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sale 5 99 micro series shearcutter a •equipped with flat spring •5 length mcm part #22-1050 new reg $6.99 b from 2149 x2™ compound pliers c sale 6 99 7-in-1 interchangeable bit screwdriver •includes two popular phillips and two slotted screwdriver bit sizes along with three nut driver bits •chrome plated blade resists corrosion and cleans easily •dual material handle •ball bearing in blade and shaft ensure a secure fit •includes #1 phillips x 3⁄16 slotted bit #2 phillips x ¼ slotted and ¼ 5⁄16 7⁄16 nut drivers mcm part #96-3215 pivot pro compound action pliers •unique pivot action design requires 40 less force to cut •forged steel body with induction hardened cutting edge •dual material grips •machined cross-check jaw pattern fig mcm part mfr a 96-3545 cca20509 b 96-3550 cca5428 c 96-3555 cca6548 b+c 96-3560 ccaset2 description reg sale 9 linesman plier 29.99 $24.99 8 diagonal plier 24.99 21.49 8 long nose plier 24.99 21.49 long nose and 49.99 42.99 diagonal set from 1699 new •long reach pliers over 13 in length •compound action joint for increased access in tight spaces •flush rivets •dual material grips •milled grooves in tips mcm part 96-3530 96-3535 96-3540 mfr psx200c psx201c psx204c description reg sale straight long nose $18.99 $16.99 bent long nose 18.99 16.99 two piece set 31.99 27.99 sale 2199 new flip joint™ cable cutter and sheath knife reg $10.99 •3-in-1 electrician s tool that saves time and money •handle flips over turning cable cutter into a sheath knife •cutter designed to cut up to 10/3 wire •induction hardened cutting edges •smart handles for hand comfort and slip resistance switchblade compound multi-blade cutting set sale 2699 new •quick change multi-functional blades for added versatility •compound action design delivers more power with less effort •blades coated to resist rust and corrosion •includes four blades and a belt pouch mcm part #96-3585 reg $30.99 mcm part #96-3590 reg $24.99 sale 1348 new 7 titanium-coated utility scissor •no-ring scissor is a great utility shear for the home •spring-loaded blades for reduced hang fatigue •blades have a titanium coating that is 3 times harder than steel •precision ground blades for smooth cutting 7999 mcm part #96-3610 reg $15.99 sale 148 piece professional tool set we used two sets of these in a machine shop and they woked very well •the 72-tooth ratchets require only a 5° swing •ergonomic designed 1⁄4 3⁄8 1⁄2 quick-release ratcheting drivers •wide selection of standard and deep sockets •12 piece combination wrench set 6 sae 6 metric mcm part #96-1965 reg $129.00 /1-800-543-4330 1499 8 ratcheting adjustable wrench •tightens and loosens fasteners without removing wrench •movable jaw works on any 4 or 6 point fastener up to 1¼ •ratcheting on/off switch allows use as a traditional adjustable wrench •comfort handle promotes proper use mcm part #96-3275 62 sale reg $16.99 follow us on &