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lead free flux dispensing pen adjustable air flow control valves 30 30 model 94 adjustable water flow control valves copper and copper alloy wire material copper and copper alloy wire materials rosin core solder weller soldering stations soldering iron tip no lead rosin core solder digital soldering station lead free flux pen lead free flux cigarette lighter plug cigarette lighter plugs low melting point mini cigarette lighter plug low melting point alloy cigarette lighter plug 12v cigarette lighter plug 9 volt heat shrink tubing spring loaded plunger pins wire stripper machine iron plated copper tip low melting point alloy 69 nickel cadmium batteries 24 cigarette lighter plug 6 pin din connector 7 pin din connector 9 pin din connector 5 pin din connector 8 pin din connector 12vdc fan motor 4 pin din connector 3 pin din connector ac power cord 96 pin din connector printed circuit board printed circuit boards vacuum flow control valve ac power cord mini din 5 pin cigarette lighter plug to clips nickel plated copper wire 21 pin din connector in car cigarette lighter ignition push button switch wind flow control valve digital temperature controler 5 pin din plug connector 5 pin din plug 7 pin din plug momentary push button switch 18 pin din connector 3 pin din plugs flow control valves

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soldering stations 10 soldering equipment #94-1075 fm203 dual port soldering station ·offers two soldering ports for a variety of soldering tools ·can be used in a variety of #94-1070 combinations including soldering irons smd hot tweezers and/or desoldering tools desoldering tool requires hakko fm-2024 ·process control lets you select any temperature without changing the tip ·auto shut off after 30 minutes of non-use ·sleep mode functionality ·handpiece led lets you know iron is hot ·temperature range 400°~840°f ·temperature stability ±9°f ·temperature accuracy ±27°f ·includes fm2027-03 soldering handpiece two for the fm203-dp mcm part 94-1070 94-1075 mfr fm203-01 fm203-dp description single handpiece double handpiece only $499.00 581.36 60 watt compact digital soldering station this compact soldering station features a digital display and low profile casing its compact design will fit on any tool bench and is small enough for convenient storage the efficient

soldering equipment 10 only $6.79 5.59 7.27 19.82 17.67 63.64 317.20 mcm part 94-390 94-170 94-565 94-566 94-567 94-400 94-556 94-557 94-562 mfr use with model description a1009 470/471 filter ceramic 481-021 707 filter set 10pcs b1915 807/472/473 filter holder b1916 807/472/473 filter pipe b2024 907-esd handle iron a1174 472/473 heater element a1217 808 holder front a1304 807/472/473 holder front b1743 808 housing only $6.75 21.87 4.98 7.79 23.39 73.83 4.67 6.00 36.60 mcm part mfr use with model 94-385 a1005 470/471 94-554 a1007 702/703/808 94-563 b1784 900m/907/913 94-564 b1786 900m/907/913 94-551 900m-t-3.2d 900m/907 94-553 900s-t-i 900s 94-555 a1042 631/632 936/937 description only nozzle $16.63 nozzle 17.83 nut enclosure 5.19 tip enclosure 8.71 tip 3.2mm dia 7.27 tip 11.95 sponge 4.67 replacement parts for irons and stations mcm part mfr use with model description 94-210 b1085 707 cleaning pin heater 94-215 b1087 707 cleaning pin 1.0mm 94-547 599-029 599/601 cleaning

soldering equipment soldering irons 10 7 year limited warranty #96-2282 #96-2284 pro series high performance soldering iron ·heats up to working temperature 450°f in just 35 seconds ·patented design provides performance equivalent to a 60w iron 900°f ·red power-on led changes to green when iron reaches working temperature ·led work light illuminates working surface ·comfortable grip ·no stand needed ·tips use a phono jack and plug for easy tip exchange mcm part 96-2280 96-2282 96-2284 description pro iron kit conical replacement tip chisel replacement tip only $26.99 8.82 8.82 lighted marksman soldering iron kit ·a neon light in the handle of this soldering iron gives the user a quick indication that the iron is on ·ideal for hobbies kits radios and electronics work ·featherweight iron with pencil handle ·stainless steel barrel ·heat and impact resistant handle ·ul listed kit includes ·25w 750°f ·sp23l iron mt1 cone shaped tip mt2 screwdriver tip mt3 chisel tip

10 soldering equipment wsta6 pyropen jr ·butane gas soldering iron and hot air tool ·open close ignition vent 30 second heat up time ·self­ ignition finger switch­no sparklighter required ·temperature control 15w to 60w ·butane gas refill nozzle­refills in 20 seconds ·includes taper needle soldering tip 96-1465 hot air nozzle protective cap mcm part mfr description 96-1460 wsta6 pyropen jr replacement parts for wsta6 96-1465 wpt01 1.0mm taper needle soldering tip only $54.99 16.49 portasol cordless soldering kit ·ideal for service technicians to solder heat shrink and cut rope ·butane fuel level is visible through a window ·built-in fuel filter reduces contaminated fuel problems ·auto switch safety shut off on cap ·operates up to two hours per refill ·temperature is fully adjustable ·maximum temperature of 1076°f/580°c ·mfr #psi100k ·kit contains psi-100 iron sponge stand and extra tips packed in a plastic case mcm part mfr description 96-1085 psi100k kit

10 butane torches table torch ·adjustable flame control to 2,500°f ·nonslip grip for hand held use ·oxygen cut-off slide for candle-style flame ·self igniting push-button ·safety lock ·hands-free slide lock for continuous use with instant off ·great for soldering welding melting fusing and heating ·20ml fuel capacity ·butane not included mcm part 21-9185 1-2 $19.99 3-5 $17.21 6-up $16.54 soldering equipment desoldering stations magna-lite butane table torch ·piezo electronic ignition system for reliable ignition every time ·adjustable flame height ·up to 60 minutes continuous use controls flame temperature up to 2,400°f ·child safety lock meets cpsc guidelines ·refillable with weller wb2 filtered butane not included ·for heat shrink tubing soldering fusing rope ends frozen locks camping first aid labs boating and more mcm part 96-2270 96-1515 mfr description only ml200 table torch $24.99 wb2 premium butane fuel 1 oz 5.99 year limited 1warranty versa-torchtm

10 hot air rework stations soldering equipment hot air smd desoldering station ·offers plenty of features and temperature settings for a wide range of soldering and desoldering applications ·provides quick heating up to 662°f in only 10 seconds ·temperature sensor keeps output temperature accurate and consistent ·cool flow system preheats and cools chip ·automatic temperature control ·esd safe ·lead free and rohs compliant ·temperature range 212°~896°f 100°~480°c ·280w ·includes nozzles handpiece and holder 2-in-1 intelligent smd rework station the 21-10130 is intelligent rework station which combines rework station with soldering station to become an essential centerpiece of any technician or hobbyist bench it is easy to operate user friendly and space saving a mcu thermostat provides accurate and consistent working temperature the dual lcd displays show live working states of both the iron and the hot air hand pieces as well as provides access to three programmable

soldering equipment desoldering tools 10 thermal wire stripper high vacuum desoldering pumps vacuum desoldering iron allows single-handed desoldering of connections pc boards and components spring-loaded plunger and 30w heating element removes most board level components quickly and safely easily disassemble for fast cleaning tip and o ring replacement internal plunger pin automatically purges solder from tip with each use attached silicon cord is heat and solvent resistant mcm part description 1-9 10-up 21-8240 desoldering pump $14.99 $13.99 21-8241 replacement tip 1.72 1.45 21-8242 replacement o ring set of two 0.41 0.29 #21-8220 these specially designed desoldering pumps provide precise repeatable operation and are fitted with a durable tip features ·durable corrosion resistant plastic construction ·precision metal plunger ·corrosion treated springs ·insulated vacuum pulse ·regulated return ·uniform reset pressure ·cushioned shock reduction ·replacement tips available

soldering equipment no clean sd this safe fast no-clean flux desoldering braid is designed for one-step cleaning specially designed flux requires no cleaning after solder removal speeding up the re-work process additionally it provides consistent flux type when used as part of a no-clean board re-work and assembly process esdsafe static dissipative bobbin minimizes the risk of damage associated with static electricity this is the only braid that meets mil-std 883b also meets mil14256 mil-b-81705c mil-std-2000a specs decay rate provision of mil-b-81705c and mil-std-2000a and nasa sp-5002 npc-200-4 and nhb 5300.4 reliability and quality assurance publications also meets bellcore tr-nwt-000078 and ipc sf-818 specifications available in 5 and 10 rolls mcm part width length 1-11 20-2800 .030 5 $3.49 21-2170 .060 5 3.79 21-2175 .080 5 3.89 21-2180 .110 5 4.39 20-2805 .030 10 5.99 20-2806 .060 10 6.09 20-2807 .080 10 6.19 20-2809 .110 10 8.08 12-24 25-up $3.32 $3.19 3.59

10 flux dispenser flux and liquid dispensers abcd soldering equipment fine-l-kote ur® urethane conformal coating micro tip conductive pen ·for your most intricate work ·makes instant silver conductive traces on most surfaces ·draw traces on circuit boards repair defective traces make smooth jumpers and shield delicate electronics ·dries in minutes ·valved pen tip for easy application ·six month shelf life mcm part 21-2185 1-4 $29.99 5-up $28.79 these new pos-aloc® leak proof liquid dispensers offer a convenient way to dispense specific amounts of a variety of liquids without dripping spilling or waste fig mcm part size a 21-7904 2 oz b 21-7906 2 oz c 21-7908 2 oz d 21-7910 2 oz type capillary i.d ea 2-up dispenser .020 $3.49 $3.31 dispenser .010 3.49 3.31 dispenser .010 8.49 8.32 esd safe dispenser .020 8.49 8.32 esd safe fine-l-kote ur® is highly resistant to most solvents moisture fungus and molds a clear repairable coating finel-kote ur® is formulated with a black

10 soldering paste designed for plumbing applications sheet metal chassis buss bars copper tubing etc not intended for pc boards excellent for use as a tip cleaner net wt 65 grams mcm part 1-5 6-11 12-23 24-up 20-890 $6.99 $6.85 $6.51 $6.18 soldering equipment tip tinner covered tip cleaner tip tinner/cleaner ·this tip tinner and cleaner helps prevents oxidation and re-tins tips ·cleans tips so they last longer ·0.5oz can mcm part 21-10675 only $4.99 ·provides a water-free solution to cleaning soldering iron tips ·improves efficiency by cleaning tips without reducing tip temperature ·non-slip base ·made from brass coils mcm part 21-11455 21-10550 description tip cleaner replacement brass coil only $5.99 3.05 solder paste specifications ·melting temperature 100°f~140°f 38°c 60°c ·flash point 401°f 205°c ·makeup 80 petroleum jelly/20 zncl2 mcm part 21-11634 21-11636 weight 10 grams 30 grams only $0.99 1.49 tip cleaner/tinner ·keeps tips clean and longer lasting