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tools and test equipment power supplies sale 12900 sale 8999 the build quality is excellent and it runs reasonably cool under full load isolation transformer •minimize electric pikes and noise for sensitive electronics •fused isolated outlets •isolated outlets 2 450va continuous 550va peak intermittent •direct outlets 2 900 va •isolation leakage <0.1ma •dimensions 6 x 5 x 9 mcm part #72-6670a reg $99.99 right out of the box it was put to work performs well switch mode laboratory dc power supplies •backlit four digit lcd display •simultaneous display of voltage and current •auto selecting constant voltage cv and constant current cc modes mcm part 72-8340a 72-8345a 72-8350a model 1~60v 0~1.6a 1~36v 0~3.0a 1~20v 0~5.0a reg $149.00 149.00 159.99 sale $129.00 129.00 129.00 sale 14900 year limited 1 warranty •gives you the ability to vary line voltage between 0~130vac •built-in ammeter shows current draw •replaceable fuse protection •120v 60hz input •0~130vac output •10a 1.3kva current •10a agc included fuse reg $183.59 runs my amateur radio equipment with no problem or noise sale 79 32900 7.0a isolated variable ac power supply variable ac supply combines the safety benefits of an isolation transformer with the service advantages of a variable autotransformer •provides isolation from the ac line when servicing “hot” chassis equipment •protects ac powered test equipment •variable 0~145vac output •safely troubleshoot power supplies regulators and output circuits •minimize damage to associated components •dual analog meters simultaneously display output voltage and current •independent line input and variable output fuses provide protection to the variable supply and the equipment under test •output fuse may be changed to a lower value allowing service tech to set current limit •grounded 6 line cord and outlets 78 reg $389.99 #72-7670 heavy-duty power supplies the display is bright and accurate the binding posts are sturdy the fan is quiet and the voltage control is smooth •variable voltage range makes these units suitable for a variety of troubleshooting and repair applications •efficient switch mode design for high output current •temperature controlled variable speed fan cooling •dual led digital display simultaneously shows output voltage and current •#72-7655 features remote sensing and remote voltage control mcm part description reg 72-7655 60a $305.99 72-7670 25a 149.99 from 3999 from 11900 compact switch mode power supply mcm part #72-8110 reg $89.99 reg $99.99 #72-7655 99 •efficient switch mode power supply features a very compact footprint that makes it an ideal match for portable communications equipment •its 50 duty cycle surge rating comes in handy in demanding transmitting situations •ultra high rfi immunity •very quiet thermostat controlled variable speed fan •convenient front panel cigarette lighter receptacle •rear panel heavy-duty binding posts mcm part #72-1098 •perfect for telecommunications awesome 25 equipment two–way radio amp r no noise on including hf and audio amateur radio hf equipment •ultra high rfi at all immunity •very quiet thermostat controlled variable speed fan •overvoltage and short circuit protection •thermal cut–off protection •bi– color led power/overload indicator •rear panel heavy-duty binding posts back sale back 25 amp high current switch mode power supply mcm part #72-8115 10a variable autotransformer mcm part #72-110 sale 8999 sale $249.00 119.00 the output is dead on target they are far better regulated than i would have expected regulated 13.8vdc power supplies #72-8141 •rugged design provides up to 30 minutes of full load continuous operation •cigarette lighter output 3a 6a and 10a only •attached 6 three prong grounded power cord •input voltage 110~127vac 60hz •line load regulation 1.5 •analog current meter mcm dimensions part continuous surge h xwxd 72-8140 3a 5a 31⁄4 x 41⁄2 x 7 72-8141 6a 8a 43⁄8 x 51⁄2 x 91⁄4 72-8142 10a 12a 43⁄8 x 51⁄2 x 91⁄4 reg $49.99 65.99 99.99 sale $39.99 49.99 69.99 /1-800-543-4330 sale 3999 multiple outlet dc power strip excellent product very well built •convenient when a number of permanent items are connected to a power supply while others are routinely added and removed •combined total current capacity 35a •two sets of heavy-duty individually fused binding posts current capacity 35a •six sets of 10a binding posts 15a max total capacity mcm part #72-6627 reg $54.99 follow us on &