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the mdf italia stand is a space with strong architectural connotations able to enhance the overall value of the products as a whole the new proposals and the most significant items of the collection the sober and refined exhibition area was conceived according to the basic principles of architectural communication an architecture achieved through subtraction in which volumes follow each other perfectly in tune and where the balance between masses and voids is interpreted as a harmonious continuum colour patterns made of whites that become depending on masses and light more intense and

randomissimo designer neuland industriedesign randomissimo represents the involution of the random concept it accompanies the ripe sign of the present collection towards its total subtraction turning it into a simple graphic line an apostrophe on the wall a piece of furniture for personal items featuring a reduced overall size it is changeable playful complementary and modular module a h47.8 l55 d23 module b h47.8 l34 d23

desk 3.0 designer bruno fattorini francesco bettoni centro progetti mdf italia family of workstations composed of aluminium frame and hpl tabletop either in black or white monochrome tables are complete with inspectionable raceway for wiring and cable access spring the following versions are available single version desktop with cable management tabletop and double version with front seats with cable management tabletop single version h75 l200 w90 double version h75 l180 w180

mia sofas designer neuland industriedesign “as you want me to be” is mia spirit designed to accommodate every kind of cover thanks to the interplay of colours on the trims from the tone-on-tone to the boldest contrast mia can suit one’s very own taste and sensitivity “as you want me to be” also in its dimensions the new l and xl versions are integrating the collection offering two upholstered elements with smaller dimensions 2-seater 150cm and 2-seater extra 174cm matching any ambient from home to the public spaces comfort and customization characterize this collection glamorous minimalistic classical… still always contemporary the collection is completed with new modules such as the h111 wall-mounted column cupboard and sideboard in various lengths and configurations equipped with a tray in addition to the matt lacquered white variant an elegant open pore matt black ash finish and new types of finishes for the open compartment dark red avio blue

68 thea sofa system designer lina obregòn carolina galan thea the new upholstered system originates from the female interpretation of shapes and from the balance of guidelines in apparent antithesis comfortable cozy tidy dynamic rigorous lightweight highly compact the sofa is highly original and dynamic just because it melts all of these languages it is a game of projections and shapes that gives its design a unique and recognisable sign womanhood is enhanced by the coating just like a dress that wraps and drapes volumes folds perfectly stick to the modules’ shapes h/l/d end module h72 l103 d96 intermediate module h72 l82 d96 chaise longue module h72 l103 d175 chaise large module h72 l96 d175 inclined pouf module h38 l103 d80 island pouf module h38 l96 p96 top care for tailoring details as well as for the dictates of italian tailoring by using different seams application of bias seaming and contrast edging in three different colours white dove grey and dark grey in order

78 rock table designer jean marie massaud the bases are made of uhpfrc ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced cement with cutting-edge technical structural properties a fundamental characteristic of the components is mass colouration the finish and colour of the table bases is the result of a skilled mixture of sand and natural elements the subtle shades and the lack of uniformity in surface and colour are to be considered unique properties enhancing the value of the piece each piece is different each piece is original and the colour of the quarry is guaranteed not to change even if the piece is affected by abrasive polluting or atmospheric agents the tables are equipped with two types of bases narrow with outer dimension of 34cm at floor level with 80 and 100cm large tabletops wide with outer dimension of 50cm at floor level with 120 and 140cm large tabletops h/Ø tabletop with bases in natural cement md-wood fibreboard in thickness 25mm with finished edge in white matt lacquer

88 minima 3.0 designer fattorini+rizzini+partners minima 3.0 three stands for the three key elements that compose the system shelf frame cabinets the considerable span of the shelf in extruded aluminium combined with the joining system have allowed to develop the system in length making it modern and adjustable to any kind of environment home office community areas contract modular and flexible even thanks to the new kinds of storage units this can be with open door flap opening doors or drawers they are simply resting inside the structure and are repositionable quite easily thus allowing to meet any storage requirements as desired and to choose your own style of living by using different colours woods and shapes available in the free-standing and hanging variants always with a 33 cm depth frame in aluminium section 1.5x1.5 cm shelf 1.5 cm thick available in the nominal length 60/90/120 cm the end frames are equipped with an extruded aluminium pressure cap minima 3.0 in the

98 flow stool and pouf designer jean marie massaud the bases are supplied in the following options sled base in steel wire painted matt white matt graphite or chrome-plated seat heights available 44 65 and 78cm lem 4-legged base in double-layer tubular steel with connecting elements in steel wire in matt white or matt graphite aluminium coupling device in the same colour 360° swivel seat height available 44cm vn 4-legged steel base in folded sheet metal painted matt white or graphite with an aluminium coupling device in the same colour 360° swivel seat height available 44 65 and 78cm h/d/l steel base vn 4-legged oak base frame from transparent-lacquered natural oak solid wood with a natural brown or bleached finish with a lacquered aluminium coupling device in matt white or graphite brushed stainless steel footrest on all versions 360° swivel seat heights available 44 65 78cm flow pouf 48cm 4-legged oak base frame from transparent-lacquered natural oak solid wood with a