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Catalog Flow. Ten Years

parts of the body types of wood color palette 6 point star 8 point star 5 point star raw materials graphite grey different living room living room 12 point star living room table living room design chair white types of table setting the 6 parts of table setting parts of an author come to the table blood flow flow table mdf 4 mdf italia mdf products mdf 5 x 10 mdf 6 x 10 mdf 5 x 10 x 1 at italia mdf table mdf base black mdf h44 h78 h65 h80 d56 d54 h76 l53 d53 l55 vn 1 tide avio l54 h48 l52 maia portofino lem natura 2 natura footprints footprints 4 footprints 5

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flow ten years flow slim graphite grey lem 4 legged parigi fabric flow chair white fixed 5 point star

flow ten years flow chair color white central leg summer fabric flow chair color 4 legged natural oak

flow ten years flow chair color avio blue central leg flow chair color vn 4 legged natural oak

flow ten years slim front front with pad front padded front xl padded 4l sl l4l vn4ls f5ps 5psc white black

flow ten years flow slim color collection flow slim color 4 legged bleached oak cross monaco fabric

flow ten years flow slim color vn 4 legged natural oak londra fabric

flow ten years armchair front side back top cl cover l4l balla divina divina melange dune grid leather londra monaco monometry nabuk natura parigi perth portofino sand spring suave summer tika timpi todi winter york

flow ten years stool front side back top sl h44 h65 h78 l4l h44 vn4lo h44 h65 h78 vn4ls h44 h65 h78 white black

flow ten years 31 flow stool white vn 4 legged

16 bases,10 shells 7 colors 250 fabrics more than 120’000 configurations configure yours shell p 6 p 10 chair and chair color l53 d54 h80.5 cm flow chair flow ten years base 4l sl cl l4l vn4ls vn4lo vn4lm 4lo 4 legged sled central leg lem 4 legged flow slim p 22 p 14 p 16 slim and slim color textile l55 d53.1 h76.4 cm l53 d54 h80.5 l55 d53.1 h76.4 cm vn 4 legged steel vn 4 legged oak vn 4 legged methacrylate 4 legged oak new p 24 armchair l60 d56 h78 cm p 26 p 28 l56 d56 h80.5 cm l52 d48 h44 h65 h78 cm eco stool p 32 pouf l56 d56 l54 d54 h48 cm f5ps 5psc fixed 5 point star 5 point star on castors 4lc 4loc 4 legged cross 4 legged oak cross colors shell white black powder pink green avio blue mud lead grey eco shell beechwood coconut fabrics 1 alchemy 2 aloha 3 cady 4 divina 5 divina melange 6 dune 7 fall 7 8 frank 9 londra 10 menfi 11 monaco 12 nabuk 13 natura 14 parigi 15 leather 16 perth 17 portofino 18 rami eco only 19 sand 20 spring 21 suave 22 summer 23 tanis 24 tika

flow ten years m920099 0536 design and concept ccrz text communication marketing mdf italia ludovica niero ccrz photo mattia balsamini pp 3,13,16 nicolas polli lorenzo cappellini baio vittoria fragapane mdf italia archive pp 4,5,8,9,10,11,12,19,20,21,22,24 29,30 pp 14,15,16,17,18,23,26,27 28,32 pp 25 pp 6,7,14,17,25,32,33 mdf italia reserves the right to change at any time and without prior warning the technical specifications of any products illustrated in this catalogue cgi photo studio 9010 made and printed in italy navapress milano 2019 january 3’000 copies mdf italia srl società unipersonale headquarter via fratelli cervi 4/a 22066 mariano comense co showroom milano via della chiusa © 2019 mdf italia all rights reserved www mdfitalia.it follow