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9 tools and test equipment power supplies a compact switch mode power supply b •efficient switch mode power supply features a very compact footprint that makes it an ideal match for portable communications back equipment •its 50 duty cycle surge rating comes in handy in demanding transmitting situations •ultra high rfi immunity •very quiet thermostat controlled variable speed fan •convenient front panel cigarette lighter receptacle •rear panel heavy-duty binding posts mcm part 72-8110 $94.99 c 30a switching power supply •13.8v output at 30 amps •over-load short-circuit and overtemperature protection •circuit innovations minimize output voltage ripple and rfi •input voltage can be set at 120vac or 240vac mcm part 72-12820 $129.00 •dc to ac inverters convert 12vdc power into sine-wave ac power •switch mode design •overload protection •input voltage 12vdc output voltage 120vac fig mcm part wattage a 72-9655 120w $121.00 b 72-9660 300w 180.49 c 72-9665 600w 259.09 25 amp high current switch mode power supply •perfect for telecommunications equipment two–way radio including hf and audio equipment •ultra high rfi immunity •very quiet thermostat controlled variable back speed fan •overvoltage and short circuit protection •thermal cut–off protection •bi–color led power/overload indicator •rear panel heavy-duty binding posts mcm part 72-8115 compact modified sine wave power inverter u8000 series dc power supplies $99.99 #72-8140 true sine wave power inverters #72-8141 •provides reliable dc power efficient set-up capabilities and important security benefits •includes product reference cd power cord and certificate of calibration •easy-to-use front panel operation •constant voltage <0.01 +2mv constant current <0.02 +2ma •low output noise 1mvrms 3marms 20hz to 20mhz •lcd display with backlight on/off option mcm part mfr 72-11235 u8001a 72-11240 u8002a 72-11245 u8031a 72-11250 u8032a •a high efficiency ac to dc inverter that plugs into any cigarette lighter socket •one usb charging port and one three prong outlet •over voltage over temperature overload short circuit and earth fault protections •wattage 100w surge 200w mcm part 72-9680 description 90w 3a/30v single-output $331.00 150w 5a/30v single-output 415.00 375w 6a/30v triple-output 1042.00 375w 3a/60v triple-output 1042.00 $19.99 a b regulated 13.8vdc power supplies •rugged design provides up to 30 minutes of full load continuous operation •cigarette lighter output 3a 6a and 10a only •attached 6 three prong grounded power cord •input voltage 110~127vac 60hz •line/load regulation 1.5 •analog current meter mcm dimensions part continuous surge h xwxd 72-8140 3a 5a 31⁄4 x 41⁄2 x 7 72-8141 6a 8a 43⁄8 x 51⁄2 x 91⁄4 c $49.99 65.99 3 channel programmable power supply 30v 3a multiple outlet dc power strip •convenient when a number of permanent items are connected to a power supply while others are routinely added and removed •combined total current capacity 35a •two sets of heavy-duty individually fused binding posts current capacity 35a •six sets of 10a binding posts 15a max total capacity mcm part 72-6627 234 d new •0~30 volts 0~3 amp current •3 independently isolated outputs •digital panel control rotary encoder switch rubber key with indicator •tracking series and parallel mode •smart cooling fan achieving low noise •usb standard interface •pc software usb driver including labview driver mcm part 72-12085 $499.00 $54.99 www.mcmelectronics.com /1-800-543-4330 modified sine wave power inverters •dc to ac inverters converts 12vdc power into 115vac power •switch mode design •plugs directly into a 12v cigarette lighter socket or connects directly to a battery with included battery clamps except #72-9700 and 72-9705 which need to be hardwired •universal protection circuit thermal battery overload short circuit and earth fault •2x surge protection •load controlled cooling fan fig mcm part wattage a 72-9685 250w b 72-9690 450w c 72-9695 800w d 72-9700 1500w follow us on $31.99 43.29 75.99 203.00