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dj prosound  -  audio/video 1 #555-2126 europower 300 watt four channel pa amplifier powerful class d amplifier is ideal for a variety of sound reinforcement and distributed audio applications features •individual gain controls •inputs four xlr/1⁄4 combo jacks •outputs speakon® compatible •power handling 65w/75w rms/max per channel 4ohm 40w/50w rms/max per channel 8ohm 130w/150w rms/max bridged 8ohm •frequency response 20hz~20khz •weight 9 lbs •mfr #epq304 mcm part 555-13695 only $229.99 sx series rack mount stereo amplifiers exceptionally rugged and reliable the samson xs series includes four models from 1200w~2800w rms to fit seamlessly into a variety of sound reinforcement applications endowed with comprehensive control capability and protection features these amplifiers provide extensive features and stable performance in continuous duty situations designed for maximum power and efficiency these power amplifiers

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound two channel scratch dj mixer the ps2 offers great functionality and dependable performance in a robust package this 10 two channel stereo mixer provides a professional solution at an affordable price ensuring you don’t need to sacrifice quality for cost features 10 two channel stereo mixer •four line two convertible phono/line rca inputs •channel rotary gain control •3-band rotary eq per channel •screwless bottom panel for unobstructed mixing •user-replaceable rail glide cross fader with curve and reverse controls •ergonomically designed for use with turntables •vu meters with master/cue option •cue/pgm rotary •1⁄4 mic input •1⁄4 headphone output •rca master and record outputs •ground screw for turntable connectivity mcm part 555-17525 model ps2 good things do come in small packages the ps1 offers practical features and durable construction in an

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound composer pro xl dynamic processor whether you’re recording mixing or mastering the composer pro-xl mdx2600 gives you total dynamic control it includes all of the features you would expect from a reference class compressor—plus a voice-adaptive de-esser a new dynamic enhancer authentic tube emulation and much more features •switchable ika interactive knee adaptation program-adaptive compression circuitry combines the advantages of hard-knee and soft-knee characteristics •integrated de-esser •interactive gain control •switchable dynamic enhancer •interactive ratio control expander/gate circuitry •ultra low-noise •input/output level leds •servo-balanced inputs and outputs with ¼ trs and gold-plated xlr connectors mcm part 555-10925 only $129.99 ultracurve pro high precision mastering processor the deq2496 is a high precision digital 24 bit/96khz eq/rta mastering processor ideal

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound balanced to unbalanced audio converter passive xlr microphone splitter the jacks in the box® xlr microphone splitter from galaxy audio splits a single xlr microphone signal into two phantom power blocking circuitry prevents interference from two different phantom power sources •dimensions 5 x 21⁄2 x 13⁄4 •mfr #jib-y mcm part 555-11860 only $29.99 the cleanboxpro provides two channels of unbalanced to balanced level conversion and two channels of balanced to unbalanced level conversion in a rugged compact and portable unit features •xlr connectors for balanced inputs and outputs •rca jacks and stereo 3.5mm jacks for unbalanced inputs and outputs •unbalanced output level control •balanced output level control •rugged extruded aluminum case •lighted on/off switch •required power 12vdc 150ma adapter included mcm part 555-15310 only $65.00 the jacks in the box® combiner

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound pg58 dynamic vocal microphone ✔cost effective unit tailored after the legendary sm58 ✔lead and back-up vocals ✔15 cable beta 57a dynamic vocal and instrument microphone excellent for acoustic and electric instruments as well as for vocals the extremely versatile beta 57a dynamic microphone provides optimal warmth and presence typical applications include drums guitar amplifiers brass woodwinds and vocals features •supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of off–axis sound •minimally affected by varying load impedance •advanced pneumatic shock mount system mcm part 35-2775 dynamic cardioid vocal handheld microphone features •cardioid polar pattern is less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings •dynamic cartridge has a simple rugged coil •handles high spl without distortion •cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound gooseneck mount dynamic microphone omnidirectional desk microphone cardioid condenser boundary microphone dynamic microphone provides modern styling and features in a rugged cycolac housing for all industrial and commercial public address and paging applications very smooth frequency response includes a slight rise above 2khz for improved speech intelligibility long life dpdt leaf switch provides choice of push-to-talk with lock capability or lift-to-talk operation it is manufactured to take normal abuse and retain its performance over a long life features •molded non skid feet •rugged die-cast base •attached 7 cable •selectable high or low impedance operation specifications •frequency response 50hz~12khz •impedance 40kohm high 400ohm low •dimensions 93⁄8 h x 43⁄8 w x 57⁄8 d •attached 4 cable is unterminated with stripped and tinned leads •may be wired for no or nc

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound spring clip mic holder spring loaded mic clip will securely hold a wide variety of microphone sizes from 22mm~38mm 0.87 1.5 diameter •5⁄8 x 27 thread brass insert •black color folding microphone stand with boom extension microphone stand monitor adapter •allows small lcd monitors and televisions to be mounted to the top of standard microphone stands •vesa 75 and 100 compatible •supports up to 10 lbs •for use on stands with 3⁄8 thread mcm part 35-4310 only $8.99 microphone stand thread adapters a b •ensure that your equipment is compatible with your stand with these adapters fig abcc mcm part 35-4315 35-4320 35-4325 35-4330 size ⁄8 to 3⁄8 5 ⁄8 to 3⁄8 3 ⁄8 to 5⁄8 1 ⁄4” to 3⁄8” 5 microphone stand with die-cast base high-quality mic stands are perfect for all stage performance and studio applications conventional cast iron

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound speaker stands speaker wall mounts heavy-duty wall speaker bracket heavy-duty steel bracket adapts 35mm pole mount speakers for wall installations perfect for sound reinforcement distribution or monitor applications attached steel ring provides tie-point for safety line features •pole may be set at 9 11 or 13 from the wall •lower brace allows positioning at three different angles •single stud mounting •supports up to 80 lbs when properly installed mcm part 555-13885 only $17.99 speaker wall mount the swiveling and tilting wall mount holds your speaker at the angle you want the mount has 11 different tilt settings moving through 22° the swivel is adjustable to any angle the patented expanding mandrel for loud speakers with cabinet interiors of diameter from 35~37mm is tightened with a key for a non-wobble and lowresonance speaker fit features •max load 50kg •angle of inclination 0°~22° adjusted

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound vertigo rotating moonflower the american dj vertigo tri led is a multi-colored rotating moonflower lighting effect simple to use and install the vertigo tri led operates in sound mode only and has adjustable sound sensitivity low heat low powered led outputs light similar to a 250w lamp features •two 9w tri-color leds capable of producing the following colors red green blue purple yellow cyan and white •32 sound activated beams move and strobe to the beat of music •iec power in/out for easy daisy chaining •dimensions 13½ l x 11 w x 10¾ h •weight 8 lbs mcm part 555-12240 only $99.99 tri-color dmx 24 led color bar the mega 24pro is a professional rgb color mixing wash light for performance and theatrical stages night clubs party venues and mobile entertainers features •bright high output rgb bar with 24x 1w leds 8 red 8 green and 8 blue leds •32 built-in color macros •color strobe

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound 48 inch fluorescent black light with fixture 48 fluorescent black light runs off of 120vac includes blackpainted fixture with power switch snow machine fluid one gallon specially formulated for use in snow machines such as the american dj snow flurry this liquid creates bigger denser better-floating bubbles mcm part 555-14735 only $24.99 mcm part 555-17190 only $26.99 low lying fog machine this fog machine uses standard fog juice and four pounds of ice cubes to produce a ground fog effect to enhance dance floors entry ways and light shows and is also perfect for halloween and theatrical events features •output 2500 cubic feet per minute •timer remote with on/off switch •water drainage valve system allows for easy cleanup •heater 400w •fog fluid container capacity 1⁄2 liter •fluid consumption rate ~14 minutes per liter •dimensions 191⁄4 l x 121⁄2 w x 101⁄4 h

1 audio/video  -  dj prosound 3 speaker port a b speaker grill cloths •3 dia •1 mounting depth c mcm part 555-13472 acoustically transparent grill cloth allows easy repair of existing speakers or adds that finishing touch to custom built enclosures dimensions 35 x 60 black color only $0.61 mcm part 50-946 d e butterfly latches high precision butterfly latches are ideal for any project fig mcm part mfr dimensions color non-locking butterfly latches zinc a 555-13360 l905/928z 4 x 41⁄8 b 555-13366 l944/525mol 5 x 67⁄8 zinc c 555-13368 l0925z 3 x 4¾ zinc c 555-13370 l0925k 3 x 4¾ black d 555-13466 l905/915k 4 x 41⁄8 black d 555-13468 l905/915z 4 x 41⁄8 zinc locking butterfly latch e 555-13362 l905/927z 4 x 41⁄8 zinc reinforcement back plate for 4 x 41⁄8 latches f 555-13364 l0906 4 x 41⁄8 only $7.71 10.80 7.29 9.29 8.23 8.74 • ideal for flying speaker cabinets •can support up