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9 tools and test equipment power new tlm65 laser distance measurer •measure distance calculates area and volume •range 65’ •accurate to within 1⁄8 or 3mm •simple two button design mcm part 22-24000 $69.99 1500 watt heat gun •1500w heat gun delivers high heat and multiple fan settings •integrated support stand allows and hanging hook for storage •two speed selector delivers high and low fan speed settings •variable temperature dial allows for easy adjustment of temperatures mcm part 22-17215 $46.19 high resolution borescope inspection camera •2.4 high resolution color lcd •1.5m waterproof camera shaft with led’s •rotate image with the touch of a button •powered by 4 aa batteries not included •hook mirror and magnet attachments •compact carry case new new mcm part 22-25595 laser distance meter •measure up to 148 45m with exceptional 2mm accuracy •calculate area

9 tools and test equipment material handling #22-5122 rolling service cart •useful for moving heavy objects or as a mobile work surface •heavy duty steel construction for durability •ball bearing swivel casters two with locks •maximum capacity 200 lbs •dimensions 195⁄8 w x 153⁄4 d x 337⁄8” h #22-13842 movers dollies mcm part 22-13882 $61.99 •great for moving furniture television plants and appliances •four swivel casters for easy maneuvering •padded ends for protection •600 lbs max capacity mcm part 22-5120 22-5122 #22-13844 #22-13840 #22-5120 size l x w x h 30 x 1 x 5.6 18 x 12 x 5.25 $19.99 14.99 moving pads •ideal for storage and transport of various items •prevents dust build-up and damage •square corners can be folded easily •size 72 x 80 mcm part 22-13840 22-13842 22-13844 description superior cotton/cotton pad ultimate polyester/cotton pad economy non-woven fabric

tools and test equipment precision mitutoyo 8 digimatic caliper with set and forget technology fluorescent magnifier lamp •digital caliper with absolute encode technology •zero/abs key for incremental comparison measurements •returns to abs coordinate to display true position from origin point •accuracy ±0.001 0.02mm 6 and 8 ±0.0015/0.03mm 12 •non-ouput •mfr #500-197-20 mcm part 22-21430 9 •5 3-diopter lens 1.75x •45 clamp-on spring arm •22w fluorescent bulb •22w fluorescent tube provides balanced lighting •white finish •metal clamp •replacement bulb available 25-2820 mcm part 21-935 $63.19 $217.00 90 led magnifier lamp •clamp-on magnifier lamp with 35 swing arm •90 leds provide bright balanced light •5 three diopter lens •lens size 5 •light source 90 leds mcm part 21-10265 $57.69 3 handheld magnifier •3x magnification for a variety of uses •six

9 tools and test equipment meters professional digital multimeters •auto ranging •measures ac/dc voltage ac/dc current resistance capacitance and frequency •test continuity duty cycle and diodes •backlit lcd except #7210415 •usb connectivity •analog bar graph •includes battery test leads multi-purpose socket usb interface cable pc software cd temperature probe mcm count part description display 72-10405 temperature 4000 measurement 72-10410 true rms 6000 72-10415 true rms 22000 dual channel digital ac millivoltmeter large display digital multimeter bandwidth 45~400hz $64.99 45hz~3khz 45hz~10khz 74.99 109.00 •ideal for audio video and ultrasonic circuits •4mv to 400v measurement range •wide 10hz~2mhz frequency range •4040 display count •auto ranging •1,999 count display •measures ac dc voltage ac/dc current resistance and capacitance •continuity buzzer •data hold •full icon display

9 tools and test equipment component decade substitution boxes ultra compact 2.8ghz frequency counter 60 mhz dds two channel waveform generator •maximum sample rate of 250ms/s •4.3 tft lcd display •sine square ramp triangle pulse noise dc and arbitrary waveforms •am fm pm ask fsk pwm sweep and burst modulation types mcm part 72-2500 $999.00 •capacitance 20 individual slide switches •non-polarized values from 100pf~11,111µf •100pf increments •resistance 28 individual slide switches •values from 1~11,111,110Ω •1Ω increments •provides frequency measurement of digital on off keying and analog signals from 30mhz to 2.8ghz •seven digit lcd display •16 segment bargraph signal strength meter •frequency range 30~800mhz low 500mhz~2.8ghz high •resolution 10khz digital and on/off keying 1khz analog •input bnc female 50Ω mcm part 72-7390 mcm part 72-7265 72-7270 year limited 1

tools and test equipment a/v digital speaker impedance meter compact audio generator •perfect for sound system and speaker component testing •independent sine and square wave outputs •vco for remote frequency setting •selectable 0db/10db output attenuator •frequency range 20hz~20khz •output level +11db sine +14db square •output impedance 100ohm •power 12v~16v 50ma adapter included •verify actual speaker system impedance prior to operation •accurately measure speaker lines that utilize impedance matching volume controls switchers transformers and passive crossovers •may also be utilized with 25v 50v 70v and 100v speaker line transformers in commercial installations •includes test leads carry case and owners manual •requires six “aa” batteries not included mcm part 72-490 mcm part 72-6948 $57.09 audio generator •low distortion 10hz~1mhz audio generator in five range steps •sine and

tools and test equipment accessories adjustable switch mode power supply remote programmable power supply •ideal for school workshop lab or for production and quality control •20 programmable presets and three user defined presets •rotary encoder knob with fine and coarse tuning •isolated ground •over load protection •see www.mcmelectronics.com for complete specifications mcm part 72-9465 9 $199.00 triple output dc 10a power supply •high current variable output supplies for servicing a wide variety of devices •dual lcd display to show output voltage and current •individual fixed 12vdc and 5vdc outputs for ttl and cmos circuits •temperature controlled variable speed fan cooling •large 5 ⁄8 digit lcd display mcm part 72-7660 $199.99 laboratory grade switching power supply provides adjustable 0~40vdc output and 0~5a adjustable current limiting ovp output over-voltage protection protects voltage sensitive loads by

9 tools and test equipment soldering scan to watch product video 60 watt compact digital soldering station •high contrast lcd display •quick heat up •compact size •temperature range 392~896°f mcm part 21-10115 21-10117 21-11435 description soldering station three pack replacement tips replacement soldering iron $69.99 8.39 17.79 ultra compact soldering system induction heat soldering station •fast heat up and unmatched thermal recovery •processor controlled temperature is set with an easy lcd user interfaced •esd safe •switch mode power supply provides extremely efficient power •customizable sleep timer •pin controlled temperature lockout •390°f to 900°f temperature range mcm part 21-19650 21-20574 21-20576 21-20578 21-20580 description induction soldering station with $139.00 iron and tip replacement soldering iron assembly 29.39 replacement heating element 20.19 replacement tip – micro conical 4.09

9 tools and test equipment chemicals new 9 oz contact cleaner projection tube coolant •cleans and restores relays controls switches attenuators and thermostats on electronic equipment •leaves no residue and will not harm plastics or insulators •mfr #11118 mcm part 20-2005 •use as a heat transfer fluid in projection tubes •replacing tube coolant clears up cloudy pictures on projection tv s •high purity contaminate-free formula •easy to use container •17 oz bottle 500ml #20-2251 mcm part 20-6060 $7.79 #20-2135 #20-2136 $10.99 #20-4482 #20-4575 isopropyl alcohol •99 pure anhydrous isopropyl alcohol for general purpose cleaning •can be used as a thinner for most fluxes •rapid evaporation non-aggressive e-line™ blue shower® cleaner degreaser •safe on plastics •non-corrosive •non-ozone depleting •10 oz can •mfr #1620-10s mcm part 20-2100 $11.99 val-u contact cleaner wash •clean

9 tools and test equipment 120 piece heat shrink tube sets solder and heat shrink splice sleeves 127 piece compact heat shrink kit •adhesive lined tubing with a solder ring makes a waterproof connection •single step – solder melts with a heat gun •2:1 shrink ratio •90 piece kit 21-19555 includes 30 pieces white 26~24awg 30 pieces red 22~18 awg 20 pieces blue 16~14 awg and 10 pieces yellow 12~10 awg mcm part 21-19555 21-19560 21-19565 21-19570 21-19575 heat shrink description 90 pc kit 50 pc white 26~24awg 50 pc red 22~18awg 50 pc blue 16~14 awg 50 pc yellow 12~10 awg •ul and csa listed •600v insulation •2:1 shrink ratio •sizes quantity 1⁄16 x 13⁄8 30 3⁄32 x 13⁄8 25 5⁄32 x 13⁄8 20 3⁄16 x 13⁄8 20 ¼ x 3 16 3⁄8 x 3 8 ½ x 3 8 mcm part 21-19525 •600v insulation •2:1 shrink ratio •4 lengths can be cut to custom lengths •sizes