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diamond glossy red an innovative material processing and stratification technique that showcases the top its qualities and the depth of the colour the material stratification process is based on a special mass-coloured concrete resin around 3 mm in thickness which is expertly combined with a binder and applied by hand all over the top in a deliberately irregular and non-uniform way the subsequent combination of the black patina rough dynamic and with lots of shadowy areas and the surface finish consisting of various layers of polyester extremely thick smooth and very glossy creates an original lens effect notable for its colour and depth

fine wood in italian walnut transparent acrylic finish edges and legs covered in 2 mm-thick cut walnut processed with sawed effect series of irregular cuts of different depths top covered in 2 mm-thick wood fine smooth finish with variable slats which give the surface a distinctive array of shades exalting the natural characteristics of the wood and raw material

marble this particular finish reconstructed marble is made starting with marble dust that has been mixed with a filler and is then spread manually over the entire surface of the table top edges and legs are covered with a sheet of material in a thickness of about 3mm finishes black ebony and white carrara marble

today tense together with tense material and tense intarsia comes in 5 heights 36 sizes 12 finishes 170 types around 1584 variants

textured wood natural oak wood with a special surface treatment obtained thanks to innovative smoothing processes that create a characteristic and original “textile” finish unique in the way it reproduces the warp and weft pattern combined with the natural material feel of the wood 18 the original surface is completed with the refined bleached and anthracite finish the combination of the texture and the colours of the wood creates an original relaxed matt effect that also has a furrowed and slightly worn feel to

super_position features uprights and shelves in extruded aluminium assembled by using an invisible junction system capable of ensuring structure stability and a special resistance to loads free-standing bookcase with depth 40 cm aluminium upright Ø22mm shelf thickness 20 mm available in various lengths and heights finishes matt painted in white black nickel bronze and red colours natural anodised brushed aluminium bleached oak or canaletto wallnut only for two-tone and two-material versions

2019 sees the launch of flow 10th the project that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the collection the illusion of a chair that floats in the air is guaranteed by an original basic structure transparent and light in see-through methacrylate two versions with matt white rear shell with transparent sandblasted leg or glossy black rear shell with leg painted black give the item a dual personality

a family of aesthetically striking seats that prioritise comfort available in the padded and completely upholstered version from the flow chair and flow slim family with a wide range of bases and finishes at imm cologne the new version is presented with a range of new fabrics with highly graphical details a game of precise geometries and lines that turn the shell into a work of art

at the same time radical and delicate graphical and sensual flow slim color single colour silhouettes offer a new interpretation of our hybrid icons declined in a range of colours the designer has defined “natural colour of japan” a unique combination of simplicity and refinement mass-pigmented shell the shell made from polycarbonate through injection moulding is mass-pigmented in the matt colours white lead grey mud green avio blue and powder pink and has a standard double finish gloss outside and microgoffered inside matt painted shell the injection moulded polycarbonate shell features a paint finish in the matt colours white lead grey mud green avio blue and powder pink

the plastic shell partially recycled linear polypropylene is produced using the co-injection process mass pigmented in matt white or painted in the matt colours lead mud green airforce blue and powder pink the shells can be matched with bases in the same colour with plain colour effect or with the chrome-plated or stainless steel finishes

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