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aglia ® actual blade body sizes no other lure has caught as many record fish as mepps® aglia® this classic french concave oval blade provides continuous flash and vibration blades are either genuine silver plate polished brass copper or painted solid brass components are selected using the principles of mepps color technology for maximum visibility trout panfish grayling large crappie all bass species salmon large trout steelhead walleye musky pike largemouth bass stripers large salmon glo aglia® gp glo pink gc glo chartreuse david bedini jr plain aglia ® plain aglia shown for detail not to scale ftp shown stock no size approx wt price price glo 4 aglia® plain treble hook b0 0 1/12 oz $4.25 $4.45 b1 1 1/8 oz 4.25 4.45 b2 2 1/6 oz 4.90 5.10 g -gold hft -hot firetiger s -silver gw glo white hgrc -hot green/chartreuse blp -blue platium hgr -hot green hoc -hot orange/chartreuse grp -green platium hc -hot chartreuse hpc -hot pink/chartreuse rp -red platium g/bw

dressed aglia ® dressed aglia® shown for detail not to scale did you know the #3 mepps® dressed aglia was rated the best all around lure for largemouth bass by the readers of sports afield magazine fact plus all dressed aglias® feature genuine squirrel or buck tail dressing for a lifelike pulsing swimming action in the water s/rw-br shown s/bw -g gavin fernholz s/bw -bk g/rw -w g/rw -g g-g g/rw -br g-br g/rw -r g-w s-g s-br s-w s-y s-ch 8 srd -g g-y srd -br srd -w srbk -g srbkbr s-p srbk -w s-bk s/rw -br s-r s/rw -g s-pk g/bw -bk s/rw -w g-bk g-p g-ch g-r brt-g brtbr brt-y g/rw -bk grbk -bk grbk -br grd -g grd -br grd -r c-bk c-r c-br

aglia long ® the mepps® aglia® long blade “hugs” the body during the retrieve allowing it to stay in deep pockets where big fish live it s perfect for fishing pools below lake outlets or man-made dams all aglia® longs feature mepps color technology for maximum visibility and solid brass bodies and blades beads are lathe-turned to resist chipping available in both treble and single hooks plain and dressed trout panfish large crappie all bass species large trout walleye actual blade body sizes largemouth bass pike musky aglia®long plaintreble hft hot firetiger aglia®long glo go glo orange gc glo chartreuse size s/rs rainbo scale g/rb redbo scale s/rs-bk silver rainbo scale black tail g/gb-w goldbo scale white tail g/rb-w redbo scale white tail s/rs-y silver rainbo scale yellow tail s/cb-ch chartreusebo scale -chartreuse tail s/rs-w silver rainbo scale white tail g/gb-y goldbo scale yellow tail s/cb-y chartreusebo scale -yellow tail s-bk silver black tail

longcast bk,o-bk shown shown for detail not to scale longcast new color s,o-s silver body orange fin silver blade s,c-s silver body chartreuse fin silver blade s,p-s silver body pink fin silver blade s,b-s silver body blue fin silver blade s,rp-s silver body red platium fin silver blade s,rp-srd silver body red platium fin silver blade/red dots s,b-rbt silver body blue fin rainbow trout blade bk o-bk black body orange fin black blade new color s,o-ho silver body orange fin hot orange blade s,c-hc silver body chartreuse fin hot chartreuse blade s,p-hp silver body pink fin hot pink blade g,gr-g gold body green fin gold blade g,o-g gold body orange fin gold blade g,gr-hgr gold body green fin hot green blade 5/8 oz actual blade sizes 7/8 oz wayne peterson g,o-ho gold body orange fin hot orange blade g,c-hft gold body chartreuse fin hot firetiger blade longcast glo s gw-gp glo pink if you re looking for a large spinner you can cast all day long without wearing yourself out you ve found it

spinner paks ted hayes a perfect combination of mepps® in-line spinners for your favorite species panfish bass trout sab dressed $19.35 sta dressed $18.70 sbb dressed/mino $15.10 saa plain $12.70 stb plain $12.70 #0 black fury #0 comet mino #0 aglia #1 black fury #1 aglia long #0 aglia #0 black fury #0 aglia long #00 aglia #1 black fury #1 aglia long #0 aglia three all-time favorite mepps® in-line spinners for your favorite species in a handy reuseable pocket pac #2 comet mino #2 aglia sbc dressed $13.75 #2 aglia long #3 aglia pocket pacs due to ongoing research lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described kb-t #1 aglia plain trout kit kb-t-d #1 aglia dressed trout kit kbf-t #1 black fury plain trout kit kbf-t-d #1 black fury dressed trout kit kb0w-t #0 spin fly wooly worm trout kit kxd-t #1 xd plain trout kit kctv-t #1 comet tru-v plain trout kit kbf-p #0 black fury plain panfish kit kbf-p-d #0 black fury dressed panfish kit kb-p #0 aglia plain panfish

littlewolf ™ the mepps little wolf ™ is a rugged solid brass spoon that will not rust or tarnish its genuine silver plate produces one bright white flash after another and its reverse-curve design features ten highly-reflective surfaces that send light in all directions all little wolf s feature vinyl and acrylic oven-baked finish for maximum durability every little wolf ™ is perfectly balanced to maintain an intense side-to-side wobbling action 1/4 oz 1/8 oz 3/4 oz actual sizes 2/5 oz stock no wt length width price treble hook lw18 1/8 oz lw14 1/4 oz lw25 2/5 oz lw34 3/4 oz 13/16 1/2 19/16 5/8 21/8 7/8 23/4 13/16 $4.45 $4.80 $6.50 $9.10 $4.65 $5.00 $6.70 $9.30 single hook lw18p 1/8 oz lw14p 1/4 oz lw25p 2/5 oz lw34p 3/4 oz 13/16 1/2 19/16 5/8 21/8 7/8 23/4 13/16 $4.45 $4.80 $6.50 $9.10 $4.65 $5.00 $6.70 $9.30 s silver s/ch silver chartreuse s/p silver/pink brt shown price glo anna rowles rbt rainbow trout g gold shown for detail not to

crawler harness scott henricks shown for detail not to scale hc hft chp pkpspp shown 6-3/4 long hphwhc crawler harness ogch mepps® crawler harness stock no size approx wt price crawler harness with double hook ch4 4 3/16 oz $10.45 ch6 6 1/4 oz 10.95 add a color code to the stock no when ordering chggrp chartreuse-gold-greenplatium cho copper-hot orange chp chartreuse platium hc hot chartreuse hft hot firetiger hphwhc hot pink-hot white-hot chartreuse ogch orange-goldchartreuse pkpspp pink platiumsilver-purple platium sblp silverblue platium hand assembled in the u.s.a 26 cho pkpspp sblp

musky killer® stock no bm bmt style approx wt dressed tandem 3/4 oz 11/3 oz new color chartreuse platium price $15.20 20.20 most musky killers can be ordered with tandem bucktails not available in tandem bk-bk chp-ch new color hw-w firetiger platium ho-bk ftp-ft new color ho-o orange platium op-bk new color pink platium pkp-pk ho-bo ho-bs hc-ch hc-bc g-bs hc-bk g-g hft-ft g-y ted corman hft-bk g-bk g-ft c-bry c-bs c-bk g-bry g-boy g-ch g-o g-w g-p hft-boy hft-bo hoc-ft hoc-bo hpc-bpk hp-bpk srbt-w hp-pk gbrt-y hgr -bk g/rw-w gbrt-bs g/rw-g 30 hgrc

gk s gk g/rb gk s/rs gk hc gk g gk hft gk g/gb gk ho plaingiant killer® stock no gk style plain approx wt 11/4 oz price $11.80 for saltwater hooks add pp after the stock number example gkpp s gk hp giant killer®mino stock no style gkm 4 mino approx wt 11/2 oz price $17.80 ho hot orange s silver s/rs silver/rainbo scale hc hot chartreuse g/gb gold/goldbo hw hot white g/rb gold/redbo hp hot pink s/rs-0s g/gb-32 hft-310s hft hot firetiger replacement minos stock no style m4 gkm c5mx length 4 price $7.70 giant killer® sassyshad® stock no shad size approx wt gkss 6 sassy shad 21/3 oz price $24.65 • rugged stainless steel shaft for maximum strength and durability • solid brass blade and body ensures perfect balance and performance right out of the box • high-speed free-spinning clevis is effective at all retrieve speeds • heavy-duty split ring limits the amount of force big fish can apply to the bait • dual 3/0 treble hook assembly increases

doubleblade musky marabou stock no mmd7t size wt price double #7 11/2 oz $25.20 beau goff congrats on your first musky replacement tails stock no style price mtt 5/0 tandem marabou $11.05 bk=black bc=black chartreuse bo=black orange y=yellow w=white ft=firetiger bry=brown yellow r=red ch=chartreuse p=purple pk=pink bw=black white boc=black/orange chartreuse hw2-w hot white-white ho2-bo hot orange -black/orange hobk-bk hot orange/black nickel -black bkp2-bk s2-bw silver -black/white s2-p silver-purple g2-ft gold/firetiger black nickel -black g2-y hw2-bw hp2-pk hot pink-pink gold-yellow hot white -black/white g2-bry hc2-bc hot chartreuse -black/chartreuse gold -brown/yellow hcho-boc hot chartreuse/hot orange -black/orange/chartreuse g2-bk s2-w gold-black silver-white hft2-ft hot firetiger -firetiger s2-bk silver-black c2-r copper-red