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instant book identity 006 007 simplicity is a philosophy that can be applied to almost everything in life first and foremost it is a cultural approach a way of perceiving change the belief that complex problems can also have simple solutions this is the perfect summary of mdf italia’s philosophy — simplicity

0012 0013 instant book collection selection globalisation and cultural contaminations have changed spaces and lifestyles and are still changing them mdf italia faces the challenge of meeting the desires of increasingly demanding curious and cosmopolitan consumers mdf italia provides solutions combining emotion and functionality through research and strong innovation process ideas shapes signs materials design innovation this is mdf italia’s hallmark together with thought and designing quality in the next pages you can find a set of products that are suitable for several uses in domestic and working spaces and for the community to surf the entire collection mdf italia download the new collection

0018 0019 instant book aÏku collection designed by jean marie massaud aÏku is the new collection of chairs designed for both home and contract spaces available in six versions of bases and a wide range of finishes shell made from two-colour polypropylene gloss outside with matt saffiano effect in different colours inside bases 4-legged round-shaped base sled base sled base with armrests and table 4-legged tapered base and 4-legged base in solid oak versions with 4-legged round-shaped base sled bases and 4-legged tapered base are stackable accessories hooking system for seat alignment trolley for stacking place marker and upholstered pad — 4-legged tapered base l58 d55 h78 seat h46.1 — sled base l59.2 d55 h78 seat h46.1 — sled base with armrests l59.2 d55 h78 seat h46.1 — 4-legged round-shaped base l57.6 d55 h78 seat h46.1 — 4-legged round-shaped base l57.6 d55 h78 seat h46.1 — sled base with table l62 d55 h78 seat h46.1 — 4-legged

0024 0025 instant book mia a compact soft comfortable armchair with a strong personality has joined the mdf italia collection mia collection is characterized by a soft compact armchair sofas and pouf with a strong character enhanced by its tone-on-tone or contrasting trim the armchair is available with a fixed or with a 360° returning swivel base the sofas are integrating the collection offering three upholstered elements with smaller dimensions matching any ambient collection designed by francesco bettoni — armchair l87 d83 h70 seat h43 d55 — pouf l64 d45 h38 l70 d70 h38 flame retardant padding norms 1im california tb 117-2013 and bs are available upon request — 2 seats l l150 d83 h70 seat h43 d55 — 2 seats extra xl l174 d83 h70 seat h43 d55 — 2 seats l l150 d83 h70 seat h43 d55 — 3 seats xxl l214 d83 h70 seat h43

0030 0031 instant book rock table collection designed by jean marie massaud a mixture of natural and industrial materials that are blended to create a new product with a smooth design rock table is a collection of tables suited to both home and contract settings with bases in uhpfrc cement in natural or anthracite tops in md-wood fibreboard in white matt lacquer or white uhpfrc cement with bases in natural cement matt grey lacquer anthracite uhpfrc cement or smoked tempered glass with bases in anthracite grey cement the bases are made of uhpfrc ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced cement with cutting-edge technical/structural properties the table with cement top is also suitable for outdoor indoor/outdoor — narrow base Ø80 h110 — narrow base Ø80 Ø100 h73 — wide base Ø120 Ø140 h73 — wide base Ø120 Ø140 h73 tables with glass top h

0036 0037 instant book random collection collection designed by neuland industriedesign random random box and random cabinet freely combinable stand for a flexible and original furnishing system of great impact conceived to store and display objects in the available space suitable for the home office as well the different units of the system can be freely combined resulting in a customized sculptural bookcase based on one’s own visual taste and space requirements the random cabinet unit can always be turned upside down by flanking more units this gives the composition a visual continuous or discontinuous pattern framework made of mediumdensity wood fibreboards in micro goffered lacquer uprights and shelves in thickness 6mm the back is made from white melamine coated board thickness 10 mm box a b and c only for random — randomissimo l55 d23 h47.8 l34 d23 h47.8 — randomito l81.6 d20 h96 — random l81.6 d25 h217 — random box l81.6 d35 h217 —

0042 0043 instant book collection — systems — complements and beds — furniture and bookshelves — sofas and armchairs — tables and desks — chairs and pouf — coffee tables collection discover the entire mdf italia collection visit our new website and get inspired by our

instant book hospitality springvale cemetary — melbourne australia — references 0048

residential private house — israel — instant book references 0054

hospitality kuramathi island resort — maldives — instant book references 0060

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