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audio/video home audio televisions new sale 9999 progressive scan dvd player 13 led tv •display supports 720p 1080i 1080p •1366 x 768 native resolution •hdmi vga and composite video inputs •usb port •audio inputs outputs mcm part #50-9730 reg $109.99 sale 17499 22 led tv with built-in dvd player sale 2799 •drawer-load dvd player •multilanguage on screen display •composite component video outputs •rca and digital coax audio outputs •full function remote control mcm part #50-9820 reg $29.99 •supports 720p 1080i 1080p •1920 x 1080 native resolution •slot-load disc player •hdmi vga component composite video inputs •sd slot and usb port new mcm part #50-9715 reg $189.99 sale 11999 up-converting dvd player with hdmi 13 led tv with built-in dvd player •2-channel hdmi up-conversion dvd/cd player •hd conversion dvd to 1080p using osd •multilanguage on screen display •hdmi

sale 1 59 24-channel cable snake with eight returns microphone mounting flange •5⁄8 x 27 threads •3 x 0.2 mounting holes on a 1.7 diameter •includes sound damping pad and o-ring •2.37 overall diameter mcm part 35-7000 35-7001 color black chrome reg $1.79 1.79 sale $1.59 1.59 sale 19900 •98 overall length •send channels labeled 1~24 •return channels labeled a~h •breakout has 24 male xlr “send” connectors eight female xlr “return” connectors •rugged steel stage box •heavy duty cable with attached strain relief pop shield sale 1299 •high quality acoustic filter •prevents pops when recording vocals •adjustable clamp fixes securely to any mic stand •goose neck for precise positioning mcm part #555-20270 reg $14.99 mcm part #555-13890 reg $239.00 from 1 79 eight-channel cable snake with four returns microphone gooseneck extension •5⁄8 x 27 threads

hdmi switchers/splitters sale 24 99 hdmi distribution amplifiers hdmi category 5 cable extender kit a great product to add to your audio/video needs •utilizes two cat 5e or cat 6 cables to extend an hdmi signal to distances up to 100 •supports up to 1080p resolution •supports 24bit deep color •supports uncompressed lpcm audio •dts and dolby® digital support •hdmi 1.2a compliant •hdcp pass through mcm part #33-11640 reg $39.99 from 3499 •drive multiple video monitors from a single hd source •hdmi 1.4a with 3d and hdcp 1.2 compliance •supports up to 1080p resolution and 24/36 bit deep color •requires 5vdc ac adaptor included mcm part 33-12710 33-12715 ouputs two four reg $39.99 64.99 sale $34.99 59.99 #33-10535 sale 2999 from 1199 only 11900 hdmi 4x2 matrix selector •allows two video monitors to independently select from four hdmi •toslink and coaxial digital audio output •ir remote control

chemicals sale sale good for my use 3 99 152a duster isopropyl alcohol reg $5.99 from 5 •regular velocity •nonflammable •formulated with hfc-134a •exceptionally pure •zero ozone depleting 10 mcm part #200-520 reg $6.79 2 49 wd-40® mcm part #20-2255 reg $13.99 mcm part mfr size reg sale 20-2205 1671-10s 10 oz $6.99 $5.99 20-2206 1671-15s 15 oz 10.99 8.99 sale 8 99 caikote™ 44 conductive coating •the classic wd-40 aerosol formula that stops squeaks protects metal loosens rusted parts displaces moisture and over 2,000 more uses •12 cans per case smart straw •never lose your straw with the smart straw found on select sizes big blast •quickly coat tools and large amounts of parts with the special wide spray nozzle no-mess pen •wd-40 where you want it will not run or drip mcm part 20-3312 20-3316 20-4390 20-3322 20-3323 description 3 oz handy can 8 oz smart straw 12 oz smart straw 16 oz industrial size 18 oz big

sale 5 99 micro series shearcutter a •equipped with flat spring •5 length mcm part #22-1050 new reg $6.99 b from 2149 x2™ compound pliers c sale 6 99 7-in-1 interchangeable bit screwdriver •includes two popular phillips and two slotted screwdriver bit sizes along with three nut driver bits •chrome plated blade resists corrosion and cleans easily •dual material handle •ball bearing in blade and shaft ensure a secure fit •includes #1 phillips x 3⁄16 slotted bit #2 phillips x ¼ slotted and ¼ 5⁄16 7⁄16 nut drivers mcm part #96-3215 pivot pro compound action pliers •unique pivot action design requires 40 less force to cut •forged steel body with induction hardened cutting edge •dual material grips •machined cross-check jaw pattern fig mcm part mfr a 96-3545 cca20509 b 96-3550 cca5428 c 96-3555 cca6548 b+c 96-3560 ccaset2 description reg sale 9 linesman plier 29.99 $24.99 8 diagonal

wire and cable from a 3 99 b 5 redmere chip from up to from premium high speed 99 hdmi with ethernet cables •hdmi-hdmi blue metal hooded gold-plated connectors with 30 awg oxygen free conductors and copper foil sheilding •high-resolution support of 3840 x 2160 24hz 25hz 30hz and 4096 x 2160 24hz •3d/dvd/dvr/blu-ray support •black nylon braid on a black pvc cl2 in-wall jacket c 5 99 new ultra slim redmere hdmi cables mcm part length 24-14785 3 24-14786 6 24-14787 12 24-14788 25 •lighter thinner and more flexible hdmi cables with redmere chip technology •best suitable for behind display mounts or anywhere with cable clutter •supports hdmi 1.4 and 4k video format •available in hdmi a to a mini c and micro d connectors •outside cable diameter 3.5mm fig mcm part length description reg sale a 24-15285 3 a male to a male $7.99 $5.99 a 24-15290 6 a male to a male 9.99 7.99 a 24-15295 10 a male to a male 12.99 9.99 a 24-15300 15

sale from 1 closed end connector mcm wire gauge qty part color awg per box 28-858 red 22~18 100 28-860 blue 16~14 50 28-862 yellow 12~10 50 reg $4.79 2.79 2.89 sale $4.19 2.19 2.19 12 way nylon terminal block •manufactured from nylon pa66 •nickel plated brass screw terminals •easily sub divided into smaller strips •suitable for mains voltages •15a mcm part #27-7895 a c b 29 2 19 reg $1.99 from 89¢ dual row terminal blocks e d from 8¢ ez-splice push-n-lock connectors up to 70 off •closed-end connectors make splicing 22~12awg electrical wires fast and convenient •ul listed for 24a •rated for 600v and 105°c •minimum ten fig mcm part a 27-5700 b 27-5702 c 27-5703 d 27-5704 e 27-5705 conductors 2 4 5 6 8 reg $0.29 0.33 0.49 0.49 0.49 sale $0.08 0.14 0.16 0.18 0.24 sale 19¢ ez-splice press-n-lock connector simple to use locking splice connector ideal for splicing two single conductor wires together or joining two wires

cctv power supplies from 3499 perfect replacement sale 3999 cctv 9-camera 12vdc 8a power supply •total output current of 8a •dedicated internal 1a ptc auto-reset fuses •lighted power switch and 4 grounded ul listed power cord •removable screwtype terminals •flanged wall-mounting key-hole tabs sale 12900 mcm part #82-16540 reg $40.49 12vdc extra high output switching power supply •16 surge protected outputs •12a continuous current •100v~240v operation with appropriate ul or foreign ce power cord •unique pre-drilled top mounting flange •power on/off safety switch with led •dimensions 11.25 x 11.25 x 3.75 •5 three conductor us power cord included mcm part #82-12130 reg $172.00 sale sale 99 99 16-channel 12vdc rack mount power supply 24 99 •specifically designed for up to four 12vdc cameras •total output current of 5a •built-in 6a ptc auto-reset fuse to protect cameras against power surge

batteries power and lighting led flashlights and work lights detached floor stand sale only 8999 4 29 new over 17 led flashlights reg $5.99 task-light® 3aaa led flashlights sale 3999 the long life of a led with the longer range and bright beam of a conventional high-powered flashlight features •powered by three “aaa” alkaline batteries •1w c4 led is three times brighter than a traditional led 95 lumens typical •up to 16 hours run time •1.33” d x 8.6” l •6.4 oz 20w led portable work light with tripod •high-power energy-efficient lowheat led flood lights •built with cob chips on board leds to extend led life reduce glare and improve the lighting area coverage •integrated detachable floor stand •output lumens:2800lm •color temp 6500k cool white •outdoor rating ip65 •cord length 8 1999 •up to 24 lumens output for up to 7.5 hours runtime •super-bright 1⁄2w 30,000 hour

computer and more from 4 49 c low profile svga leads •ultra-low profile svga cables •suitable for wallplates floor boxes and other av installations where space limited •compact over molded design up to 40 off svga with 3.5mm cables mcm part 83-11360 83-11361 83-11362 83-11363 83-11364 83-11365 83-11366 83-12601 description 6 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 10 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 15 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 25 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 50 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 75 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 100 hd15 m/m 3.5mm 3’ hd15m/m +3.5mm from reg $8.49 9.49 10.80 15.49 26.77 37.58 42.73 8.49 sale $4.99 7.49 8.99 9.99 18.99 26.99 32.90 4.49 up to 2 off super vga cables mcm part 83-12234 83-12235 83-7849 83-7850 83-7851 83-7852 83-7853 83-7854 83-7855 83-12236 83-12237 83-7856 83-7857 83-7858 83-7859 83-7860 83-7861 83-7862 description 1 hd-15 male to female 3 hd-15 male to female 6 hd-15 male to female 10 hd-15 male to female 15 hd-15 male to female 25 hd-15 male to female 50 hd-15 male to female 75 hd-15 male