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5 makerspace a capacitive touch hat d gertboard gertbot robotics board c add 12 capacitivetouch sensors to your next raspberry pi project designed in the hat form this board can used for stuff like touch-reactive tablets and phones features •plug directly onto the raspberry pi 2 model a or b •12 figure 8 holes in it that can be gripped onto with alligator clip cables •includes a capacitive touch board and a 2x20 socket header •some soldering required •mfr 2340 mcm part 83-16796 b only $12.99 microstack raspberry pi® accessory boards scan to watch our video bring the world of microstack modules to the raspberry pi® the baseboard routes the appropriate gpio pins of the raspberry pi® to sockets to connect microstack™ modules the onboard 3.3v regulator makes enough current available to power a stack of mictostack™ modules the baseboard can be powered from the pi or from an onboard separate micro-usb port features •unique

5 makerspace galileo rev 2 development board •400mhz pentium32 processor •accepts arduino shields •compatible with arduino software ide •pc industry standard i/o ports •ethernet usb 2.0 and microsd slot arduino basics starter kit •available with an arduniouno r3 plus board •an easy to follow instruction book •learn about electronics and arduino programming •more accessories than we can list here mcm part 83-16423 arduino development platform $79.99 •open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible easy-to-use hardware and software •boards come with different controllers and features •additional functionalities can be added with pre-made shields or a designer can make custom shields with the available prototyping shields mcm part arduino uno 83-15260 included $59.84 83-15261 separate 42.73 mcm part 83-13129 83-13130 description uno board mega2560 board mfr a000046 a000047 $21.99 50.97 arduino

5 makerspace tinyduino basic kit arduino proto shield rev3 •full featured arduino in an ultra-compact package •expandable using tinyshields •compatible with the arduino ide and sketches •includes processor board usb board proto board and hardware •made in akron ohio mcm part 83-17106 $39.99 shield v.2 •convenient way to make your custom circuit and arduino into a single module •solder parts to the prototyping area to create your project or use it with a small solderless breadboard to quickly test circuit ideas without having to solder •extra connections for all of the arduino i/o pins and space to mount through-hole and surface mount integrated circuits if you need to as well •large 0.1 prototyping area •reset button •spi header •long and easy-to-solder ground/5v rails mcm part 83-14708 $16.49 #28-20921 the mega sensor shield v.2 allows you to hook up the tinkerkit sensors and actuators directly to the arduino

5 makerspace 130 size dc hobby motor •standard ‘130 size’ dc hobby motor •4.5~9 vdc operating range •perfect for controlling with motor shield or with a 5v or 9v powered arduino •two wires pre-soldered for fast connections scan to watch our video robotic arm educational kit •control your own 5-motor robotic arm •features base rotation and bending elbow and wrist motion functional gripper and built-in searchlight •lifts up to 100g •requires only basic hand tools for assembly – no soldering required mcm part 28-13525 elev-8 quadcopter only $499.00 nerf gun not included omniwheel robot kit •build a robot that can move in any direction •pre-programmed microcontroller •rc or autonomous control •laser cut acrylic chassis •instructions included mcm part 28-20924 $117.99 compact 1.5-4.5vdc dc hobby motor zumo robot kit •clockwise rotation •no load speed 6,800 rpm •no load

5 makerspace touch board starter kit rgb led shades kit •easy to assemble kit requires no soldering •64 full-color rgb pixels •pre-programmed and completely hackable •can be powered from a usb power bank not included •excellent conversation starter mcm part 83-17103 •harness the virtually endless possibilities of the touch board •just open the box to get started •includes electric paint jar and pen guidebook cables sd card and reader mini speaker alligator clips stencils and more mcm part 83-17224 83-17225 tv-b-gone v1.2 soldering kit description touch board touch board starter kit $89.99 149.99 $129.99 chronodot precision clock module •high-precision temperature compensated real-time clock module •accurate to ~1 minute/yr •easily interfaces with popular microcontrollers and sbcs •includes lithium coin-cell battery mcm part #y 83-17104 $16.99 •conductive paint can be used for repair work prototyping and

5 makerspace apt-x bluetooth v4.0 audio receiver board •supported protocols bt v4.0 +edr a2dp apt-x •3.5mm and rca line-out •range 33ft 10m •recommended power supply 12vdc 500ma 28-19365 recommended •dimensions 3inches x 2inches mcm part 28-20884 $19.90 bluetooth v2.1 audio receiver board •supported protocols bt 2.1 +edr a2dp •3.5mm and rca lineout •range 33ft 10m •recommended power supply 12vdc 10ma 28-19365 recommended •dimensions 3inches x 2inches 2 x 100 watt amplifier board – tda7498 class d audio •tripath t-amp technology •power output 2 x 100w@4ohms •efficiency 91 •recommended power supply 24vdc@8.8a 28-20914 •dimensions 4.8 x 3.6 x 1.39 mcm part 28-20868 $29.90 2 x 300 watt amplifier board tas5630b class d audio mcm part 28-20882 $14.90 digital audio volume control board starter •power output 2 x 400w@4ohms •frequency response 20hz-20khz •efficiency 91

5 makerspace gemma wearable led microcontroller flora wearable budget pack gemma wearable led microcontroller mcm part 28-18080 mcm part 28-18055 •gemma is a smaller version of flora the fully-featured wearable electronics platform •attiny85 on-board processor •mini-usb jack for power and/or usb uploading •1.1 diameter weighing 4.4 grams •2 indicator leds •fabric friendly – won’t snag •6 sewing tap pads for attachment and electrical connections •flora microcontroller •stainless steel thread •led’s needles batteries test leads and other accessories to get started $45.31 $9.95 gemma is a smaller version of flora the fully-featured wearable electronics platform it s a sewable arduino-compatible microcontroller designed for amazing wearable projects features •attiny85 on-board processor •mini-usb jack for power and/or usb uploading •1.1 diameter weighing 4.4 grams •2 indicator leds

5 makerspace #25-7521 5mm round high brightness leds •these round led families offer superior light output for excellent readability in outdoor applications •the lamps are made with an advanced optical-grade epoxy that offers superior high-temperature and high-moisture resistance performance in outdoor sign and signal applications •the encapsulation resin contain uv inhibitors to minimize the effects of long-term exposure to direct sunlight resulting in stable light output over the life of the led mcm luminous wave-length viewing part mfr color intensity cd nm angle 25-4936 c503b-bcs-cv0z0461 blue 4.1 480 30 $0.25 25-4938 c503b-bcn-cv0z0461 blue 4.1 480 30 0.25 25-4946 c503b-gas-cb0f0791 green 34 535 15 0.25 25-4948 c503b-gan-cb0f0791 green 34 535 15 0.25 25-4950 c503b-gcs-cy0c0791 green 12.5 535 30 0.25 25-4952 c503b-gcn-cy0c0791 green 12.5 535 30 0.25 25-4954 c566c-gfs-cv0z0792 green 5.2 535 oval 0.39 25-4956 c566c-gfs-cv0z0792 green 4.4 535 oval 0.39 25-4960

5 makerspace general purpose abs enclosures keypad wall mountable abs enclosure •high impact abs material with wall mountable snap on corner •ideal enclosure for keypads mcm part black 21-15308 21-15310 21-15314 21-15316 21-15318 dimensions only 110 x 85 x 35 10.69 127 x 75 x 30mm 7.99 145 x 90 x 45mm 15.49 185 x 120 x 60mm 15.49 220 x 145 x 50mm 16.59 •2000 series a range of enclosures with solid abs lids for a large number of applications •lid and base conform to ip54 standard •m3 machine screws •mounting guides accept 1.6mm pcbs mcm part dimensions hxlxw color only 21-15160 55x55x42mm gray $2.99 21-15162 75x50x27mm gray 2.89 21-15164 85x56x39mm gray 4.99 21-15166 100x50x25mm gray 3.09 21-15168 112x62x31mm gray 3.49 21-15170 120x65x40mm gray 3.89 21-15172 150x80x50mm gray 5.09 21-15174 190x110x60mm gray 8.99 21-15178 142x80x30mm gray 6.69 scan to watch our video 6 pcb ruler and reference •identify most surface mount components •font

5 makerspace miniature pressure switches features •external psf100a series or recessed psf102 series quick connect terminals •miniature size •quick response time •dependable long life specifications •case material polycarbonate •material polyurethane diaphragm •switch type spst 1no •contact rating current 40ma~30vac dc resistive load •operating temperature 40°f to 150°f 4.5° 65.5°c •switching medium air compatible fluids on “high” side •porting two 0.2 dia barbed ports for use with 3⁄16 id tubing mcm part pressure 26-2265 0.004~0.018psi $21.99 26-2280 0.054psi 21.99 vacuum switch – high current features •controllable hysteresis dead band •field adjustable pressure point inside port •snap action basic switch 125/250vac •small lightweight size •dependable long life of 10 million cycles specifications •case material polycarbonate

makerspace replacement tact switches b •mcm stocks a selection of popular tact switches in horizontal and vertical packages •switches are commonly found in televisions vcrs monitors cordless phones etc •each package is also available in different shaft lengths specifications •12vdc 50ma •spst momentary push switch click type a mcm part a horizontal 28-10715 28-10720 28-10725 28-10730 b vertical 28-10735 28-10740 28-10745 28-10750 shaft length 0.6mm 1.3mm 3.6mm 5.8mm $0.30 0.31 0.30 0.30 0.8mm 1.5mm 3.5mm 6.0mm 0.21 0.21 0.21 0.21 only $1.29 1.69 mcm part switch operation color non-illuminated versions 26-2045 momentary off on 26-2050 latching off on led independent illumination – 12vdc 26-2055 momentary off on red 26-2060 momentary off on green 26-2065 latching off on red 26-2070 latching off on green $2.29 2.59 2.59 2.59 2.59 2.59 #26-1820 zippy micro switch heavy-duty spdt micro switches are commonly used for replacements in joysticks