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reduce energy costs in addition to remote control the amtron® home charging station offers three other charging modes for reducing energy costs or maximizing the use of home-generated solar energy recharge up with electricity when the rate is most favorable it s completely automatic if you do not want to incur any additional energy costs you can simply charge with the electricity from your solar panels time-controlled charging if your energy supplier offers different electricity tariffs at different times of day then you can define two time zones in the mennekes charge app set these zones to the preferred electricity rates and define maximum charge rates per zone thus you can ensure that you always charge at the best electricity rate network-controlled charging the increasing use of regenerative energy frequently results in an over-supply of energy since regenerative energies are only available when nature wants them to be available to reduce this over-supply the electric utilities want to connect up power consumers as needed in general your electric utility makes a more favorable electricity rate available at such times using the grid-control function your home charging station can be controlled by your electricity provider talk to your provider home energy management modern solar power systems can intelligently control electrical equipment and batteries in order to reduce energy costs the battery of your electric vehicle is a large accumulator that significantly increases the possibilities for intelligent control of energy in the smart home the home energy manager function allows you to tell your solar power system how much power you want to charge at what time thus with the sunny home manager from sma you can optimize your energy costs and your own consumption 10 mennekes charge app