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chemicals sale sale good for my use 3 99 152a duster isopropyl alcohol reg $5.99 from 5 •regular velocity •nonflammable •formulated with hfc-134a •exceptionally pure •zero ozone depleting 10 mcm part #200-520 reg $6.79 2 49 wd-40® mcm part #20-2255 reg $13.99 mcm part mfr size reg sale 20-2205 1671-10s 10 oz $6.99 $5.99 20-2206 1671-15s 15 oz 10.99 8.99 sale 8 99 caikote™ 44 conductive coating •the classic wd-40 aerosol formula that stops squeaks protects metal loosens rusted parts displaces moisture and over 2,000 more uses •12 cans per case smart straw •never lose your straw with the smart straw found on select sizes big blast •quickly coat tools and large amounts of parts with the special wide spray nozzle no-mess pen •wd-40 where you want it will not run or drip mcm part 20-3312 20-3316 20-4390 20-3322 20-3323 description 3 oz handy can 8 oz smart straw 12 oz smart straw 16 oz industrial size 18 oz big blast •repairs membrane buttons keyboard buttons and other carbon based conductive surfaces that have worn out •mfr #k-ck44-g sale 7 mcm part 200-315 99 reg sale $2.69 $2.49 5.09 4.49 6.99 5.99 6.49 5.99 7.89 6.99 sale 3 99 reg $10.49 double headed cotton swabs freeze spray sale 7 99 •safe on plastics •nonflammable •cfc hcfc free •10 oz can •mfr #es1052 rubber rejuvenator reg $9.99 •cleans and revitalizes rubber rollers and platens •improves rubber grip and reduces misfeeds and jams •comes in 2 oz antistatic plastic squeeze bottle mcm part #20-1890 sale 8 reg $8.59 99 highly recommend industrial size screen cleaner •professional quality screen cleaner is safe on lcd plasma touch and crt screens •alcohol and ammonia free •12 x 12 microfiber cloth •22 oz spray bottle 48 •removes stains and sticky stuff•fast evaporating with zero residue•safe for most surfaces •10 oz aerosol can •mfr #dcc-v810 from 99 specially designed hydrocarbon cleaner that safely removes labels and adhesive gums from equipment and products effectively removes gummy residues labels stickers ink marks beverage spills and other contaminants solvent has a pleasant odor mfr #1613-6s envi-ro-tech® duster mcm part 200-410 citrus cleaner sale 6 oz label and adhesive remover works well and seems to last longer than others mcm part #20-3000 5 99 mcm part #20-5105 reg $8.99 99 sale new •all purpose cleaner for electronic devices and components •prevents moisture contamination and leaves no residue •removes oils particles and other contaminates •ozone safe •32 oz bottle •removes dust dirt and other dry contaminants •63 psig at 70°f •flammable •ozone safe •10 oz can 12 cans per case •mfr #es1027 mcm part #20-4468 6 99 9 plas-t-pair up to off this is a product that has stood the test of time highly recommend •this two part kit can be used as an extremely strong fast setting waterproof glue which will bond almost any material •no clamps or pressure is needed •30cc plas-t-pair liquid 24 grams plas-tpair powder and precision eyedropper mcm part #20-1090 mcm part #21-2220 reg $4.99 55 sale 99 •economical high-quality cotton swabs •extremely soft and absorbent pharmaceutical grade heads •6 wooden stick allows for easy cleaning of electronic equipment mechanical or electrical assemblies optical surfaces and much more •package contains 100 swabs reg $12.49 reg $9.49 /1-800-543-4330 good quality from 2 99 microfiber cleaning cloths •safely clean sensitive electronic equipment and other surfaces •can be used dry or with screen cleaners •reusable or disposable mcm part qty 170g economy wipes 21-11775 25 21-11777 10 220g super wipes 21-11780 25 21-11782 5 dimensions reg sale 6 x 6 12 x 12 $6.59 5.49 $3.99 2.99 8 x 8 12 x 12 10.99 8.79 5.99 3.79 follow us on &