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7 service parts video game accessories new media remote control for ps4™ consoles •easy to use remote automatically syncs to your playstation 4 •compact remote controls movies music and tv channels •usb dongle included inside remote •operates on 2 “aaa” batteries not included mcm part 32-36830 silicone controller case for xbox one™ $16.99 •silicone skin grips provide protection from scratches and dirt •offers a non-slip surface for better grip •easy to apply and allows access to all buttons and control ports •smooth material allows for durability and easy cleaning new chat headset replacement adon battery for ps4™ controller •communicate with friends and foes while playing your xbox one •designed for comfort during long game sessions •adjustable volume and mute functions •add-on battery pack works with controllers internal battery to increase play time •designed to keep

service parts video game accessories classic and classic pro controllers for wii game systems •replacement controllers for the wii game system work with the wii remote •feature a comfortable ergonomic design for long gaming sessions •4-way directional pad and twin analog sticks provide •four action buttons and four shoulder buttons •classic pro controller has a more modern design with grip handles mcm part 32-32200 32-32205 description classic controller classic pro controller 7 new ac adapter for xbox 360™ •replaces missing frayed or dead power cords •features a builtin power supply to play all you favorite games •cord length is approximately ten feet long mcm part 32-36895 $44.99 wired gamepad for ps3 game systems •replacement controller provides a comfortable and functional design •pressure sensitive dual analog sticks and an 8-way directional pad •two trigger buttons two shoulder buttons and four action

7 service parts retro gaming retro snes style usb controller •play your favorite pc games with a retro controller feel •simple plug and play design •play on any pc with a usb port •all buttons can be configured for custom play •features four action buttons and two shoulder buttons sega genesis classic console with 80 built-in games retro nes style usb controller new •classic controller lets you play pc games with a retro style feel •play on any pc with a usb port •all buttons can be configured for custom play •two action buttons mcm part 32-32230 mcm part 32-37120 $9.99 $7.99 •retro sega genesis console integrates forty 16-bit sega games plus 40 bonus games •top loading cartridge slot compatible with sega genesis cartridges •includes two wireless controllers and ac adapter included •see www.mcmelectronics.com for complete game list mcm part 32-36920 $54.99 replacement gamepad for n64 game systems retro

service parts video game repair charging stand with cooling fan for ps4 consoles replacement 3d new analog joystick for ps4 controller new •repairs old or broken 3d analog joystick •easy to install •sold individually replacement kem-860a blu-ray dvd drive for ps4 consoles mcm part 32-37135 mcm part 32-37190 new replacement 3d analog joystick cap for ps4 controller •replacement blu-ray drive assembly with kes-860a laser lens •reads cds dvds and blu-ray discs •repairs disc read errors slow loading times or screens freezing •see mcmelectronics.com for console compatibility list $64.99 $7.99 mcm part 32-37140 replacement ac adapter for xbox one •aftermarket ac adapter for the xbox one video game system •includes us style power cord and ac adapter mcm part 32-37320 $49.99 $1.99 replacement hop-b150 laser lens for xbox one consoles new replacement charge port connector for ps4 controller •replaces bent or broken charge port

7 service parts service and repair parts 5 washing machine fill hoses •constructed of 3⁄8 high pressure pvc •3⁄4 connectors on both ends for fast and easy hook-up •200psi working pressure •washers included inside connectors •#140-1471 is sold in retail packaging 140-1470 is sold in bulk package without logo mcm part 140-1470 140-1471 description single 5 hose pair of 5 hoses $3.99 6.49 erwv-1 universal washing machine inlet valve kit •replaces most washer valves used in older washing machines •various mounting holes allows valve to fit multiple washers •includes fitting for machines using large diameter hoses •includes mounting hardware mcm part erwv-1 corrugated dishwasher discharge hose $8.99 •universal dishwasher hose fits 5⁄8 or 7⁄8 drain outlets •features a 90° rubber elbow end for easy installation •made of corrugated plastic •length 6 mcm part 140-1365 new $4.99

service parts service and repair parts 3-wire 4-wire 3-wire new appliance antivibration pads •reduces sound and vibrations let off by washing machines and dryers •made from recycled tire rubber •sold in a pack of 4 mcm part erva universal range cords $15.99 •3 or 4 wire electric range cords •rated at 40 or 50 amps and 125/250 volts •closed eyelet terminals •3-wire cords have 2 6awg wires and 1 8awg wire •4-wire cords have 2 6awg wires and 2 8awg wires mcm part length description amps 140-1515 4 3-wire 40a $8.99 140-1520 4 3-wire 50a 11.99 140-1525 4 4-wire 50a 14.99 anti-vibration mat •protects floors and reduces noise and vibrations •use under washing machines dishwashers or dryers •dimensions 2 x 2 •thickness 5⁄16 #dbu6 mcm part 140-1285 #dbu6p #dbu8 new universal dryer cords •3 or 4 wire dryer cords with “l” or “v” type plug •rated at 30 amps and 125/250 volts

7 service parts service and repair parts stainless steel cleaning wipes glass cook top cleaner and polish miracle scouring pads •clean brings the shine out and protects all stainless steel appliances •designed to resist fingerprints water marks and grease •repels dust and dirt •30 wipers per pack •cleans and protects glass or ceramic cooking surfaces •removes burned on foods without scratching •environmentally friendly •phosphate free •10 oz bottle •chemical free cleaning pads for a wide range of applications •just dampen pad with water to clean dirt smudges and more •safe on most surfaces •sold in packs of 12 mcm part 20-5950 mcm part 140-1075 mcm part 20-5980 $5.99 $14.99 washing machine cleaner and deodorizer cook top scrubbing pads appliance touch-up pens •eliminate odors caused by mold and residue buildup in washing machines •no rinse biodegradable formula won’t discolor or damage

7 service parts service and repair parts feel confident repairing or replacing your consumer electronics and appliances with genuine oem parts from mcm electronics mcm has access to thousands of original parts from the popular brands you trust below is a small sampling of what we offer if you don’t see the part you’re looking for or for model compatibility please give us a call at 1-800-543-4330 or check out our website at www.mcmelectronics.com abcabab new dcce original replacement remote controls water filters •original replacement remote controls for various proscan televisions appliance motor assemblies •original motor assemblies for use in popular lg dishwashers washing machines refrigerators and air conditioners fig mcm part a re20qp215 b re20qp80 c re20qp280 $13.46 13.49 13.46 fig mcm part a 4681a20064m b 4681a20064n c 4681ea2001t d 4681ea2002h e 4681el1008a a $87.67 71.18 37.97 48.05 118.47 $61.54 61.49 a valve assemblies •original valve

7 service parts new abca original replacement water filters b •original water filters used in a wide range of whirlpool refrigerators •manufacturer suggests changing your filter every six months c fig mcm part a wf3cb b ukf8001 c edr1rxd1 d $43.34 53.99 53.99 •replacement handles used for a wide range of frigidaire appliances from freezers refrigerators ranges and more c a fig mcm part a 5304486359 b 5304486361 c 316545301 d 316545300 d color white black white black b original replacement refrigerator parts •a sample of replacement parts used in a wide range of whirlpool refrigerators fig mcm part a 67002633 b w10827914 c 67006878 d w10568041 c mcm part description wh41x10047 drain and fill hose coupler assembly $82.91 wh41x20618 inlet hose assembly 154.20 original replacement refrigerator parts d fig mcm part a 240337103 b 241798224 c 240343803 d 240324502 a b •various replacement parts used in a wide range of popular frigidaire refrigerators

7 service parts abcd #32-32030 headshell assembly new •designed for the #dp-300f turntable •compatible with a wide range of turntables •allows for any standard mount cartridge between 5 and 10 grams •lead wires are pre-installed for easy connection mcm part 9410036500 front projector lamps •don t get burned by lower quality imitation lamps •100 genuine lamps to replace lamps in your projector •this is a small sampling of available lamps and oem brands •see mcmelectronics.com for complete cross reference listing $37.99 original remote controls •various replacement remote controls for popular sharp consumer electronics am loop antenna fig mcm part a 9jy600153g00886g b rrmcga935wjsa c rrmcgb004wjsa d rrmcga667wjsa •original antenna used in a wide range of denon home theatre receivers •easily installs to replace lost or broken antennas mcm part 2310089007 $30.15 25.00 34.99 22.00 $8.49 mcm part epson 32-32030 32-36455