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the force that drives us the charging time always depends on the power rating of the charger in the vehicle and the power rating of the home charging station if you want to be able to recharge your vehicle quickly then pay attention to the charger power rating when selecting an electric vehicle the higher the electric vehicle’s power rating the faster the battery is recharged amtron® home charging station charging time time savings vehicle with 3.7 kw charger vehicle with 7.4 kw charger vehicle with 11 kw charger vehicle with 22 kw charger for example a compact car with a 22 kwh battery can be recharged in approximately one hour with a 22 kw amtron® home charging station so long as the charger on board the vehicle supports charging with 22 kw the same vehicle can also be recharged with a 3.7 kw home charging station 14 mennekes power classes it is a good idea to match the charging power rating of your home charging station to that of the vehicle however a home charging station with a maximum charging power of 22 kw offers you the greatest possible flexibility with a charging station of this capacity you can charge all electric vehicles regardless of whether they have a 3.7 kw 7.4 kw 11 kw or 22 kw charger on board ask your electrician to determine what power load is available to you.