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tested and certified for every requirement professional solutions mennekes quality tested and certified zertifikat r 39 ue 14 e 9 ne 6 th 43 h en to 61 ac n din ing iec d m or rd or c da n ac tan s w ne certificate für stückgeprüfte qualität nach din en 61439 mennekes attaches particular importance to reliability and quality therefore amaxx® like all our other products undergo our most rigorous and extensive checks each unit leaves our factory with a certification and the assurance that for us care comes first that is something you can rely on hiermit bestätigen wir dass diese steckdosenkombination einer stückprüfung unterzogen wurde herewith we confirm that this socket-outlet combination has passed a routine test der mennekes-sicherheitstest berücksichtigt nicht nur die elektrischen prüfanforderungen nach din en 61439 sondern beinhaltet darüber hinaus auch eine allpolige hochspannungsprüfung the mennekes safety test not just include the requirements for electrical tests acc to din en 61439 but also a high voltage test for all poles bereichsleiter qualität division manager quality mennekes elektrotechnik gmbh co kg industrial plugs and sockets aloys-mennekes-straße 1 d-57399 kirchhundem germany tel fax e-mail internet +49 0 27 23 41-1 +49 0 27 23 41-214 243000ds10te05.15v dietmar löcker further products made of amelan delta-box the classic unit the suspendable combination with cee and schuko® receptacles as a compact unit directly at the workstation highly practical also available with compressed air connection each delta-box comes with a suspension bracket available in the protection type ip 44 splashproof ip 67 watertight and ip 68 pressure watertight wall mounted receptacles wall mounted receptacles made of amelan are equipped with highly heat resistant contact carrier and nickel plated contacts from 16 a up to 125 a in protection type ip 44 or ip 67 available also available as switched and interlocked duo receptacles after insertion and switching on the plug is locked in the on position after switching off and withdrawing the plug the switch is locked all duo receptacles up to 63 a can be padlocked in the off position duo receptacles of 125 a can be supplied with a padlock fitting as an extra also available with a triple padlock fitting naturally we can also offer you customized solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements talk to us 3