 awg 16 16 14 rating ea 2-up 13a-125v $15.99 $14.97 13a-125v 18.99 17.59 15a-125v 39.99 37.32 computer power cord adapters c mcm part description 23-869 6 pc y cable 23-870 6 desktop extension 23-871 1 monitor adapter 1-5 $4.99 6-up $4.94 three outlet power strip this power strip adds extra grounded outlets to any area within the home garage or workshop features •2 heavy-duty grounded cord •125v 15a and 1625w •ul and cul listed mcm part 28-11310 only $2.99 grounding adapter 1-9 $8.99 3.99 3.99 mcm part 28-11071 10-up $8.55 3.75 3.75 1-9 $8.99 10-up $8.19 tripp lite power strips •sjtw 12/3 heavyduty extension cord •weather resistant for outdoor use

batteries and power  -  batteries power and lighting 8 #28-10500 used as rack mount #28-11055 #28-11056 #28-10760 3 year limited warranty smart app ups with removable lcd display panel intelligent lcd ups systems ✔up to $500,000 guarantee •crystal-blue multi-function read-out •tower mini and compact configurations •automatic voltage regulation avr •ultra-quiet design •greenpower ups™ technology dataline mcm part mfr outlets connectivity only rj-11/45 28-11055 cp600lcd 8 usb $74.99 rj-11/45/coax 28-11056 cp850avrlcd 9 usb/serial 129.99 28-11057 cp1000avrlcd 9 usb/serial 129.00 28-11058 cp1350avrlcd 8 usb/serial 162.00 28-10760 cp1500avrlcd 8 usb/serial 169.00 #28-10500 used as tower this mini-tower uninterruptible power supply with lcd control panel and pure sine wave output is active pfc compatible for safeguarding mission-critical servers telecom equipment voip and internetworking hardware that require seamless pure sine wave

flashlights lighting  -  batteries power and lighting 8 • energizer® industrial® alkaline batteries are trusted by working professionals and have the same long lasting power and reliability of energizer® max® batteries • lasts up to 9x longer in digital cameras for 9x less waste • last up to 7 hours longer in handheld gps devices • performs well in extreme temperatures from -40°f to 140°f 40°c to 60°c • no mercury added • excellent shelf life • great for use in flashlights cameras gps equipment digital and wireless devices • excellent for devices you use every day at work or on the job flashlights clocks calculators laser levels stud finders handheld digital devices and many more vs energizer® max® results vary by device use less batteries create less waste • l ong-lasting power for your everyday life • reusable power that lasts up to 4x longer in digital cameras aa • m

lighting  -  batteries never be in the dark again with this super bright blue single led mini key chain light push button on/off and secured to a handy split ring keychain 10-pack in a zip lock poly bag keep several around the house and in your car boat and camper comes with two long life 3v cr2016 lithium coin cell batteries only $10.99 •super bright led flashlight is portable enough to fit in pocket tool box or glove box •magnetic base for easy placement •flexible neck for ease of use •built-in laser for diagnostic or identification •includes three extra lr44 batteries •dimension 2.65 x .75 base mcm part 29-4495 sleek compact and lightweight this is the ideal keychain light the three modes high low and flash remain activated after pressing the switch the auto shut-off feature maintains battery life the durable cast metal body is impact resistant specifications •13 lumens in high mode – more than some larger

lighting  -  batteries power and lighting 8 enclosed compact fluorescent bulbs b13 decorative 120 volt cfli lamps decorative compact fluorescent lamps use up to 75 less energy than standard incandescent candle lamps for use in open fixtures not for use with dimmers r shape par shape photocells or motion sensors 10,000 hour reduce power consumption by up to 75 by switching average life medium screw e26 base diffused coating ul/csa energy star rated from incandescent to cfl bulbs features •medium mcm screw base e26 •120v •used in many can lights part mfr watts height ct replaces only and exterior floodlights •up to 8,000 hour life •self-ballasted medium screw base e26 1.73 dia r reflector and par parabolic aluminized reflector cfl lamps mcm shape/dia ct initial part mfr mm watts °k lumens only 25-3565 sp15/r30/27k r30 15 2700 260 $7.20 25-3570 sp15/r30/65k r30 15 6500 320 7.20 25-4340 par20/9/30k par20 9 3000 280 9.26 25-4341

lighting  -  batteries power and lighting 8 lamps continued fig z z z aa bb bb bb dd cc cc cc cc cc cc dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd ff ff ff gg hh hh jj kk kk kk ll mm mm mm nn pp rr rr ss tt uu uu uu ww xx zz aaa bbb mcm part 25-910 25-920 25-925 25-1580 25-1000 25-1140 25-815 25-820 25-1550 25-845 25-865 25-900 25-905 25-915 25-1010 25-1190 25-2535 25-2540 25-2560 25-2565 25-2570 25-2575 25-2610 25-2620 25-2690 25-2735 25-2740 25-850 25-950 25-2550 25-1215 25-875 25-1590 25-2685 25-935 25-170 25-1255 25-940 25-945 25-1600 25-110 25-120 25-125 25-257 25-1020 25-2555 25-2585 25-2715 25-2595 25-2625 25-2630 25-2700 25-1020 25-1025 25-1590 25-1600 25-2880 standard #1847 #1891 #1892 3157 #86 #70 #73 #74 1416 #313 #757 #1828 #1829 #1864 #658 #464 37 85 147 158 192 193 400 585 2821 e73 e85 #656 #657 93 #1141 #1156 20t61/2n-130v 2187 #2182 #7387 #7373 #7382 25t8dc-130v 6s6120v 112 222 120mb 359 680 715 8640 6s6-120v 6s6dc-120v 20t6-1/2n-130v 25t8dc-130v