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e-mail: melrose@tbc.net

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power steering slave cylinders gm power steering box rebuild kit chevrolet power steering box rebuild kits t top repair kits 78 corvette 1984 corvette roof panel 1984 corvette power steering hose 1996 roof panel corvette 5 wire o2 extension t top corvette roof 1984 1980 corvette glass t top top 1985 corvette 1980 corvette t top 1978 t top soft weather stripping 96 corvette glass top t top 78 corvette roof panel top header weather strip t top weather strip 1983 melrose lexan windshield and lexan hatch 1991 l98 1996 corvette lt4 headers corvette 1986 1992 corvette lt1 1996 corvette headers 1996 corvette header headlight bezels 1974 1969 corvette wiper motor 1979 corvette steering 1969 corvette chassis c6 corvette roof corvette roof rack corvette cylinder heads ls1 corvette clutch fork ball 1984 corvette fiberglass roof panel clutch slave cylinder corvette corvette clutch slave cylinder 82 corvette hatch c5 corvette roof 1988 corvette emblems 1969 gto wiper motor l98 cylinder heads camaro clutch fork chevrolet clutch fork clutch fork chevrolet c6 z06 exhaust systems corvette replacement roof lens corvette weather strips corvette c4 rear window 1974 headlight rings 1982 corvette stud gm parts 1988 corvette 1968 chevelle wiper motor cylinder heads corvette lt1 1991 c4 roof panel corvette 94 corvette lt1 throttle body shelby cobra headers

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t-tops lof mirrored tempered glass t-tops part 100 before you call there are a few different types of glass t-tops that were produced between 1978-1982 along with the current replacement glass the first thing we will ask you when you call for a replacement top will be what type of glass do you currently have on your car to determine your t-tops locate the etched stamp on the outside rear of the t-top glass we will need the m which is the manufacturers code the following is a list of corvette t-top glass codes from 1978-present · m1131 laminated blue tint standard t-top glass from 1978-80 · these tops are made with lof mirrored glass the mirrored finish on these tops offer a very original look while also reflecting sunlight heat · this reflective glass is manufactured by the gm oem manufacturer libbey owens ford lof · all of the frames and hardware for these tops are constructed using gm licensed parts our t-tops carry a d.o.t department of transportation which is extremely

roofs c5 1997-2004 transparent and fiberglass roofs 97 04 new gm #305 call for availability 97 04 exchange roof #304xbl blue tint · reconditioned gm frame and hardware · new dot marked lens · new weather-strip · these roofs are sold on an exchange basis a core with a good unbent uncracked frame must be returned to us within 30 days for full core refund melrose t-top offers an exclusive line of corvette roofs priced to meet the new and used corvette market demands our replacement roofs utilize oem quality hard coated lenses gm frames and hardware available in blue fiberglass please call regarding inventory and pricing c-5 storage bag safely stores your c-5 roof panel lined with soft cotton fleece and fastens with velcro c-5 roof rack 305r hand welded and powder coated these racks will safely hang your roof by its latches out of harm s way attaches to wall screws or nails not included gm licensed manufacturer 100 w ellwalk · po box 546 · cortland il · 60112 815-758-2783 ·

roofs roof parts tools 200cone cone locator front fits 1984-early 1986 pkg/2 14051183 bolt rear locator pkg 10 516 weather-strip 1984 1996 roof side 200bu bushing rear locator bolt 200p2 locator plate front second design fits late 19861988 200c weather-strip channel and ear kit 1984-1996 replaces worn rusted channels on your removable roof for proper weather-strip functionality 200p3 locator plate front third design fits 1989-1996 wall mount safely hangs from roof latches screws or nails not included 305r roof storage rack c-5 1997-2004 200t ratchet roof install 1984 1996 includes locators bolts and bushings 200l rear locator kit 306r roof storage rack c-6 2005 wall mount safely hangs from roof latches screws or nails not included 200w wrench roof installation 1984-early 1986 this flat wrench allows you to adjust front locator cones while roof is attached to car for correct installation 4090603 roof bolt front attach pkg 10 this bolt sits in windshield frame to attach

headlights 1963-1967 headlight assembly parts melrose t-top is a general motors licensed manufacturer of corvette headlight restoration parts our licensed parts are produced from the actual gm molds to oem specifications we frequently add new parts if there is a part not listed please give us a call 3825355 lh inner bearing support 3845 cap headlight capsule 3845 63-67 full headlight parts assembly includes bulb bulb cup and trim ring 3825356 rh inner bearing support 3825940 bearing 3825944 motor support stud 64-67 3825357 outer bearing support 3826291 y-stop photo for illustration only kit includes 1 3845787 lh hdlt bucket 1 3845788 rh hdlt bucket 1 3845801 lh bezel 1 3845802 rh bezel 2 3845a bulb cups 2 3845b bulb cups 1 3845789 pivot lh outer 1 3845790 pivot rh outer 1 3845791 pivot lh inner 1 3845792 pivot rh inner 1 3825355 lh inner bearing support 1 3825356 rh inner bearing support 2 3825357 outer bearing supports 2 3826291 y-stops 1 3845ak seals felts

headlights 1968 1982 headlight assembly parts see item list on following page gm licensed manufacturer 100 w ellwalk · po box 546 · cortland il · 60112 815-758-2783 · www.melroset-tops.com · www.melroseheaders.com e-mail melrose@tbc.net page

headlights 1968 1982 headlight assembly parts 331817 lh headlight bezel 331818 rh headlight bezel 3845a lh outer bulb cup 3845b rh inner bulb cup 3845c rh outer bulb cup 3845d lh inner bulb cup 3845k headlight adjuster kit 6258533 supersedes gm#331825 lh actuator support 1968-1974 6258534 supersedes gm#331826 rh actuator support 1968-1974 headlight capsule includes bulb bulb cup and trim ring 3938ac left outer 3938bc right inner 3938cc right outer 3938dc left inner 3845screw screw kit hdlt bzl and clips 14084417 supersedes gm#347889 lh actuator support 1975-1982 14084418 supersedesgm#347890 rh actuator support 1975-1982 3915899 hex shoulder bolt for housing link 3915898 bushing hsg actr link rr cut to fit for front link bushing 3915898l bushing hsg actr link screw 362995 bearing assembly 3845cl 68-82 shaft lock collar denotes reproduction part ­ gm part used for reference only gm licensed manufacturer 100 w ellwalk · po box 546 · cortland il · 60112

weatherstripping weather stripping c3 68-82 corvette 501 t-top pr 78-82 oem 519 t-top pr 78-82 502 t-top pr 70-77 503 door main pr 69-77 504 door main pr 78-82 506 door main pr convertible 69-75 507 door glass rear pr 70-77 508 door glass rear pr 78-82 510 pillar post pr 70-82 513 t-top pr rubber edge trim glass surround 78-82 514 t-top pr rubber edge trim glass surround 78-82 oem m1131 515 hood rear seal 70-82 518 pillar post pr w/extensions 68-72 c4 84-96 corvette 500 rear hatch 84-96 505 early door main pr 84-89 505 late door main pr 90-96 511 upper front windshield w/s 84-96 512 rear halo 84-96516 roof side pr 84-96 518 convertible kit 7 pcs front and rear uppers rear bow rear verticals 84-96 c5 97-04 530 roof side pr 97-04 531 door main pr 97-04 532 rear hatch 97-04 533 windshield 97-04 534 roof panel rear body didn t find what you are looking for give us a call we update our product line on a continuous basis 100 w ellwalk · po box 546 · cortland il · 60112

washer wiper resto paint paint 1#1050104 gm restoration paint gm black restoration paint has a satin finish for use under hood sheet metal surfaces chassis trunk interiors tires and rubber floor mats dries to touch in 30 min w102 anti-drip valve for headlight squirters on 1969 corvettes w106 1972-1974 washer pump corvette 90 degree 3 port head fits corvette and other gm models w103 1975-1982 wiper motor cover w107 tall cover for pump with barrel connectors wiring clips replacement tape to loom push in wiring loomfastening clips these fit most all corvettes and crossover to most other gm models as well clips come 10 per package w104 1969-1974 washer pump and motor assembly rebuilt cardone wiper motor sold as exchange or outright with new pump call with year for pricing w108 65-73 washer pump gm a body chevelle gto lemans 442 no photo w110 washer cover tall with slots 68 73 passenger car cover also fits but not correct 65 67 and 74 82 cars washer and wiper w101 1970-1971

performance includes coated headers polished stainless steel 23/4 x-pipe and hi-flo cats clamps bolts and install instructions direct fit to factory rear muffler section gaskets not included 19972000 systems come with late model corvette dipstick c-5 c-5 z06 smoothflow systems includes coated headers stainless hi-flo cats 21/2 aluminized x-pipe clamps bolts and install instructions direct fit to factory rear muffler section gaskets not included 1997-2000 systems come with late model corvette dipstick c-5 c-5 z06 smoothflow c series systems down to 21/2 from 3 after the cats to hookup up to most mufflers gaskets not included · sf97r 1997-2000 ls1 corvettes · sf03r ­ 2001-2004 ls1 ls6 corvettes headers available without air tubes for off road use · sf97c 1997-2000 ls1 corvettes · sf03c ­ 2001-2004 ls1 ls6 corvettes sf84-85r shown · sf84-85r ­ 1984-1985 l98 corvettes · sf86-91r 1986-1991 l98 corvettes · sf92-96r ­ 1992-1996 lt1 lt4 corvettes 94 96 cars please

performance exhaust related parts denso oxygen sensors top of the line factory replacements sf234-1001 denso oe replacement oxygen sensor front 82-93 corvette except zr1 other gm sf234-4012 denso oe replacement oxygen sensor front 94-04 corvette other gm scott wire hi-temp hi-perf plug wires a necessity for anyone running headers protect your spark from the heat specifically designed for the ls series engines these wires are handmade and used by engine builders and race teams across the united states the high temp silicone sleeve and ends produce an amazing 8000 extra volts of dielectric strength normally lost with factory wires the inner core is a 300-ohm wire wound suppression core that is usable with all types of ignitions covering the cores a fiberglass insulator good to 1200 degrees on top of that is the exterior abrasion resistant silicone sleeve which protects up to 600 degrees available in red blue yellow black · sfls1 ­ 1997-2007 ls1 ls2 ls6,ls7 plug wires t-70 lola

melrose t-top s world challenge corvette 1995 100 w ellwalk · po box 546 · cortland il · 60112 815-758-2783 · www.melroset-tops.com · www.melroseheaders.com e-mail melrose@tbc.net melrose