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The Jeweler of Queens Mellerio dits Meller

portrait jean-baptiste mellerio mylord the jeweller of queens 1765 ­ 1850 it is thanks to jean-baptiste mellerio a colourful and dynamic figure that mellerio ­ a jeweller that although recognised was hitherto smaller in size ­ became the jeweller of queens like most of his contemporary cousins jean-baptiste was born and grew up in craveggia a small village in northern italy his father his uncles and more generally the men in the village jewellers or tradesmen in paris returned to their country every summer although he was the ninth child in the family his mother having discerned in him a remarkable intelligence gave considerable importance to his education from his earliest years jean-baptiste left the valley of his birth in 1777 at the age of 12 to follow his father who delighted in his son s drive and innate business sense he had a little box commonly known as a marmotte made for him which jean-baptiste hung around his neck when giving his sales pitch at the markets and in

royal jewels in almost every court in europe queens treasure chests hold some of the finest creations by mellerio dits meller special customers of jewellery artists and lovers of precious stones they are the ideal ambassadresses for our house these sovereigns carefully preserve these symbols of their glory charged with history and emotion which they display with such grace on official occasions her royal highness princess maxima of the netherlands often wears a set of jewellery featuring rubies and diamonds commissioned in 1888 comprising a tiara a necklace a bracelet two brooches a devant de corsage and a pair of earrings queen sophie of spain whose example princess letizia will doubtless soon follow is regularly seen wearing a necklace of black pearls or with a tiara presented at the universal exhibition of 1867 other magnificent jewels are preserved in england belgium and sweden among others like those parents who from an increasing distance watch their child mature with a