Comet® Mino, Aglia® Long Mino, Replacement Minos 2017 by Mepps

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Catalog Comet® Mino, Aglia® Long Mino, Replacement Minos 2017

mepps comet mino m3 x 25 long stainless steel mepps aglia long comet baby bass mepps aglia long mepps aglia long 2 baby bass lure mepps aglia long cast 3 stainless steel clevis mepps aglia mepps aglia blade mepps aglia wt mepps aglia 00 minos 65 comet mepps spinners gold mepps c3m silver shad clevis clevies lure eyes clevis eye acrylic painting eyes

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comet mino ® s silver blade shad mino s-rbt silver blade rainbow trout mino g gold blade shad mino the comet® mino runs at mid-depth the erratic swimming action gives the comet® mino the appearance of an injured bait fish mepps® comet® minos are perfect for all species whether casting or trolling they are all carefully airbrushed to ensure realism eyes are hand painted in a meticulous two-step process gold blades are polished brass silver blades are plated with genuine silver painted blades are coated with a proprietary blend of rugged vinyl and acrylic finishes like all mepps® spinners the comet® mino features a solid stainless steel shaft and a heavy-duty folded brass clevis for life-long durability mepps® unsurpassed quality means this lure will function perfectly cast after cast stock blade mino approx price no size size wt  g-bas gold blade baby bass mino hft hot firetiger blade shad mino comet® mino c0m 0 1-1/4 1/9 oz $7.00 c1m 1 1-7/8 1/6 oz 7.00