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tools and test equipment soldering fr-300 desoldering tool •performance of an industrial desoldering station in a compact hand tool •quickchange nozzle system •ergonomic grip •adjustable temperature control •includes storage case 1mm nozzle and maintenance accessories mcm part #94-1400 save 25 30997 2-in-1 intelligent smd rework station #21-8225 12900 mcm part #21-10130 features •safe no open flame •super fast heat-up lets you melt solder in under a minute •lasts up to one hour of continuous use on one refill •view window lets you see how much fuel you have left •tip retainer releases in just two turns making tip changeout quick and easy •adjusts from the equivalent of 25 to 75w for temperatures up to 850°f kit contains •portasol soldering tool with ppt6 ppt12 ppt10 ppt9 and ppt11 tips •sponge and tray •storage case with tool holder note •butane fuel required #21-8220 •soldering

tools and test equipment  automotive tools save new dual voltage battery tester iintelligent dual-voltage battery tester for 6v or 12v lead acid batteries 1.2ah to 100ah •ampere-hour ah calibration control enabling ah readings to be adjusted to suit various battery technologies •led warning for reverse polarity •displays dc voltage and ah capacity 20 7-pc metric nut driver set 29900 mcm part #72-12845 led magnetic parts tray •keep small parts and tools in place •18 high powered led lights illuminate tray contents and surround area •made of heavy duty polished stainless steel •strong magnetic base keeps parts in place •dimension 99 14 x 3 x 1 19 mcm part #22-24475 #22-24480 #22-24485 #22-24490 obdmate obd ii automotive code readers •featuring universal driver heads which fit 4x more fasteners including square hex 12 point spline •includes 1 10mm 3 shaft nut driver 1 13mm 3 shaft nut driver 1 5.5mm 3 shaft nut

batteries power and lighting hstar buyh #23-195 save up to save new s 55 55 ave #23-190 6 popular technics/panasonic type power cord mcm part 23-189 23-190 23-191 23-194 23-195 23-196 mfr type non-polarized 1 non-polarized 6 non-polarized 12 polarized 1 polarized 6 polarized 12 computer power cords •standard pc power cord •18awg wire •125vac 10a 1250w rated •ul csa approved •rohs compliant mcm part 23-865 23-866 23-867 23-868 b save up to 55 •power cords used by many computer and test equipment manufacturers •18 gauge fig mcm part a 23-145 a 23-130 a 23-146 a 23-200 b 23-180 b 23-185 iec320 c5 coverleaf c 23-737 c 23-738 length 3 6 1 10 3 6 $2.29 2.49 1.39 3.29 1.99 2.69 3 6 1.69 2.49 mcm part 28-11104 28-11105 28-20090 28-20095 color white white black black length 6 12 6 12 $2.99 3.99 2.99 3.99 6 replacement cord •18 gauge •spt-22 conductor wire •polarized plug save 109 20 ibm type monitor ac

security  specialty cameras and recorders save save new 35 hd action camcorder •720p •wifi mode with free app •170° wide-angle lens •140° viewing angle •2.0mp cmos •micro sdhc class4 up to 32gb sd card not included •usb2.0 and mini hdmi type d video output •1.5 ltps lcd screen •single shot continuous shooting self-timer 2s/5s/10s/20s/30s/60s •built-in 900mah li-ion battery 90min max continuous use •includes accessories and mounts see new 1080p hd car dash camera with 2 lcd and hdmi output 4999 •1⁄3 sony super-had ii ccd •480tvl resolution •3.6mm fixed lens •dimensions 3.75 x 2.67 •power 12vdc/200ma •built in 1.5 b&w lcd display •video resolution up to1280 x 720 pixels at 30fps with audio •48pcs “no-glow” 940nm ir leds •night vision distance up to 75ft •programmable still or video image 5s~600seconds

audio/video save new 25 12ax7/ecc83 preamp tube •well balanced colorful tone •strongly defined lows and mids and smooth highs •allows for more clean head-room •when pushed into overdrive offers clean distortion •perfect for all types of music and playing styles 9 mcm part #555-27200 99 •48 khz resolution for professional audio quality •compatible with popular recording software •streams 2 inputs 2 outputs with ultra-low latency •+48 v-powered xenyx mic preamp •phones output with level control and direct monitor 99 •nickel wound •hex-shaped steel core •made to last •keep their bright tone longer mcm part 555-27335 555-27340 save 20 el84 power tube usb audio interface electric guitar strings $1.99 1.99 •gold plated control grid •combination of both great tone and reliability •sparkling highs good mids and a solid bottom end •plate dissipation of up to 12 watts •quality

audio/video in-wall lcd monitors new •widescreen hd lcd display •universal mount perfect for custom installations •removable screen display frame •hdmi vga 2 x rca video input connectors •rca l/r audio output connectors save 20 marine stereo head unit •splash-proof •am/fm radio with 24 station presets •single cd player •front usb and 3.5mm inputs•4 x 40w max power output 7999 mcm part 60-50125 6½” marine wakeboard two-way speaker pair •designed for mounting on a boat’s wakeboard tower or any suitable tube or rail 11⁄4 2 dia •poly cone woofer with rubber surround and 1 titanium dome tweeter •power handling 100w/200w rms/max 4ohm •frequency response 40hz~20khz •sold in pairs new mcm part 60-10020 60-10021 marine bluetooth stereo unit •waterproof •bluetooth wireless music streaming •aux input •includes radio cover •high power 4 x 25w mcm

audio/video save 20 standard 3 tripod heavy duty antenna wall brackets •used for mounting tv antennas and satellite dishes •fits masts up to 15⁄8 mcm part #33-10905 •for attaching antennas to exterior walls •welded galvanized construction •6 x 6 wall plate •11⁄2 diameter pipe •galvanized steel painted black •sold individually wall anchors sold separately 1799 mcm part 33-10985 33-10986 33-10987 save 4 grounding rod wall stand off 9.75 13 15 •used with proper grounding wire and clamps to ground outdoor antenna and satellite sytems •highstrength steel with copper top layer •11⁄32 thickness 40 499 mcm part #33-10810 $6.99 7.99 8.99 new save j-pipe mount overall length 19 38 $7.99 9.99 •for grounding satellite dish and small outdoor television antennas •green lldpe insulation resists uv temperature and weather extremes 20 •versatile all-in-one mount for antennas or

wire cable and connectors  pro audio cables a save 20 save 25 •high quality locking connectors •three and five-pin interconnect professional xlr female to 1⁄4 patch cables •ideal for professional sound and stage applications these cables are used to connect balanced xlr sources to unbalanced inputs on mixers and amplifiers •high-quality rugged and durable these cables are constructed with noise-free lo-z shielded wire and terminated with reliable latch-lock 3 pin xlr connectors and fully molded 1⁄4 2-conductor male plugs mcm part 24-12306 24-12307 24-12308 24-12309 dmx plug adapters length 6 10 15 30 mcm part 555-11912 555-11913 only $3.99 5.19 6.29 7.99 b $1.49 1.49 a pins three five only $1.99 1.99 c save up to d e f 50 “f” type adapters length 2 3 5 10 15 20 only $3.99 4.49 4.99 4.99 5.99 6.99 fig mcm part a 27-5685 b 27-805 c 27-5670 d 27-5915 e 33-550 f 27-4245 pigtail dmx adapters •available in either 3

computer and more save 25 save up to a 30 black usb optical mouse b save up to black usb keyboard 40 •usb interface •5 cable •choose from standard design or space saving rounded design fig mcm part a 83-11769 b 83-11770 design standard rounded •optical precision •full three button scroll functionality •usb interface •designed for right or left handed use •three year warranty 99 •requires available usb port 7 mcm part #83-11087 $3.99 3.99 •three button scroll mouse •color metallic metal with orange accents •2.4ghz wireless technology •2 x aaa batteries included •manufacturers #n3903a save 35 black usb keyboard •usb interface •5 cable •choose from standard design or space saving rounded design ultra series sd cards •ideal for compact-to-midrange point-andshoot cameras and camcorders •up to 40mb/s read speeds twice as fast as ordinary sdhc cards •class 10 speed

components variable dc/dc converter save 20 micro metal gearmotors •24 x 10 x 12 mm size 1000:1 is 3.5mm longer •optional rear un-geared motor shaft •a great high-torque/low speed option •6vdc for optimal running •two tapped m1.6 mounts on face •reversible mcm part gear ratio stall current no-load speed stall torque motor-shaft high power 28-17655 5:1 1600ma 6000rpm 2oz-in n $11.99 28-17656 10:1 1600ma 3000rpm 4oz-in 28-17666 11.99 28-17657 30:1 1600ma 1000rpm 9oz-in 28-17667 7.99 28-17658 50:1 1600ma 625rpm 15oz-in 28-17668 11.99 28-17659 75:1 1600ma 400rpm 22oz-in n 11.99 28-17660 100:1 1600ma 320rpm 30oz-in 28-17669 11.99 28-17661 150:1 1600ma 200rpm 40oz-in n 11.99 28-17663 250:1 1600ma 120rpm 60oz-in n 11.99 28-17664 298:1 1600ma 100rpm 70oz-in 28-17670 11.99 28-17665 1000:1 1600ma 32rpm 125oz-in n 16.99 stall current no-load speed stall torque measured at 6vdc •4.5-14 vdc input voltage range •programmable output voltage from

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