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Catalog Chemicals 2016

lead free flux dispensing pen rear view mirror adhesive 20 25 x 20 the contents of the bearings and parts chemical spill kits cleaning cleaning chemicals horse hair bristle brush 18v dewalt batteries horse hair brush esd safe vacuum lead free flux pen silicone rubber putty hand cleaner towels lead free flux relay circuit breakers non flammable silicon spray disposable filters 10 micron filtration wet dry vacs disposable filter bag wire rope lubricants soldering iron tip anti static rubber floor mats auto glass cleaner stainless steel cleaner fiber optic splicing kit dvd blu ray printed circuit board printed circuit boards high density polyethylene low melting point nylon brush for hair bottle with needle tip automotive rubber seals windshield wiper fluid tank thermal interface materials stainless steel cleaning brushes glass to metal adhesive 3 stage electric motor wire brushes for welding cleaning oil and grease wooden storage box wooden storage boxes 6 x 9 x 5 wooden storage box rear view mirror bond to glass locking lug nut tool pick up tools pick up tool rear view mirror golf rear view mirror oil pressure release valve rear view mirrors safe on rubber fiber optic cable fiber optic cables shock and vibration damping components

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contact cleaners  -  cleaning envi-ro-tech freezer envi-ro-tech anti-static freezer ✔nonflammable hfc-134a based rapidly evaporating liquid chills to -62°f is nonflammable and zero ozone depleting used for troubleshooting thermally intermittent components and cold solder joints also effective on cracked pc boards and oxidized junctions •10 oz can mcm part mfr size 1-5 6-11 12-23 24-up 20-2200 1672-10s 10 oz $9.99 $9.69 $9.59 $9.40 20-2202 1672-15s 15 oz 18.99 18.42 18.24 17.88 ✔static free ✔nonflammable has the same characteristics as the 1672 freezer with an anti-static agent added ideal in esd sensitive service applications •mfr #1747-105c mcm part 20-2210 1-5 $19.99 6-11 $19.79 12-23 $19.59 24-up $19.20 and chemicals 11 6 oz rid-ox •enhances conductivity •prevents oxidation •cleans seals and protects •safe on most plastics •non-ozone depleting •rid-ox formulated as a surface cleaner/preservative

contact cleaners  -  cleaning and chemicals 11 survival kits emergency preparedness is a smart idea in any occasion caig has specially designed these kits packed in a protective kit box to cover your needs in different environments audio/video survival kit includes a variety of deoxit® deoxit® gold deoxit® faderlube products and applicators for your audio and video signal connections and mixers computer survival kit includes deoxit® and deoxit® gold with precision applicators to keep your computer connections working properly industrial survival kit includes deoxit® deoxit® gold and deoxit shield with swabs brushes and wipes for audio telecom cctv gaming and other technicians emergency survival kit includes a variety of deoxit® products and applicators ready to keep all of your crucial electronic and battery powered mobile equipment working when you need them most mcm part 200-445 200-450 200-455 200-470 mfr sk-av35 sk-cm30 sk-in30 k-deo-esk

cleaning chemicals  -  cleaning and chemicals label and adhesive remover 11 glass cleaner zero charge screen and keyboard cleaner with regular use this cleaner will eliminate static charge from sensitive surfaces and provide long-term static protection removes hand oils ink marks dust fingerprints nicotine syrup carbon and other soils from work areas safe on most plastics applications include crts keyboards office equipment enclosures glass monitors photocopying and fax machines pos terminals and bar code readers non-abrasive formulation is safe on sensitive surfaces includes 50 individually packaged pre-saturated wipes •mfr #1743-50pk mcm part 20-2140 1-5 $24.99 6-11 $24.25 12-23 $23.29 6 oz label and adhesive remover specially designed hydrocarbon cleaner that safely removes labels and adhesive gums from equipment and products effectively removes gummy residues labels stickers ink marks beverage spills and other contaminants solvent has a pleasant odor

cleaning chemicals  -  cleaning appliance cleaners automatic toilet bowl cleaners 12-up $13.18 mcm part 20-5525 20-5530 20-5535 professional mildew stain remover ® •instantly eliminates the toughest carpet stains and odors •no vacuuming rubbing or scrubbing needed •pet stains coffee spaghetti sauce grease and oil marker wine and more even old stains •a must have when performing in-home installations and services •18 oz aerosol 17 oz stainless steel magic mcm part 20-4580 stainless steel magic products make cleaning quick and easy the streak-free formula leaves a showroom shine plus a protective barrier to help resist finger prints and water spots stainless steel wipes feature a “no buff ” one step application works great on aluminum and chrome surfaces too •mfr #50333020 mcm part 20-4700 mcm part 20-5320 only $11.09 cooktop magic cleaners are specially formulated for effective cleaning of glass ceramic and porcelain

adhesives  -  cleaning and chemicals rubberized adhesives 11 epoxy sureflex multi-purpose adhesive black max 380 adhesive ® it is the adhesive that is used by a variety of speaker manufacturers to bond all the joints of the speakers except for the ferrite components its high temperature resistance up to 250°f and toughness make it a must for automotive speakers not only is it used for speakers but it is hard to find an adhesive that handles so many different applications from automotive rubber seals to golf club manufacturing it bonds 2~5 times better than other instant adhesives at room temperature one part no mixing can be used for potting and better than most epoxies maximum cure time 80 in 24 hours and 100 in 120 hours black in color available in two different sizes mcm part 20-2960 20-2961 size 0.10 oz tube 1 oz bottle 1-4 $5.09 27.79 5-up $4.88 25.20 •professional contact adhesive that blends with black colored moldings and weather stripping materials

11 cleaning and chemicals  -  sealants greases rubber coating conductive grease arctic silver 5 ® color guard tough rubber coating ® •tough rubber coating protects seals insulates and improves grip •rubber coating will not crack or chip •lasts for years •restores look to worn out tools •applications include tools metal electrical connections masonry wood glass etc •14.5 oz mcm part 20-4152 20-4156 color black red 1-4 $14.99 13.99 5-up $13.51 13.22 silver conductive grease •provides maximum electrical and thermal conductivity lubrication and protection •the syringe dispenser allows for precise application of grease making it useful in filling connector gaps •helps control static discharge and ground circuits •protects against moisture and corrosion •thermally stable over a wide temperature range •contains pure silver •6.5 grams •mfr #cw7100 mcm part 20-4925 electrical insulators

11 cleaning and chemicals  -  soldering chemicals conductive epoxy flux dispensing pen 60 minute conductive epoxy •this epoxy system has a 60 minute pot life providing extended work time •silver epoxy provides excellent electrical and thermal conductivity •fully cured material offers high strength conductive bonds •repairs defective traces and creates jumpers on boards •makes high-strength solderless conductive connections includes •10 gram jar of adhesive •10 gram jar of hardener •mfr #cw2460 mcm part 20-4920 •ideal for applying flux with precision and control •chisel tip marker provides exact delivery of flux to surface •easily removed with appropriate flux remover pen or flux-off® flux remover •available in two pen types •no clean flux dispensing pen applies a patented noncorrosive halide free organic no-clean flux and meets bellcore tr-nwt-000078 and ipc sf-818 for surface insulation

11 cleaning and chemicals  -  soldering chemicals soldering paste tip tinner chemical dispensers tip cleaner/tinner •keeps tips clean and longer lasting •protects tips from oxidizing •lead free •0.5 oz •mfr #tpc-14 soldering paste mcm part 200-390 designed for plumbing applications sheet metal chassis buss bars copper tubing etc not intended for pc boards excellent for use as a tip cleaner net wt 65 grams mcm part 20-890 1-5 $6.99 6-11 $6.92 12-23 $6.72 1-5 $8.39 6-11 $7.97 24-up $6.45 12-up $7.57 tip tinner and activator new •regular use of weller® tip tinner and activator regenerates oxidized tips prolonging the life span of your soldering tips •works well in low temperatures •environmentally safe no halides lead rosin or residues •size 0.5 oz solder paste specifications •melting temperature 100°f~140°f 38°c 60°c •flash point 401°f 205°c •makeup 80 petroleum jelly 20 zncl2

11 cleaning and chemicals  -  swabs wipes and brushes techclean wipes coventry™ econowipes™ dry wipes ✔cellulose/polyester ✔9 x 9 ✔100 wipes this hydroentangled cellulose/polyester wipe has high absorbency with extra low particulate and chemical extractables features •extra absorbent •captures liquids •low particulate generation •low contamination •ultra low chemical extractables •static-free applications •absorbency capacity 500 •average thickness 14 mils •mfr #2350-100 mcm part 20-2570 1-11 $23.79 12-23 $22.75 24-up $21.72 rayon non-woven wipes •made from 100 rayon these wipes provide excellent strength absorbency and chemical compatibility •ideal for general clean room and equipment maintenance or critical applications where lint can be detrimental •extremely absorbent soft and heat resistant •9.8 x 9.8 wipes •100 per bag •mfr #m325 mcm part

11 cleaning and chemicals  -  cleaning metro vac™ datavac® electric duster •compact and comfortable to use •unbelievably powerful 500w motor literally blasts dust dirt and debris off expensive computer electronic equipment to keep it running at peak efficiency •0.75 peak hp •70cfm air flow •12 cord •includes nozzle attachments •mfr #ed500 drain cleaning snake •used for cleaning blocked pipes and drains •integrated 6mm handle •5 10 in length mcm part 22-16180 only $3.99 mcm part 83-12076 83-14908 description electric duster replacement filter only $69.49 3.99 vacuums omega supreme plus vacuums drain rod set •useful tool for plumbers to extend reach for pipe and drain cleaning •manufactured from polypropylene with zinc-alloy and brass end connections •ten rods with two attachments •29 6 long when fully assembled includes •nine 36.2 rods •double worm screw

cleaning  -  cleaning •heavy-duty push broom is the durable solution for all surfaces •60 steel handle •the stiff bristles are uniquely designed to dislodge dirt and debris while keeping dust to an absolute minimum •swivel hanger tip for easy storage •overall surface width 24 •mfr #54074 mcm part 22-11175 cleaning cards funnels multi-surface push broom flexible spout steel funnel fax machine cleaning sheet four pack •use to prevent spills and overflows while pouring engine oil transmission fluid windshield wiper fluid brake fluid and more •lightweight design with extra wide funnel and flexible spout helps with reaching confined areas of small engine compartments •mfr #16040 only $14.99 mcm part 22-10940 dust pans 11 and chemicals a convenient lint free sheet designed to remove dust and film from the paper path rubber rollers and scanner ensuring that each faxed message is transmitted smoothly features •one