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component video to s video wire to wire connector c type to n type connector adapter 3 wire to 2 wire 2 wire to 3 wire am fm portable radio slim progressive scan dvd player tv wall mount component shelf rca female to female panel mount post to post connections an 6 to an 4 home audio systems home theater speakers home theater receivers 4 track digital audio recorder home theater system amplifier for home theater low pass filter audio audio low pass filter 7 lug audio on off switch atomic clock radio polypropylene cone woofer 6 polypropylene cone woofer soft dome tweeters soft dome tweeter aluminum cone woofer 6 aluminum cone woofer portable mp3 player am fm radio am fm radios keystone wall plates dolby digital decoder am fm receiver stereo power amplifier fm radio station am fm digital radios magnetically shielded aluminum cone woofer am fm antennas am fm digital portable radio binding post speaker stereo power amplifier circuits am fm car radio original am fm radio 5 way binding posts 12vdc 1a power supply am fm table radios am fm receiver connecting center channel speaker computer sound cards computer sound card am fm antenna combiner cat 5e cable usb flash drives speaker volume control outdoor volume control

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home audio  -  audio/video 1 ma series ceiling speaker dual 61⁄2 premium in-wall center channel speaker intended for use in home theater installations as a horizontal center channel speaker this dual woofer system is also perfectly suitable in vertical arrangement as a front or rear speaker in the home theater as well as whole house distributed audio large dual 61⁄2 aluminum cone woofers provide tremendous mid bass and low frequency response from a relatively narrow footprint shielded woofers solve issues with older crt monitors and independent high and low frequency compensation enable tailoring to the individual environment features •dual 6.5 aluminum cone woofers with rubber surrounds •1 pivoting aluminum dome tweeter •treble compensation selector +3/0/–3db •bass compensation selector 0/–3db •cloth backed micro-perforated aluminum grill specifications •power capacity 55w/80w rms/peak •frequency

1 audio/video  -  home audio 8 indoor outdoor 70 volt black speaker pair coliseum series amplified 5 indoor outdoor speaker the coliseum c120p is a high-end installation speaker featuring specially treated drivers and a sculpted abs plastic enclosure this compact powered speaker is ideally suited for many applications commercial installations home theatre home stereo mobile applications reference monitor personal stage monitor and can be used outdoors features •80w rms power output •volume bass and treble controls •inputs ¼ and 3.5mm •3.5mm output for pairing two together providing true stereo operation •u-bracket included •frequency response 75hz~19khz •dimensions h xwxd 10 ¼ x 6 ½ x 6 ¾ •#50-13508 protects ¼ jacks from the elements when not in use •sold individually mcm part mfr indoor/outdoor speaker 50-13510 c120p accessories 50-13508 msc0016 description only compact 100w loudspeaker with

1 home audio  -  audio/video automatic a/b speaker level switch this switching device automatically selects between two stereo amplifiers to a single pair of speakers it is perfect in situations where installed speakers are used with both a local stereo or home theater system and a distributed audio system default input-a is selected when no signal is present when a signal is sensed at input-b the selector automatically switches to that input a separate 12vdc 100ma signal is also provided to trigger other external devices trigger sensitivity is fully adjustable from 30~300mv off delay from b back to a after absence of signal is adjustable in eight steps from 0.5 seconds to 10 minutes relay contacts are 4pdt with isolated l/r ground paths music power capacity is 100w this unit requires 12vdc optional ac adapter available 50-8362 mcm part 50-8390 only $50.00 30 watt compact digital class t stereo amplifier extremely high quality amplifier features tripath technology

1 audio/video  -  home audio compact stereo amplifier with usb input two channel compact stereo amplifier 240w compact stereo amplifier with usb port 4120w per channel 4ohm small form factor makes this versatile amplifier suitable for many applications such as distributed audio systems or even in the shop so you can listen to your mp3 player features •power-on led indicator •inputs rca l/r 3.5mm •master volume control •treble and bass level control •dimensions 8 ¼ w x 2 ¾ h x 5 7⁄16 d •mfr #pca4 mcm part 50-13705 only $72.99 4plays back mp3 files 4bass and treble controls 4front panel 3.5mm input small amplifier is ideal when a line level source or mp3 files need to be played through a pair of speakers features •reads mp3 audio files from usb thumb drive •front panel next previous and play/pause controls •one rca l/r input one front panel 3.5mm input •master volume control •push terminal

home audio  -  audio/video a b 1 c ir over hdmi sender set ir repeater system connecting hub active hub is compatible with all stellar labs ir repeater system components and is identical to the hub included with the #50-14850 kit purchasing the hub separately allows installers to customize a particular set to exact system needs features •3.5mm and screw terminal ir target inputs •12vdc status input •status power and ir confirm led’s •six 3.5mm ir emitter outputs •compatible with 38khz and 56khz ir systems •requires 12vdc ac adaptor included mcm part 50-14860 this set of components will allow you to easily send ir signals over existing hdmi cable the complete set consists of two hdmi adapter units an ir emitter and an ir target simply install an adapter unit at each end of the hdmi cable plug an emitter into one end and a target in to the other it will work with any length of hdmi cable no external power required note not

home audio  -  audio/video keystone mount 3.5mm connector peephole style infrared receiver #50-13029 #50-13035 ir over coax system components individual ir engine components are useful when installing a custom ir system in an old-work or retrofit installation the ir coax engine includes the necessary ac adapter and features a 3.5mm female connector for use with any channel vision ir emitter allowing it to receive ir commands via the existing rg59/u or rg6/u coax the ir target includes the matching coax engine allowing the ir signal to be inserted into the rg59/u or rg6/u coax both items are sold separately mcm part 50-13029 50-13035 mfr ir-4000 ir-4101 description ir coax engine ir coax target only $27.79 34.99 ideal for any installation when a flush mounted ir receiver is necessary this peephole style ir receiver comes with two interchangeable trim rings gold and white one possible application for this receiver is installation behind the grill of an in-wall speaker

1 audio/video  -  home audio new wifi 7.1 home theater receiver new 7.2 channel av network receiver wi-fi airplay and bluetooth connectivity make it easy to start streaming music right away effortlessly stream internet music apps from your smartphone tablet or laptop with no need for wires wi-fi also makes it easy to access the music library on your computer or all the songs on your iphone /ipod touch ipad or itunes via airplay 145 w of massive 7.2-channel surround sound provides astonishingly high definition audio features •wi-fi and bluetooth built-in •5 hdmi inputs •upconverts/upscales video signal to near hd •ipod/iphone music and video playback via usb •145 watts per channel mcm part 50-16265 model str-dn1030 7.2 channel wi-fi receiver with airplay and bluetooth the str-da1800es delivers incredible wi-fi streaming music options through 7.2 channel surround with 100w per channel along with 4k video passthrough features •7.2

home audio  -  audio/video 1 mp3 player with fm tuner internet radio/network music player five disk cd changer with mp3 player perfect for a variety of background music and home theater applications this unit supports play one exchange 4 functionality features •supports all cd cd-r/rw cd-da mp3 wma and pcm formats •usb host port reads mp3 and wma files directly from usb flash drives •8x oversampling •single or all-disk random play •adjustable brightness fluorescent music calendar display •coaxial digital output •1⁄4 headphone jack •mfr #cdc-5506 mcm part 50-6322 only $189.00 progressive scan dvd player mcm part 80-7490 highly compact dvd player is only 1.5 tall yet provides progressive scan capability with digital audio and component video output in addition to dvd formats it is also compatible with virtually all portable dvd recorder as well as mp3 formats features •480p output •fast/slow playback

1 audio/video  -  home audio speaker brackets sound exciter speaker with mp3 player incredibly unique device connects to any 3.5mm headphone output and by simply placing on a table top or any solid flat surface provides amazing sound reproduction with room filling volume round cylindrical metal housing incorporates a powerful digital amplifier and vibrating transducer which work together to transfer sound energy to solid surfaces with surprising accuracy additionally an internal micro sd card reader with integral mp3 player allows it to act as a stand-alone sound source internal rechargeable lithium ion battery charges from any usb port and provides up to five hours of operation features •compact unit measures only 2 dia x 21⁄4 h •includes mounting bracket for permanent installation on horizontal or vertical surfaces •works on wood metal plastic and glass surfaces •included usb cable for power charging and 3.5mm audio input •may be

personal electronics  -  audio/video 1 mp3 player with fm tuner compact device connects to any amplifier input and provides stereo fm as well as mp3 playback features •reads mp3 files directly from standard thumb drives or sd cards •3.5mm stereo line level output •3.5mm aux input •pushbutton select of fm/mp3/aux input •digital display shows fm frequency and track number •includes ir remote control •requires 12vdc 150ma ac adaptor available separately mcm part 50-15100 82-3950 description fm/mp3 player 12vdc adaptor only $17.99 8.99 advanced weather station with atomic time am/fm tabletop radio everything you’ll need to know to start your day off right is at your fingertips with the weather forecast in graphical icons you’ll never wonder if you need an umbrella again this weather station monitors indoor and outdoor temperature from up to three remote locations you can put a sensor outside in your garden in your wine

personal electronics  -  audio/video 1 am/fm clock radio with digital tuning table top radio with atomic clock and ipod® dock sangean s new rcr-10 atomic clock radio is the perfect companion in the morning the clock radio features a large lcd display with adjustable illumination that makes it easy to see and read in the morning and the comfort while sleeping the atomic clock features automatic time set that will set the clock accurately to one of different time zones once the clock is plugged in features •fm/am digital tuning stereo with 10 memory presets •atomic clock automatically sets time when plugged in •wake to ipod® buzzer or radio •adjustable sleep timer •ipod® cradle plays and charges any ipod® •super capacitor or batteries for power backup •easy to read lcd display with adjustable backlight •loudness on/off •two alarm timer mcm part 80-7760 only $99.99 charging stand alarm clock this charging