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strictly in line with your desires we have designed amtron® to be tailored to your requirements strictly in line with your ideas and needs here you will find the most important selection possibilities a little guide toward your personal amtron® home charging station connector systems what system does your electric vehicle have if it is the mennekes system type 2 we recommend amtron® with a permanently connected charging cable 7.5 m in length if it is type 1 take the appropriate counterpart if you want to stay flexible take amtron® with charging socket 18 power classes the amtron® home charging stations are available in four power classes 3.7 kw 7.4 kw 11 kw and 22 kw the shortest charging time and greatest flexibility are offered by the amtron® home charging station with 22 kw ask your electrician to determine the connection power load available to you see page 14 for additional information mennekes product specification personal protection a residual current device rcd is prescribed for the home installation personal protection this safety device is already integrated in some amtron® variants this is most favorable for you you can identify faults on the device and reset via the multi-function button multi-function button for devices without access control you end the charging process with a light touch of this button in addition you can easily reset the residual current device rcd directly on the charger.