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Catalog Distribution 2016

type n female to female adapters type n female to female list of application of power electronics 300 ohm to 75 ohm adapter 16 awg 2 conductor and 19 awg 2 conductor component video to s video 300 ohm to 75 ohm adapter testing 50 ohm to 75 ohm transformer 16 awg 4 conductor and 20 awg 4 conductor male to male fittings unshielded twisted pair cable uhf female to rca male female female adapter shielded twisted pair cable connector 18 awg solid copper wire speaker wire 16 awg solid copper wire speaker wire 14 awg solid copper wire speaker wire 75 ohm to 100 ohm balun non penetrating roof mount 1 pair shielded twisted pair cable 3 pair shielded twisted pair cable 2 pair shielded twisted pair cable 20 awg solid copper wire speaker wire 6 s video inputs and 2 outputs 75 ohm n male to f male 8 pin to 4 pin s video cable 8 pin to 8 pin s video cable 8 pin female to female adapter 6 pin connector for video camera power supply t connector male to male 8 pin to 4 pin s video adapter male to male adapter dc to dc isolator 3 pin connector cable to cable adapter male to male male to male adapters 4 pin connector cable to cable male to male socket adapters 16 awg 4 conductor and 20 awg 4 conductor white jacket female to female adapters 9 pin to 9 female to male male to male signal to noise ratio f type to n type female adapter 9 16 male to male adapter 16 awg 4 conductor and 20 awg 4 conductor white 12 volt push switch push to make 100 ohm to 75 ohm end to end connector what is the color of the signal lights wire 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 power distribution by ac power distribution broadband vhf uhf rf amplifier outdoors hdtv antennas sirius satellite radio

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1 distribution  -  audio/video #50-7769 #50-7768 back passive component video balun transformer with digital audio •high-definition balun transformer •distributes component video signals with pcm digital audio over cat 5 utp •300 1000 •custom designed with wide bandwidth •can be used for four composite video signals •rugged metal chassis •mfr #c5-hdp mcm part 33-11052 only $49.94 hd a/v transmitter over cat 5 or 6 •distributes high definition component or composite video and digital audio or left and right audio over extended distances using cat 5 wire •active amplification ensures high-quality transmission •loop output for use of additional cat 5 transmitters •six cat 5 outputs for additional locations •discrete passive ir channel for the use of external ir remote control systems •for use with cat5rx receivers 33-10256 •mfr #c5t6 mcm part 33-11060 only $207.03 component video balun

distribution  -  audio/video l/r audio plus s–video balun 1 #33-9585 front 4accepts unterminated cat 5 cable 41,000 max distance use to send s–video plus two back channels of unbalanced line level audio over cat 5 cable independent balun circuits provide separate paths for chroma and luminance signals and left and right audio signals utilizing four pairs of cat 5 cable this balun features a female 4 pin s–video connector two gold plated female rca connectors color coded red and white and a female rj-45 jack specifications •pairs utilized luminance 7/8 chroma 4/5 audio red 1/2 •audio white 3/6 •video bandwidth dc~6mhz •audio bandwidth 10khz~50khz •dimensions excluding connectors 1.0 h x 2.36 w x 3.22 l •sold individually must be used in pairs •limited quantities mcm part 50-7740 1–3 $29.99 4–up $27.79 s-video baluns mcm part 33-9585 33-9590 33-9590 #33-0001 #33-9590 the videoease s-video

1 audio/video  -  distribution distribution amplifliers/splitters hdmi 1x8 splitter allows 4 hdmi sources to be shown on up to 4 hdmi displays with ir rs232 controls features •full hd1080p/120hz •hdcp compliant •5v dc ul listed power supply •dimensions 12.25 w x 1 h x 6.5 d •includes ir remote control high quality distribution amplifier allows up to eight video monitors to be driven from a single hdmi source it is perfect for all types of hd video applications including home theater conference rooms schools and retail locations features •supports 3d video and hdcp 2.0 •supports 1080p/12-bit deep color •rugged metal enclosure •rear panel on off rocker switch •requires 5vdc/3a ac adapter included •dimensions 11⁄8 h x 125⁄8 w 4 d mcm part 33-12640 mcm part 33-12515 hdmi 4x4 matrix switch with ir and rs232 only $459.00 only $229.00 hdmi distribution amplifiers high quality hdmi splitters

1 audio/video  -  distribution rf modulators composite/s-video to hdmi scaler •use your composite and s-video equipment with hdmi televisions switches receivers and more •basic upscaling to 720p at 60mhz •syncs audio and video channels •works with any hdmi to dvi adapter •dimensions 6.1 x 2.75 x 0.90 •includes 5v 2a power supply mcm part 33-10720 only $72.99 composite video plus l/r analog audio to hdmi scaler/converter •up-scales non-hd video composite or s-video analog with l/r audio signal to an hdmi output digital •output can be fixed at 720p or 1080p by a select switch •scales up composite video or s-video to hdmi 720p and full 1080p hdmi output is optional at 720p/60hz or 1080p/60hz •input video systems ntsc and pal automatically detected and adjusted •composite video and s-video can stay simultaneously connected to the unit and can be selected as the input by the switch button •composite

distribution  -  audio/video wireless cable tv kit back six-way video selector top tabletop video switcher provides independent selection of up to six a/v sources routing them to two different destinations select from inputs such as a satellite receiver digital cable box dvd player dvr vcr or video game dual outputs with independent selectors allow easy recording of one source while viewing another or viewing of two different sources on separate monitors inputs and outputs are standard line level l/r audio composite video and s-video s-video connections are standard four-pin din female all others are rca type female rugged metal enclosure measures 13⁄4 h x 111⁄2 w x 51⁄4 d including non-skid rubber feet note either composite or s-video inputs may be utilized but not both this selector will not convert from one video format to the other passive device requires no power limited quantities mcm part 50-7780 only $44.99 input source switch boxes

distribution  -  audio/video 1 signal amplifiers “f” driver the “f” driver incorporates two tools into one socket end helps get the connector into tight spaces like multi taps and rear of vcrs and televisions the threaded end is for “f” connector insertion for easy and secure “f” connector termination mcm part 33-3085 only $5.59 multi-fit “f” type connectors a b •nut and washer included •minimum ten •#27-478 has no nut and washer fig mcm part description a 33-460 knurled f-81 “f” type male to “f” male b 33-480 mcm part 33-7260 33-7265 description rg-59 rg-6 c only $0.72 0.64 plenum rg-6 “f” connector •use with plenum type rg-6 coaxial cable •use with #22-100 hex crimp tool •ten per package mcm part 33-4190 only $16.59 10-49 $0.50 50-up 1.09 $0.98 d description crimp chassis mount chassis mount pc mount crimp chassis mount only $1.09

1 audio/video  -  distribution bi-directional catv amplifiers digital amplifiers with return path for use with catv convertors pay per view and cable modems soldered back ensures isolation and signal integrity specifications bandwidth 54~1000mhz noise figure 3.5db power 12vdc 250ma via included adapter using “f” cable mcm part forward gain reverse gain 1-9 10-up 33-7110 15db 0db flat $44.79 $40.70 33-7111 15db 10db 49.94 44.68 uhf/vhf/fm 36db amplifier zta-25 features •low noise •two switchable fm traps •separate gain controls •ac power indicator •50db output capability •-20db monitor output •fuse protected specifications •bandwidth 54mhz~108mhz 174mhz~216mhz 470mhz~812mhz •gain vhf 31db uhf 36db •75ohm input/output •power requirements 115vac 60hz •dimensions 83⁄4 l x 17⁄8 h x 33⁄4 d •fuse protected mcm part 33-0890 1-9 $98.87 #33-2840 10-up $91.64

1 audio/video  -  distribution new new dual quad bay uhf/hdtv bowtie antenna new quad bay outdoor uhf/hdtv bowtie antenna highly rugged 70 element directional antenna is engineered to receive uhf signals for digital and high definition television broadcasts from great distances corner yagi design provides exceptional directivity and gain features •triple boom for exceptional signal gain •pre assembled antenna sections reduced installation time •heavy duty construction with rugged mast clamps and associated hardware specifications •frequency range 460~862mhz covers all digital channels •maximum gain 18db •maximum front back ratio 27db •horizontal beam width 32° •impedance 75ohm female “f” connector •overall length 56 high gain outdoor directional antenna is engineered to receive uhf signals for digital and high definition television bowtie design provides wider pickup pattern adjustable horizontal boom

distribution  -  audio/video 1 #30-2104 amplified indoor/outdoor hdtv antenna #30-2102 clearstream™ dtv antennas •consistently powerful reception gain across the entire dtv spectrum •advancements in efficiency allows up to 98 of the available broadcast signal to actually reach the incoming antenna cable rather than being lost to impedance mismatches •compact and easy to mount •easy to assemble •unmatched power and efficiency through advanced computer design •engineered for extra strength and durability •uhf and dtv spectrum 470~806mhz •multidirectional up to 70° of beam width #30-2106 mcm part model 30-2102 c1 30-2104 c2 30-2106 c4 range miles 0~30 0~50 0~65 dimensions h x w x d 10 x 10 x 4.5 20 x 10 x 5 19 x 20 x 4.5 gain 8 dbi 10.2 dbi 14.8 dbi uni-directional hdtv uhf antennas these powerful weather-resistant outdoor antennas are ideal for medium to long range applications that require the gain of the

distribution  -  audio/video 1 cable clips •make any cable run look neat and secured in place by attaching coax or telecom cabling to walls and trim with high-impact plastic cable clips •each clip includes a plated steel nail •100 clips per package mcm part description 1-9 10-24 25-49 50-up 33-10850 single white $1.59 $1.44 $1.33 $1.20 33-10854 single black 1.59 1.44 1.33 1.20 flex cable clips •remarkably strong flexible clips grab cables without damaging them •integrated philips hex-head screws make installation quick and easy •100 clips per package single dual mcm part description 1-9 10-24 25-49 50-up 33-10860 single white $2.99 $2.76 $2.65 $2.57 33-10862 dual white 2.99 2.76 2.65 2.57 33-10864 single black 2.99 2.76 2.65 2.57 33-10866 dual black 3.39 indoor amplified digital antenna clearstream™ micron r indoor digital tv antenna the micron’s efficient compact design offers excellent gain across the hdtv spectrum

1 audio/video  -  distribution suunto tandem inclinometer/compass­ the suunto tandem is two precision satellite tools in one slope/height inclinometer measurements are easily done through the sight to alert you to possible obstructions accurate satellite bearings can be found with the liquid filled precision compass mfr #pvcomaf mcm part 33-7420 b-band converter only $244.61 vhf/uhf/satellite diplexer-mixer the tsdm-2150 is a compact television antenna satellite diplexer/combiner used in applications that require satellite i.f distribution from 950~2150mhz the tsdm-2150 uses a rugged case that allows for outdoor use specifications •frequency range satellite 950~2150mhz television antenna 40~860mhz •connectors “f” type •emi performance >80db mcm part 33-2710 1-9 $5.40 10-49 $5.14 50-up $4.82 directv b band converter allows the hr20 and h20 high-definition receivers to receive all of the currently offered hd channels the hr20 requires two