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security  hd analog dvrs and cameras 720p ahd security camera set 720p ahd day night bullet camera •compatible with ahd dvrs •1⁄4 hd progressive scan cmos 1.0mp image sensor •3.6mm fixed lens •24 ir leds •outdoor rated ip66 •night vision distance 50ft •auto ir cut filter icr •power dc12v mcm part #82-19865 complete ahd 720p dvr camera kit •ahd analog high definition dvr with h.264 dual stream video compression delivers 720p recording resolution on all channels simultaneously •supports distances up to 800 over rg59 coaxial cable •backward compatible with analog 960h/d1 cameras •supports 10m/100mbit/s network interface and mobile surveillance support iphone ipad android •free iss management software and ddns server hdcctvddns •2-channel video output vga and hdmi simultaneously •supports one sata hard drive not included up to 4tb •mouse and remote control included •1mp

batteries power and lighting batteries a b “aaa” or “aa” clear plastic storage case save up to c 45 industrial energizer •keep your batteries organized and together with this handy “aaa” or “aa” case •stores up to four “aaa” or “aa” cells for safekeeping ¢ •multiple cases may be linked together •alkaline •for heavy drain and temperature extremes •bulk packaging for greater savings d save up to mcm part 291-155 291-160 291-165 291-170 size “aa” “c” “d” 9v $1.99 9.99 11.99 17.99 save up to 25 ultra alkaline batteries fig mcm part size qty a 298-0005 “aaa” 4 $1.49 b 298-0010 “aaa” 40 6.99 c 298-0015 “aa” 4 1.49 d 298-0020 “aa” 40 6.99 save up to 50 alkaline batteries •duracell’s longest lasting power source •recommended for heavy drain frequently used devices including

audio/video new xls drivecore 2 series power amplifiers •class d amp with efficient drivecore technology •higher dsp capabilities •selectable input sensitivity •peakx limiters for maximum output and protection •integrated pureband crossover system •xlr 1⁄4 rca inputs provide flexibility mcm part 555-26320 555-26325 555-26330 555-26335 power 350w 4 ohm 525w 4 ohm 650w 4 ohm 775w 4 ohm $299.00 399.00 499.00 599.00 eurorack pro 12 input mic/line mixer rack mount stereo amplifiers •rugged 2ru rack mount chassis •led indicators for output clip protect and signal presence •balanced xlr and unbalanced 1⁄4 line level inputs •stereo and bridged mono operation •heavy-duty 5-way binding posts and twist lock speakon compatible speaker outputs •110/220vac selectable •#555-9600 also includes a subwoofer crossover plus high pass output mcm part 555-9580 555-9590 555-9600 model pta1000 pta1400 pta3000

audio/video save 20 led par 56 can •177 x 5mm led s r 60 g 61 b 56 •dmx channels 3 •auto sound active rgb and master slave modes •0-100 dimming and variable strobe •3-pin xlr in out socket save mcm part #555-27180 40 2999 save foldable dj screen 20 •includes 4 rectangular screens and 4 lycra cloths •white steel finish •compact and lightweight design •velcro strips •create unique effects with different fixtures 99 119 mcm part #555-27001 #555-27010 #555-27005 rhino all in one dj light stand •top shelf for flight cased equipment •bottom shelf for amps and lighting controllers •height adjustable predrilled lighting bar •supplied with fixing bolts •overhead bar has a max load of 88lbs mcm part #555-27020 5999 complete light system •includes 4x par cans and 1x t-bar light stand •includes 4x dmx cables 3x 3.3 1x 16 •177 x 5mm led s r 60 g 61 b 56 •3-pin xlr in/out socket

audio/video back hdmi audio inserter •provides the ability to insert a separate audio signal •passes 2k/4k and 3d hdmi as well as all audio formats •l/r line level audio signal may be inserted via 3.5mm jack •toslink input will insert any 2.0 5.1 and dts format •slide switch selects analog toslink or bypass audio modes •requires 5vdc/2a ac adaptor included •dimensions 7 ⁄8 h x 43⁄4 w 31⁄4 d 3999 mcm part #33-11680 back hdmi 1 x 2 splitter •3d and 4k support •supports 1080p/12-bit deep color •rugged metal enclosure •requires 5vdc/1a ac adaptor included •dimensions 11⁄8 h x 51⁄2 w 35⁄8 d 6999 mcm part #33-12506 back hdmi audio extractor hdmi 4x1 switcher/quad viewer •supports simultaneous viewing of four separate high definition input sources on one screen •three different multi-view modes •also functions as a seamless four-input hdmi switcher •push

wire cable and connectors  hdmi cables save up to 25 high speed hdmi cables with ethernet •3d compatible •4k support enables resolutions beyond 1080p •ethernet channel supports transfer rates up to 100mbps •audio return channel •hdmi male-to-male cable with 20 gold-plated connectors and ul20276 cm rated 6.0mm jacket mcm part 24-14755 24-14756 24-14757 24-14758 24-14759 24-14760 24-14761 24-14762 length 1.5 3 6 10 12 15 25 30 a save up to $1.35 1.55 1.99 2.79 3.25 3.99 5.79 6.79 b save up to 40 high speed hdmi active in-wall cables high speed in-wall hdmi cables with ethernet •cl3 in-wall rated and 3d compatible •4k support enables resolutions beyond 1080p •ethernet channel supports transfer rates up to 100mbps •audio return channel •gold plated connectors and ul20276 cl3 rated 6.0mm pvc jacket white part 24-14700 24-14701 24-14702 24-14703 24-14704 blue part 24-14705 24-14706 24-14707 24-14708 24-14709 orange

wire cable and connectors  save up to rca connectors abaa 60 bbcdcefgh rca type jacks •#27-190 minimum ten fig mcm part a 27-190 b 27-955 description in-line dual chassis mount $0.69 0.59 b a save up to rca type couplers 55 •female to female fig mcm part case a 27-1085 metal b 27-230 metal a description chassis mount in-line $1.12 0.49 rca type “y” adapters •plastic case save up to 65 fig mcm part type a 27-605 mono a 27-695 mono b 27-1415 stereo b 27-1315 mono c 27-1380 stereo c 27-1375 mono description rca male to two rca female rca female to two rca male 3.5mm to two rca female 3.5mm to two rca female 1 ⁄4 to two rca female 1 ⁄4 to two rca female $0.59 0.89 0.59 0.29 0.89 0.69 c b save d rca type inline adapters 55 save up to 40 •mono fig mcm part case a 27-1430 plastic b 27-1390 plastic c 27-315 metal d 27-575 plastic description 1 ⁄4 female to rca male 3.5mm female to rca male rca female to 3.5mm male rca female

makerspace #83-16552rk 83-165503 #83-16553rk #83-16557rk #83-16554rk #83-16555rk #83-16556rk raspberry pi starter project media camera complete sensor with case kit kit v2 center kit kit kit kit mcm part 83-16550 83-16552rk 83-16557rk 83-16553rk 83-16555rk 83-16554rk 83-16556rk price $42.99 $59.99 $82.99 $69.99 $89.99 $129.99 $159.99 raspberry pi 2 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ preloaded sd card ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 2a power supply ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ enclosure ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ starter guide ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ hdmi cable ✓ ✓ ✓ ethernet cable ✓ component pack ✓ gpio breakout breadboard jumper wires leds buttons resistors etc wireless module ✓ ✓ ✓ pi usb hub ✓ usb mouse ✓ usb keyboard ✓ swag bag ✓ camera module ✓ enocean home ✓ automation modules

tools and test equipment hot air rework station wp series professional soldering irons •a compact rework station with closed loop control led display and modulated air flow •fast and stable temperature rise •brushless fan for quiet operation •temp range 212°~842°f 100°~450°c 400w •includes nozzles handpiece and holder 6999 mcm part #21-11425 •three wire grounded irons are ideal for professional service hobby applications or light electrical work •iron plated tip and stainless steel construction offer longer tip life •lightweight cushioned handle stays cool even after hours of use •replacement tips and heating elements are available fx-888 soldering station •designed to provide more power and take up less bench space •temperature range 120°~898°f •maintains idle temperature with 1.8°f •rapid heat-up and fast thermal recovery •includes soldering iron with tip iron holder cleaning

tools and test equipment save 20 new esr70 capacitance and esr meter •instant results while measuring capacitance and esr •enhanced dynamic range of 0.00 to 40.0Ω •esr resolution as fine as 0.01Ω •polarity free connect any way round •protected against highly charged capacitors •tests at the industry standard 100khz 99 99 mcm part #72-12835 dca55 semiconductor component analyzer •suitable for use with bi-polar transistors mosfets low power thyristors and triacs diodes and diode networks and leds including bi and tricolour types •information measured includes component type identification special feature identification pin out identification measured parameters such as gain gate threshold voltages 99 volt drop etc 59 mcm part #22-8242 save up to 20 decade substitution boxes •capacitance 20 individual slide switches •non-polarized values from 100pf~11,111µf •100pf increments •resistance 28 individual slide

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