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aglia brite ® s-s silver body silver blade bl-s blue body silver blade pk-g pink body gold blade ch-s chartreuse body silver blade wh-s white body silver blade rd-g red body gold blade bk-s black body silver blade p-g purple body gold blade gr-s green body silver blade or-s orange body silver blade pk-s pink body silver blade rd-s red body silver blade p-s purple body silver blade bkp-s black platium body silver blade pp-s purple platium body silver blade ch-s fluorescent chartreuse body silver blade pk-s fluorescent pink body silver blade o-s fluorescent orange body silver blade 6 bl-g blue body gold blade ch-g chartreuse body gold blade wh-g white body gold blade bk-g black body gold blade the classic mepps® aglia® is now available with a brightly colored body no other lure has caught as many record fish as the mepps aglia® and the aglia® brite is sure to continue this tradition stock no size approx wt aglia® brite plain treble hook ab0 0 1/12 oz ab1 1 1/8 oz ab2 2