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sma female to n female adapter dc circuit breaker 10 a 250v ac 50 dc ac to dc power supply circuit rj 45 to rj 11 24 volt ac to dc power supply 24 volt ac to dc power supply w n type male to n type male wiremaster xr 5 lan cable test sets test and measurement instrumentation rf field strength meter dc regulated power supply adapter rj 45 rj 11 dc to ac inverters dc dc power supply switch mode power supply 1 phase 3 phase measurement dual output dc power supply cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter rj 11 rj 45 shielded twisted pair cable connector bnc to bnc cable 1 pair shielded twisted pair cable 3 pair shielded twisted pair cable 2 pair shielded twisted pair cable 28 volt dc power supply dc ups cable select cable hot and ground reverse air temperature and humidity electrical wiring tools coax cable installation tools 120 volt ac to 4 volt dc power supply dc to dc regulator high current dc to dc converter high current difference between ac and dc current 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr male 0 12 volt dc power supply output male to female adapter 5 male to 6 female adapter 15 volt 15 amp power supply 15 volt 15 amp power supply cable 0 v dc to 20 dc power supply variable usb cable 22 pin to usb 3 pin connector cable to cable 12 v 25 amp power supply 0 to 12 volt dc power supply output male push on connectors 12 v dc to 20 dc power supply variable signal to noise ratio 12 v dc to 20 dc power supply hook and loop fastener colors for the cables on the telephone source and destination of data circuit for dc to dc meter test equipment manual test equipment gas leak detector testing

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handheld multimeters 13 test equipment professional digital multimeters feature rich impeccable accuracy and extraordinary value meet the needs of any technician or tradesman ·auto ranging ·measures ac/dc voltage ac/dc current resistance capacitance and frequency ·features continuity duty cycle and diode testing ·backlit lcd ·low battery indication ·usb connectivity ·analog bar graph ·data hold ·input protection ·relative mode ·includes battery test leads multi-purpose socket usb interface cable pc software cd temperature probe #72-10405 features ·temperature measurement ·auto-power off ·max/min value ·4000 count display ·45hz~400hz bandwidth 72-10410 features ·true rms ·max/min value ·6000 count display ·45hz~3khz bandwidth 72-10415 features ·true rms ·peak value ·22000 count display ·45hz~10khz bandwidth best accuracy basic functions range #72-10405 #72-10410 dc voltage 40mv/400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v ±0.5 1 60mv/600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000v ±0.5 1

13 handheld multimeters automotive testers test equipment calibrator meters automotive current testers pocket dmm with frequency and capacitance great for students ·features a 1999 count digital display for easy measurement of blade type automotive fuse boxes ·choice of standard or mini blade tester ·operates on included a23 battery ·max current 20a ·max voltage 48v ·accuracy 2 of reading ·lead length 2.5 ·dimensions 1.5 x 3.4 x 1.1 mcm part 72-9445 72-9446 description standard mini only $9.99 9.99 u1401b handheld multi-function calibrator/meter ·the u1401b combines dmm performance into a process calibration tool with the ability to source and measure at the same time ·dmm measures ac dc voltage and current resistance temperature frequency diode and continuity features ·dual display with bright lcd backlight ·simultaneous source and measure ·source bipolar voltage and current square wave signal with auto scan and ramp output modes ·4~20ma and 0~20ma percentage scale

test equipment 13 clamp meters u1210 series hand-held clamp meters ·the u1210 series is useful for high-current measurements of cables up to two inches in diameter without breaking the circuit ·these meters also include dmm capabilities such as true-rms ac current ac/dc voltage resistance capacitance diode and frequency for easy troubleshooting during installs and maintenance features ·small body with large jaw size up to 2 ·one handed operation ·peak hold with in-rush current measurement ·large backlit dual display ·manual and auto-ranging for all measurements ·cat iii 1000v cat iv 600v safety rated ·u1212a and u1213a also measure dc current ac/dc voltage temperature and duty cycle u1213a only with min max recording capability includes ·test leads ·19mm and 4mm probes ·soft case ·quick start guide ·see mcmelectronics.com for complete specifications mcm part 72-8945 72-8950 72-8955 mfr u1213a u1212a u1211a only $357.00 337.00 255.00 swiveltm clamp meter with

test equipment 13 dual channel digital storage oscilloscopes this series of digital storage oscilloscopes provides a cost effective combination of performance and ease of use in a highly portable and compact instrument models feature real time sampling rates of 500ms/s and are available with bandwidths from 25mhz~200mhz features ·color lcd display ·edge pulse and video triggering on channel ch-1 and ch-2 ·rising and falling edge triggering ·8 bit a/d convertor two channels sampling simultaneously ·separate usb host and device ports device port only on #72-8395 ·rs-232 port ·quiet convection cooling ·see mcmelectronics.com for complete specifications oscilloscopes 7 lcd digital storage oscilloscopes ·brilliant 7 high resolution widescreen lcd intuitive controls and compact size makes using the tenma #72-8705 and #72-8710 oscilloscopes a pleasure ·dual analog channels ·8-bit a/d converter ·automatic waveform and status configuration ·usb connectivity and storage ·six

13 capacitance and esr meter 10mhz hand held battery operated sine and square wave signal generator specifications frequency characteristics waveforms sine square range dc to 9.9999999mhz 0.1hz steps accuracy 0.02 sine wave output 0~4.5v p-p no load variable amplitude control output impedance 50 square wave output 5v p-p no load duty cycle 50 typical output impedance 50 power an external ac adaptor 6v~9vdc 150ma 5.5mm x 2.1mm center pin or one 9v battery dimensions 1.5 x 3.8 x 5.7 mcm part 73-1010 mfr 3003 only $215.00 test equipment ·measures both esr and capacitance giving you all the information you need in one test ·just connect to the capacitor even in-circuit and press test ·esr is measured to a resolution as fine as 0.01ohm ·capacitance can range from 1µf to 22,000µf ·meter is protected against highly charged capacitors and will automatically perform a controlled discharge function before continuing with the analysis features ·analysis at the industry standard

test equipment industrial power supplies #72-9640 13 power inverter accessories #72-9644 #72-9646 12vdc 24vdc 0~8.5a 0~4.5a 200mv 200mv 100w 100w 77/8 x 313/16 x 13/8 20.45 oz only $36.99 29.99 44.99 45.99 specifications #72-9640 #72-9642 output voltage 12vdc 24vdc output current 0~5a 0~2.5a ripple and noise120mv 120mv power output 60w 60w dimensions 619/64 x 313/16 x 13/8 weight 15.5 oz mcm part 72-9640 72-9642 72-9644 72-9646 mfr psin06012 psin06024 psin10012 psin10024 #72-9815 #72-9820 industrial closed frame power supply ·industrial grade switching power supplies provide 12vdc or 24vdc output voltage at up to 100w power output ·closed frame for durability ·cooled by free air convection ·screw down terminals for a secure connection ·overload and short circuit protection ·auto recovery ·100 full load burn-in test description 12vdc/0~5a/60w 24vdc/0~2.5a/60w 12vdc/0~8.5a/100w 24vdc/0~4.5a/100w battery guards ·universal programmable battery guards prevent excessive

test equipment 13 tone/probe kits tone test kit 1 year limited warranty the tenma tone test kit is built of high impact plastic to withstand most troubleshooting applications it is ideal to help identify the termination point of wires or to trace their paths the tone generator includes polarity continuity and 1khz warble or solid tone emission in addition a hanging strap has been added to avoid undue strain on leads supporting the unit the inductive amplifier offers features such as wrist wrap low battery light and buttset connections with weather cover also it is crushproof up to 4000 lbs try this with another probe kit contains ·tone generator inductive amplifier and carrying case mcm part description 72-6068 tone test kit available separately 72-6065 tone generator only $129.00 32.32 protonetm wire locator ·this wire locator features a tone generator with a lighted probe and a full featured probe ·loud tone with filtering technology locates wires quickly ·bright led on tip

13 speaker measurement interface the tenma smi is essential for design refurbishing or diy speaker building this compact interface is powered directly from the usb port of most pcs including laptops and provide full t/s parameters of the connected speaker simply connect to an unmounted driver and in a few minutes this device will provide fs cms qts vas bl re le mms and cms measurements as well as an impedance curve and more measurements can be performed in most any shop or home no special microphones or testing area is required features ·real time continuous phase and impedance meter ·true current source drive not an approximation ·continuously adjustable 1hz~20khz line output ·measure resistors inductors capacitors test leads cables and more ·interface dimensions 21/2 h x 21/2 w x 1 d mcm part 72-850 only $159.00 year limited 1warranty test equipment tone plug sound system test generator the tone plug is a unique multi-function audio test instrument capable of generating a

13 vibration meter refrigerant leak detectors ·tpi leak detectors are capable of detecting all existing refrigerants and blends including 404a puron® 410a and r-507 ·selectable sensitivity for pinpointing tough to find leaks ·visual indicators for power tic rate and battery replacement ·400 hour sensor life under normal use with extra sensor for 800 total hours ·16 gooseneck for hard to reach areas 750a mcm #72-10290 ·one hand thumb wheel operation ·sensitivity 0.2 ounces/year 753a mcm #72-10295 ·pump driven for increased sensitivity and quicker detection ·sensitivity 0.1 ounces/year ·both models include sensor soft pouch and owners manual mcm part mfr description only 72-10290 750a0.2oz yr refrigerant leak detector$139.00 72-10295 753a 0.1oz/yr refrigerant leak detector 199.00 test equipment 805 vibration meter ·the fluke 805 provides reliable vibration measurements as well as bearing condition and temperature for critical go or no-go maintenance decisions ·sensor

test equipment 13 test leads probes tl71 premium dmm test lead set ·flexible silicone insulated leads are heat and cold resistant ·recommended for µv measurements ·cat iii 1000v 10a cat iv 600v 10a ·mfr #tl71 mcm part 105-454 only $22.95 low cost test lead kit kit contains two each one black one red test probe leads on pvc insulated 18awg wire slide-on extended tips and alligator clips supplied in a reusable plastic case mfr #5672a mcm part 201-079 only $28.99 2mm/4mm test lead set ·2mm threaded probes with removable 4mm banana-style spring contacts ·flexible 1.5m silicone leads ·cat iii 1000v cat iv 600v 10a ·mfr #tl76 mcm part 105-498 only $27.95 dmm test lead kit ·extra durable ·48 long silicone wire ·10a 1000v rms ·kit one black one red mcm part 201-052 only $14.99 test clip to stacking banana cords ·minigrabber test clip to stackable banana plug ·simplifies circuit connections ·36 20 gauge wire ·rated at 3000w vdc 5a mcm part 201-016 201-015 color red