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68 thea sofa system designer lina obregòn carolina galan thea the new upholstered system originates from the female interpretation of shapes and from the balance of guidelines in apparent antithesis comfortable cozy tidy dynamic rigorous lightweight highly compact the sofa is highly original and dynamic just because it melts all of these languages it is a game of projections and shapes that gives its design a unique and recognisable sign womanhood is enhanced by the coating just like a dress that wraps and drapes volumes folds perfectly stick to the modules’ shapes h/l/d end module h72 l103 d96 intermediate module h72 l82 d96 chaise longue module h72 l103 d175 chaise large module h72 l96 d175 inclined pouf module h38 l103 d80 island pouf module h38 l96 p96 top care for tailoring details as well as for the dictates of italian tailoring by using different seams application of bias seaming and contrast edging in three different colours white dove grey and dark grey in order to define angles curves and shapes six functional accessories complete the collection designed to express at best the whole system’s versatile and practical nature upholstered furniture changes trim without using any mechanism the wished comfort is achieved quite simply through small gestures the new “dynamic accessory” concept meets different needs and uses moreover it is able to adapt and transform in time it changes during the various moments of the day it modifies and updates over the years.