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1 pair shielded twisted pair cable 3 pair shielded twisted pair cable 2 pair shielded twisted pair cable ac to dc power supply circuit male to male socket adapters adapter male to male 4 pin to 3 pin cable adapter wiremaster xr 5 lan cable test sets mini banana plug test lead fire safe and fire tested ground fault circuit interrupter rf field strength meter rj 11 rj 45 bnc male to bnc male adapter dc regulated power supply dc to ac inverters dual output dc power supply wire with pvc insulation switch mode power supply push button starter switch bnc to bnc cable remote push button starter switch air temperature and humidity male to male adapter male to male adapters convert feet to meters female to female adapters hot and ground reverse brass male to male adapter cable select cable rj 45 to rj 11 adapter rj 45 rj 11 dc to dc regulator high current parts power generator parts 8 pin to 8 pin s video cable 8 pin to 4 pin s video cable dc to dc power converter single phase to three phase motor 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr male 0 12 volt dc power supply output type n female to female adapters 8 pin to 4 pin s video adapter 9 pin to 8 pin computer cable resistance in ohms in a power supply units measures 9 16 male to male adapter male push on connectors dc to dc 3 pin connector cable to cable 12 pin connector to 3 pin socket 4 pin connector cable to cable male to female adapter 5 male to 6 female adapter usb cable 22 pin to usb 7 pin din to 4 pin s video 15 pin to 9 pin video adapter

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electrical test equipment  -  test equipment 12 34000 series benchtop digital multimeters true rms 220,000 count digital multimeter 4220,000 count fluorescent display 4true rms measurement 4usb interface and data logging software 4ac operation highly precise bench top meter provides outstanding accuracy with its 220,000 count 51⁄2 digit display and 10,000 count sub display this unit measures ac/dc voltage and current resistance capacitance and frequency features •220,000 count 51⁄2 digit primary display •10,000 count 41⁄2 digit sub display •kelvin type fourconductor test lead inputs •standard test lead inputs •data logging •usb and rs-232 serial interfaces •fused current measurement to 10a •ac or ac+dc trms measurement •bright fluorescent display •10mohm input impedance •ultra sensitive 500mohm input impedance lower voltage ranges •switchable auto/manual range •62 page

12 test equipment  -  electrical test equipment true rms ac dc tool kit digital multimeter the 2712 is a full featured auto ranging true rms digital multimeter the 40000 count lcd has a green back light that allows the meter to be used in dimly lit environments measures resistance values up to 40 mohm and capacitance to 40 uf with the auto power off feature you won’t have to worry about accidental battery consumption value-packed features make this meter a must in every tool kit® features •magnetic hanger •one-handed operation •true rms ac+dc •large easy-to-read lcd with backlight •auto/manual ranging •auto power off •dc voltage to 1000v •measures up to 10a ac dc •ac voltage to 750v •resistance to 40 mohm •capacitance to 40 uf •frequency counter to 500 khz •diode test •continuity test •mfr #2712 mcm part 73-1270 only $115.00 153 auto ranging digital multimeter

electrical test equipment  -  test equipment 12 true rms clamp meter ✔5,999 count display ✔true rms measurement ✔ac/dc current measurement perfect for applications where higher accuracy is critical this compact clamp meter measures ac/dc voltage ac/dc current resistance and frequency features •5999 count autoranging display •backlit display •true rms ac measurement •ac surge current measurement •10mΩ input impedance •diode test •continuity buzzer •max hold •data hold •full icon display •sleep mode •low battery indicator •includes zipper case test leads owners manual •requires one 9v battery 292-035 included specifications dc voltage ac voltage dc current ac current resistance frequency duty cycle compact clamp meter with frequency ✔3,999 count display ✔ac/dc current measurement perfect for general purpose applications •1 clamp diameter

electrical test equipment  -  test e-z check® plus gfi circuit tester wiring inspector circuit tester the e-z check® plus gfi circuit tester checks for the following conditions correct wiring open ground reverse polarity open hot open neutral hot on neutral hot and ground reversed with open hot and ground fault interruption by depressing the black button on the unit the e-z check intentionally overloads the actual gfi breaker to test its mechanical operation •designed to verify building wiring compliance to code and identify problems with splices connections and conductor quality •tests voltage voltage drop voltage with load and ground impedance •displays data on a large screen to make testing fast and easy •detects faulty wiring without removing outlet covers •user selectable 0 10 15 and 20 amp loads •will not trip breakers or blow fuses while testing •tests gfci and afci operations includes •power cord •9v

12 test equipment  -  electrical test equipment new new n9310a rf signal generator •features 9 khz to 3 ghz with 0.1hz resolution and generates cw analog modulated am/fm/∅m and pulse modulated signals •wide bandwidth 40 mhz iq modulator enables digital modulated signals such as gsm cdma ofdm from custom iq signals •easy programmable control for automation either scpi command or with virtual panel software in pc environment •multi-language ui and usb connectivity for easy operation and data storage specifications •output 9 khz to 3 ghz output 20hz to 80khz lf output •power range -127 to +13dbm •phase noise -95 dbc/hz ssb •mfr #n9310a 33500b series waveform generators •the 33500b series provides more ability fidelity and choice than traditional dds generators by offering the lowest jitter lowest harmonic distortion and true pointby-point arbitrary waveforms •comes in 8 different models with various

12 test equipment  -  power supplies #72-9780 #72-9785 #72-9790 #72-9795 #72-9800 hand held signal level meter pure sine wave power inverters •a range of high efficiency inverters convert 12vdc to 115vac at an output frequency of 60 hz •useful for powerful a wide variety of electronics and tools •#72-9780 and 72-9785 have a usb port for charging electronics and include battery clamps for easy hook up •72-9790 72-9795 and 72-9800 include a lcd remote and 10’ of connecting wire for control from a distance to keep inverter out of sight features •two three prong outlets •high performance and high 2x surge protection •true sine wave output for sensitive loads •soft start and low interference technology •universal circuit protection •cool surface technology •input voltage 12vdc •output voltage 115vac specifications #72-9780 wattage 350w surge 700w fuse 50a dimensions 7.9 x 6.1 x 2.2 l xwxh weight

telecom testers  -  test combination multimeter and network cable tester compact 2-in-1 unit provides standard digital multimeter functions as well as tests proper pin configurations on network and voice cables dual pinout indicator provides sequential verification of each pin on a network cable and the included remote terminator allows testing of cables already installed in a structure digital multimeter measures ac/dc volts and amps resistance and diodes and provides audible continuity test features •rugged overmolded housing •selectable auto/manual range selection •max hold •data hold •selectable continuity beep •requires 9v and two “aa” batteries not included •includes test leads bnc network cable adapters zipper carry case and owners manual mcm part 72-8495 range best accuracy 200mv 2v ±0.5 +3 digits 20v 200v 600v 2v 20v 200v 600v ±1.0 +5 digits 200µa 2000µa ±1.5 +3 digits 20ma 200ma 200µa

12 test equipment  -  enviromental test equipment air quality meters 985 particle counter •the 985 particle counter is a portable instrument that measures and reports air contamination •with this unit you can measure filter efficiency monitor cleanrooms pre-screen indoor air quality and more •six channels and a particle size range of 0.3~10.0µm •lightweight and ergonomic design allowing one-hand operation •10 hour battery life •10,000 record storage •traditional or trend graph on-screen data viewing •customizable setting for display sample methods and alarm settings •data export options using usb cable or memory stick •password control includes •usb/ethernet charge cradle •7 cat5e cable •usa-a to mini-b 6 cable •12vdc power supply •zero count inlet-filter •filter adapter •protective cap •hard case •owners manual particle counter measure air particles

12 test equipment  -  leak detection water leak detection 775 carbon monoxide and gas leak detector leak alert™ electronic water detector •sounds a very loud 95db alarm for up to 72 hours when it gets wet •will save you from water damage •place leak alert™ anywhere there is a danger of flood or leaks near water heaters sinks dishwashers fish tanks or sump pumps •ideal for your workshop kitchen lab basement or crawlspaces •floats in excessive flooding •water resistant •low battery alert •uses one 9v battery not included •dimensions 4.3 l x 2.4 w x 1.4 h mcm part 22-9362 new gas leak detector •the tpi 775 combines an ambient carbon monoxide detector and combustible gas leak detector in one convenient tool •easy to use one handed operation •auto zero •back lit display •visible and audible alarm •leak detection range 0~50,000ppm •co range 0~2,000ppm

accessories  -  test equipment 12 4mm patch leads with stackable plugs dmm test leads and accessories •a variety of test leads and accessories for use with digital multimeters as well as general meters •see www.mcmelectronics.com for complete specifications and kit contents mcm part 73-1340 73-1370 73-1375 73-1380 73-1395 73-1405 73-1410 73-1420 73-1425 description only 40kv high voltage dmm probe $71.00 general purpose dmm lead kit 69.00 deluxe test lead set 28.00 tip kit accessories for tl-2a probes 36.00 maxi-pro dmm kit 69.00 surface mount tweezer test lead 26.00 50cm stacking retractable 23.00 sleeve plug output cable kit power supply test lead set 41.00 short lcr test leads 10.00 •4mm stackable plugs •highly flexible cable •voltage rating 30vav 60vdc mcm part 72-9410 72-9412 72-9414 72-9416 72-9418 72-9420 72-9422 72-9424 72-9426 72-9428 72-9430 72-9432 72-9434 length 191⁄2 191⁄2 191⁄2 191⁄2 191⁄2

introducing the cnx wireless system accessories  -  test equipment 12 the new fluke cnx wireless test tools help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems efficiently and safely cnx wireless test tools are customizable and affordable allowing you to add modules and accessories to fit your needs.” preconfigured kits pc connectivity and custom cases also available whether you test in a lab the plant or the field your success depends as much on your choice of test accessories as it does on the accuracy of your instruments www.mcmelectronics.com /1-800-543-4330